5 Ways Musicians Can Boost Their Productivity

Most emerging musicians struggle to find an effective way to manage personal commitments and artistic endeavours, However, a carefully thought out time-management plan will allow any artist to make the most of their time and resources. These 5 simple steps will help you to become more efficient and find more time for what you love: music!

#1 Build a career strategy

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To achieve a lasting career in music, a strategy is essential. This plan should cover both your goals and the tactics needed to achieve them.

Visualising and documenting your end target(s) in detail will help you to better understand how to break them down and how to bring your dreams to life.

Be sure to include personal career goals as well as marketing, and recording targets among others.

Break these large targets into manageable long-term and short-term goals, setting time-frames and detailing not only how they will be executed but, also, how they will come together to achieve your desired end result.

This will reveal any gaps in your expertise and knowledge.

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#2 Set your priorities

Not all tasks are equally important, so prioritise high value activities. List of your tasks and decide which are most important to you and align best with your goals.

Handling the most important tasks first will give you a sense of achievement and make your remaining tasks easier to deal with.

Select three or so tasks a day — striving to complete them before moving on to something else.

Once you have done this, you could add your goals and tasks to a Gantt Chart (a commonly used project management tool).

#3 Use software to streamline your processes

Updating Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are not especially time consuming tasks on their own, but in combination, this seemingly small job can soon become a black hole for time.

Using a social media management platform, such as Hootsuite, is an easy and convenient way to update social media with minimum effort.

Another valuable feature is the ability to schedule content ahead of time, so if you have a new release coming out in a month, you can use Hootsuite to notify fans on a daily basis.

Be aware that posts don’t translate well over social media platforms. Therefore, adapt the length and language for a different post on each social media platform.

These days, Hootsuite has some competition, so it may be worth exploring others such as Sprout Social or Spredfast before you settle.

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#4 Outsource where possible

Productivity for musicians and singers

Encourage family, friends or dedicated fans to help with your workload. If they are willing, pass on any time-consuming tasks or areas where you are less skilled.

Have a friend who works in marketing? Ask them to assist you when drawing up a marketing strategy. Know someone with awesome copywriting skills? Approach them for help updating your site.

#5 Be more proactive

Procrastinating stops us achieving our best and keeps us from success. Keep a record of when and why you find yourself procrastinating and you’ll soon see a pattern in your behaviour — setting deadlines for yourself will help you remain focused. Be sure to reward yourself when a tricky task has been completed.

Do you have any tried and tested time managements tips for other musicians? What are your experiences? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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Alison Inchausti
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