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Amazon Music for Artists | How do Musicians Use Amazon? 

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You might already be on Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists – but what about Amazon Music for Artists? Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, and it’s recently launched an exciting new feature for musicians and artists.  

In March 2020, Amazon launched its new exclusive music feature: the Amazon Music for Artists app. Musicians can now claim their Amazon Artist profile, get Amazon verified, and access and track their music’s performance across one of the biggest global websites. 

Musicians – both signed and unsigned – use Amazon as a tool to distribute, market, and promote their music. And with the launch of Amazon Music for Artists, being a musician on Amazon has just got a whole lot better and easier. 

Amazon Music for Artists app 

Amazon Music analytics 

Amazon Music for Artists is a new analytical app that offers musicians performance insights, data stats, and streaming functionality. It was only launched this year, but it’s already being compared to Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists.  

The new Amazon app offers a lot of the same great features as its predecessors, like the option to claim your artist account, to add artist photos, and to become an Amazon verified artist and access all your global performance data. 

Amazon Music for Artists has lots of exclusive features that you can’t get on other platforms too – you can get your music onto an Amazon Station, on Amazon Music Playlists, and even tap into the Amazon Originals feature to get your music circulated. 

Amazon Music analytics 

This offers musicians a new and exclusive never-seen-before feature: Alexa activity 

By downloading the new Amazon Music app, musicians can track their music’s performance on the virtual assistant Alexa, and access data about how their audience are listening to their music via streaming devices.  

Amazon is the first platform to offer Alexa activity analytics, which could be a game-changing tool for artists in a time where a lot of people are discovering music using virtual assistants. 

Amazon Music for Artists key features 

amazon music for artists sign up

A relatively new programme, it’s available to download as an app on iOS and Android devices. The initiative is also available as a company site where artists can access resources. 

At the time of launch, the key features on Amazon Music for Artists include: 

#1 The Daily Voice Index   

This is where you can access all of your Alexa performance stats. You can see how many times your songs have been voice requested in the last seven days and what words fans have used to search for your music 

The Daily Voice index feature will even give you a rating from “Cool” to “On Fire” based on how well your music is performing on Alexa compared to other Amazon Artists (who Amazon has identified as the most comparable to you in terms of audience size, etc.)  

#2 Fan Insights Tab 

Amazon Music for Artists provides musicians with in-depth stats about their listeners, like how many streams each song gets and geographical data about where their fans are listening from.  

But Amazon’s fan insights tab also comes with a twist: it provides a breakdown of your most engaged listeners. This exclusive feature identifies your “fans” and “superfans” based on how often they listen to your music, how long for, and how frequently they save/purchase your tracks.  

This data will help you get to know your fanbase better and will show you where to direct your marketing efforts. 

#3 Custom data filter 

Another feature on the Amazon Music for Artists app is a custom data filter. Amazon gives you the option to filter your artist performance data and you can choose to look at your stats for the past 24hrs, 7 days, or 28 days. 

The data filter is completely customisable and you can even choose to look at your performance data for a specific date or choose to analyse how the lengths of each of your songs are performing. 

#4 The Programming tab  

Similar to the Playlist tab available on other services, Amazon’s Music for Artists has a programming tab which allows you to see where and when your songs are streamed across Amazon, including when your music features on Amazon Playlists and stations.  

This will give you a complete overview of how and where your music is having the most impact, and give you an insight into how fans are discovering you. 

Amazon Music for Artists claim profile  

Before Amazon Music for Artists was launched, the only way musicians could access performance stats for Amazon music was through the distributor dashboard. This has all changed with the introduction of Amazon Music for Artists.  

Any musician with an Amazon retail account and music published on Amazon Music can download the app, sign-up, and claim their artist profile – which will grant them access to a whole host of engagement and monetising tools. 

If you are a CD Baby or DistroKid artist, your Amazon artist verification will be fast-tracked, and you’ll get instant access to the app if you authenticate your artist profile claim using your distributor account. 

How do you claim your Amazon Music Artist page? 

The Amazon Music for Artist’s app has some ground-breaking features and is a must-have for independent artists. To get access to the app, you’ll need to have your music available on Amazon.  

You’ll then need to claim your artist profile on Amazon, which can be done in the following steps:

  1. Step 1

    Download the Amazon Music for Artists app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. When you open the app, you’ll need to sign in using your Amazon retail account. 

  2. Step 2

    Once you’re signed into your Amazon account, search for your artist name and select it when you find it. Then press the “Claim this Artist” option that comes up.  

  3. Step 3

    You’ll then be asked to fill out some requested fields to verify that you’re the artist you’ve selected. You’ll have the option to link your music distributor account or social media account to help authenticate your artist claim and speed up your verification.

Amazon Music For Artists contact 

If you encounter any problems trying to claim your artist profile, Amazon recommends that you contact them and try to support your verification request with as much additional information as possible.  

You can provide any of the following information to support your artist claim and increase your chances of approval: 

  • A link to your official artist website  if your email address is visible on your artist website, Amazon can cross-check this against the email address you’re using to claim your Amazon Music for Artists profile to verify your identity. 
  • Links to your social media accounts – Amazon will accept links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, or Bandcamp artist accounts to help authenticate your claim. Try to make sure the email address you used to sign up for Amazon Music for Artists is included on your social media “about” section.
  • A link to your management’s website  if you have a manager and your name appears on their roster, you can include a link to the company’s website on your Amazon artist claim.  

How to get your music on Amazon Music 

Amazon Music For Artists contact 

You’ll only be able to claim your artist profile on Amazon if you’ve got content available on Amazon Music. If your songs aren’t available to stream, buy, or download on the site, you won’t exist as an artist on Amazon yet.  

But this can easily be changed with the help of a record label or distributor. As an artist, you can get your tracks on Amazon Music through your label or an indie music distributor that Amazon works with.  

A record label or distributor will handle the entire process of getting your music on Amazon and will manage the licensing, distribution, and payment side of things on your behalf. Working with a distributor recognised by Amazon will also speed up your artist profile verification. 

Amazon recommended distributors 

Amazon has agreements with a number of different indie distributors who can help get your music on Amazon Music. Here are some of the distributors that Amazon work with, as listed on their website: 

  • CD Baby 
  • DistroKid 
  • The Orchard 
  • Tunecore 
  • STEM 
  • Ditto 
  • AWAL 

Does buying music on Amazon support the artist? 

If you’re going through all the effort of getting your music on Amazon, you’ll want to know what you can expect in terms of profit. In short, buying and streaming music on Amazon does support and pay the artist behind the track.  

Artists earn royalties every time their songs are streamed or downloaded on Amazon Music. Amazon doesn’t pay a fixed “pay-per-stream” rate, however, and the listener’s location and the type of Amazon account they have (whether it’s a free account or a subscription) can affect how much an artist gets paid for that stream.  

For an insight into how much Amazon pays an artist per stream (and how it compares to other platforms) check out this music royalties calculator. 

It’s thought that buying a physical copy of an album supports an Amazon artist more than streams or downloads because the artist can earn a fixed sum from physical purchases. 

Amazon Music library  

Amazon Music For Artists contact 

Once you’ve got your songs on Amazon Music Library, you’ll be able to download the Amazon Music for Artists app, claim your profile, and access all the analytical and marketing tools to boost your Amazon presence. You’ll also be able to increase your revenue and start earning those royalties.  

If you want to be a permanent, popular fixture in the Amazon Music library, you’ll need to get savvy with the way you use the platform and the Amazon Artists app to boost your presence.  

Here are a few tips on how to get popular and increase your revenue on Amazon Music: 

  1. Get your songs on Amazon Playlists by submitting music to Amazon curators 
  2. Add your song lyrics to Amazon so fans can search for your tracks using the lyrics 
  3. Encourage fans to use Alexa voice to find and follow your profile 
  4. Ask fans to leave ratings and reviews on the Amazon Music store 
  5. Promote your Amazon artist profile on your social media and website 

Amazon Music For Artists login 

Amazon Music For Artists is still a relatively new initiative, but it’s already received high praise – and is expected to become a ground-breaking new service. 

Registering and logging into Amazon Music For Artists is quick and easy to do, and will open up a whole range of exclusive perks.  

If you want to see how your music’s fairing with a contemporary audience using Alexa and virtual assistants, Amazon is the latest exclusive platform you need to join as an indie artist. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • How long does it take for music to go live on Amazon? 

Once Amazon Music receives your music from your music distributor, they aim to make your content live within 24 hours.  

You might have to wait for your music distributor to process your music before they send it to Amazon, though, so this can increase your wait time. Every music distributor has its own delivery deadlines so it’s worth checking the policy of your distributor for an accurate timeline. 

  • What device plays Amazon Music? 

When you subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, you can listen to songs at any time, anywhere. Amazon Music is available to listen to on most devices, including: smartphones, tablets, PC/Mac, Fire TV, and Alexa-enabled devices (like Amazon Echo.) 

  • What does it mean to follow an artist on Amazon Music? 

Artist follow is a relatively new feature on Amazon Music. It gives you the option to “follow” your favourite artists on Amazon by clicking on the option on your device, or by using voice command and asking Alexa to follow your chosen artist.  

Following an artist on Amazon is similar to following musicians on social media; you receive updates when they post new content. Amazon will send you a notification whenever your followed artists release new music.