How Talent Shows Can Develop You as a Singer + Talent Shows Near Me

Open Mic puts on local talent shows in cities all around the UK. Each years we hold auditions at our talent competitions where you can get the opportunity to progress to the grand final in London, being judged by industry professionals along the way.

Many singers choose to enter talent shows as a way of getting noticed in the industry or for exposure to a wider audience. They can be a strong way to develop as a singer and gain exposure to a far wider audience.

If you would like to find out more about our UK talent shows, or find “talent competitions near me”, visit our auditions page to see when the next dates and venues are announced.

The benefits of entering a UK talent show

Here are some benefits of entering a talent show, and how it could help develop you as a singer or musician.

#1 Gain performance experience

Singers can use talent shows as a way of gaining more experience in the music industry and performing on stage. Without any experience it’s difficult for a singer to gauge which songs work well for an audience and which don’t.

Performance experience is an invaluable skill to have as a singer as it can often be a way of getting recognised by a wider audience. Talent shows help to gain experience due to the volume of people you’re potentially performing for.

#2 Receive constructive feedback from talent show judges

One of the strongest ways to develop as a singer is to know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong; this is where talent shows can be really useful. During the process of a talent show singers are given feedback on how the performance went.

Singers can use this feedback to work on their performance and their vocals. It’s wise to take this feedback on board as the judges will have experience and knowledge in the industry.

How Talent Shows Can Develop You as a Singer

#3 Open doors to opportunities and connections

When acts get to the level that they really impress they will then start to be asked to perform at other gigs and events, which are great opportunities for further exposure. Lucy Spraggan for example was asked by several festivals to perform as a result of her Open Mic UK show performances.

#4 Build your fanbase

Performing well and impressing within a talent show will help build your fan base. Audience members will take your details and find you on the internet; so make sure you are easy to find on the internet!

#5 Gain valuable industry exposure

A talent show is often a chance for industry professionals to see you performing and hear your voice. Talent shows are becoming more and more popular, people running the shows have had the opportunity to invite industry professionals to judge for the shows.

It may only take an A&R from a record label to see a singer perform to want to learn more about them. Sometimes all it takes is the right person to attend a singing competition or talent show to give you the opportunity to become a success in the music industry.

Related questions

What was the first talent show on TV?

UK talent shows have been on TV for many years. Series such Opportunity Knocks which first televised in 1956, then New Faces in the 1970s being extremely popular.

But in terms of singing talent competitions as we know them in their format today, the originator is probably the Popstars TV show that launched in New Zealand in 1999.

That was the precursor for the format that has proven to be so popular over the last 20 years, now seen in shows such as The X Factor, American Idol, and Britain’s Got Talent.

Why are talent shows so popular?

Talent shows are hugely popular, both for the entrants and viewers. If we’re talking about UK talent shows on TV, there are a few reasons they consistently get such high viewing figures.

For example, they let viewers imagine themselves on stage.

When we watch singing shows, we get to imagine ourselves on stage. The viewing public can often see themselves mirrored in the people striving to be successful, thinking “I could possibly do that”.

Also, many people dream of what it could be like to be a famous singing star. The shows are popular as they give exposure to ordinary people who otherwise might not get an opportunity like this.

But it’s not just talent competitions on TV where you can get this experience. Local talent shows such as the ones we organise at Open Mic are another route into a possible singing career.

Where is a talent competition near me?

As well as our national auditions (click here to see cities and dates), you can also hone your skills at open mic nights.

Many of the singers and musicians you see taking part in talent shows have honed their craft and performance at local open mic nights.

For more information about open mic nights, here’s an article on how they work, and also details on whether you can sing covers songs legally.


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