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Do artists need management?

Artist Management – Do artists need management? An Artist Manager works on behalf of artists to promote the artists’ careers and help run their business affairs.

Not every artist chooses to take management but below are some reasons why you might want to have artist management.

The most important thing when choosing to take management or not is that you get the right one, who understands you and is someone who you can have a good relationship with.

WARNING: For management to want to work with you they are going to need and want to see income streams already coming in or a strong indication that they are likely to.

Artist management is a two-way street, you may want to work with them but they might not necessarily want to work with you unless you are at the right stage of your music career.

You need to see what doors and opportunities management can realistically get you. Always remember management are there to aid you, and it’s certainly not the case that they are going to do everything for you.


  • Managers can offer you the chance to focus on your music. They can take over any admin tasks you have which allows you to focus on making music and developing your career.
  • A good manager is one who has contacts and knowledge that can help you in your music career. The main reason for management to be a part of your career guidance is because they can probably see the ‘bigger picture’ that you may fail to notice and can help you achieve your goals with their industry know-how.
  • Some record labels don’t give acts the time of day if they don’t have management. Working with management shows that someone believes in your act enough to support you and help you to progress in your career.
  • The reason record labels don’t like to work directly with the act is because they want to do business with someone who knows the music industry and won’t have an emotional attachment.


It’s difficult to pinpoint the moment that you should start looking for management – if you’re doing things right and you’ve built up your social media, gigs and fanbase then management should really come looking for you. It will also start to become too much! Not all unsigned artists choose to take management for the following reasons:

  • Sometimes it better to wait until you are at a stage in your career that can’t cope without management, e.g having so many bookings or admin to keep up-to-date with. Waiting for the right manager is very important.
  • You can have the control. You can book gigs, arrange tours, radio plays, sort out merchandise, you can do everything yourself. The only person that truly cares about your image and your music is you.
  • Build contacts and heavily network yourself as after all “a manager is only as strong as their contact list.” But if you are doing this successfully it is a lot for one person and will need a team at some point.
  • Managers cost money. The vast majority of management deals are based on commission. That means that your manager takes a percentage cut of income you generate, so you need to make sure management is the right choice for you before you commit to giving away a percentage of your income.