Achieve Better Vocal Projection

Exercises and techniques to help you to project your voice.

Vocal projection: Vocal projection is about being able to control the volume and capacity of your voice. It’s about being able to adapt your voice appropriately for any environment, making sure even the people in the back row can hear you.

Vocal projection is also a great tool in assisting in bringing greater dynamics to the performance. Being able to successfully increase and decrease volume whilst singing is a vocal dynamic that can help enhance your performance and highlight the emotion in the song.

how to achieve better vocal projection

First things first; In order to be able to project your voice successfully you’ll need to start strengthening the muscles in your larynx which hold your vocal chords together.

It’s difficult for power and volume to come through in your singing if these muscles aren’t strengthened.  Working with a good vocal coach will really assist you in achieving this.

diction for singers

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HOT TIP! As always warm up your vocals before trying any vocal projection exercises.

The larynx muscles can be strengthened through volume exercises. One simply volume exercise is to lie on the floor with your arms beside your head and breathe deeply for 2-3 minutes.

Although this sounds silly, it helps your lungs to increase their capacity and over time will give you more power in your voice. It’s important to remember to breathe from the diaphragm so that the chest rises and your shoulders don’t scrunch.

HOT TIP! Forcing the sound out does nothing but damage your vocals. It’s also the number one cause of vocal nodules plus it will most likely cause you to lose control and tuning.

Vocal projection

One of the more simple ways to improve your projection is to work with an experienced vocal coach. They will be able to build and develop your singing power and help you to eradicate any bad singing habits you’ve picked up along the way. A vocal coach will be able to help you with specific techniques that will be able to help your voice.

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HOT TIP! Do not yell. It doesn’t count as singing and it only damages your voice.

Volume exercises are an easy way of practising your projection. For example, breathe deeply and exhale on a hissing sound for 10 seconds. This will help with your breath control and help warm up your voice for the louder notes.

Another volume exercise is to vary the loudness of your voice when using the sound ‘mmmmmmm’, start with soft sound, then middle and then loud. Repeating this numerous times will help your projection.

HOT TIP! These exercises must become a routine part of your day rather than doing it a couple of times and hoping it’ll work. Do this for 20 minutes every day and you’ll soon begin to hear and feel the changes in your vocal.


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