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Advice to How to Become a Successful Singer

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How to be a successful singer [Tips that could help you get signed]

Advice for unsigned singers: It’s important to remember all artists were unsigned at one point, so don’t give up, keep working hard and apply some of these tips to your work!

The key word is hard work, the harder you work the more opportunities you will create as long as you work smart.

How to become a successful singer?

Be yourself to be successful

As singers of course you have influences and other artists who inspire you to carry on and pursue a career in music, but don’t copy them. The idea of record labels is to find the new best thing, not a new copy of someone people already know.

Make sure that whenever you’re focusing on your music you’re not faking who you are as it gives an inaccurate representation of who you are. They’ll be some people who don’t agree with your choices but stick to what you decide to do and they will more than likely come around to what you’re doing especially if you’re are successful.

What qualities make a successful singer

Stand out

Being different will help you stand out, make people take notice before you even start to sing and perform, make them want to be interested.

Theres many different ways that you can stand out, for example you could focus on what you’re going to wear and even come up with a signature look for when you’re performing.

If you’re going to perform a cover song focus on making it your own and developing it so that it engage the audiences attention as a song that recognise but have to focus on to work out what it is.

Create a fanbase

Fans are going to be the people that help you get success, so make sure you have a lot of them. Without fans there’s no one to create a buzz about you as an artist!

The best way for you to build up a fanbase is to make sure you engage with them, respond to their comments, say thank you for their positive comments and post regularly. Gigs and social media are your tools to build your fan base.

Another way of generating a following is by networking with people that are more successful than you, you don’t know who could be at a networking event and what opportunites they may even be able to offer you as an artist.

Tips for becoming a successful as an unsigned singer

Love social media

It’s not going anywhere; it’s one of the only tools that will help you stay relevant, so learn to love it. It’s an easy way of getting the word out with very little effort.

Instead of spending ages compiling a list of people to email you can show off your new video to all of your social media pages with a couple of clicks of a button.

With the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube becoming increasingly important to the music industry, as an artist you’d be foolish not to use them to your advantage.

It’s important that you keep a synergy between your image on stage and across your social media so your brand is consistent and professional.

Gig regularly

Make sure you’re a known name at your local venues; you never know who’s going to turn up to one of those open mic nights. Gigging regularly also gives you a sense of who you’re trying to target your music at and which songs work with the audience.

There are always opportunities every night at the week whether that be Open Mic nights and as you learn your stage craft paid opportunities.

Again work hard to promote any gig that you organise or a promoter gives you. Promote before, during and after. Be creative with the promoting and make each gig unique.

Take merchandise everywhere

Make sure you have merchandise with you everywhere you play, that way you’re always ready to attract new fans who may not have seen you play before. It’s also vital for you to give out your demo CD for FREE.

Everyone loves a freebie and you never know the guy who got dragged along to see you play might end up listening to it on repeat.

If you aren’t ready to take a CD out as merchandise think about getting some affordable business cards produced as they are a simple, quick and effective way of passing on your information to people that may come up to you after a performance or even in passing.

Advice for Unsigned Singers

Set realistic goals

Focus on setting a range of different goals that are going to help you improve and become a successful singer. One of the best ways to set goals is selecting 3 to do over different time scales, for example; in 1 months time have all your social media pages set up and running. In 6 months be having singing lessons and also performing live multiple times a week as these will go hand in hand with each other. Then finally after a year look at having a growing following and to be getting paid gigs to help you pay for all the different things you’ll need.

As well as focusing on large goals such as above you can also break it down and for example once you start having singing lessons focus on setting goals throughout these sessions to maximise their effectivity.