Audience Engagement

Tips on how to encourage audience engagement

Audience engagement: It’s not all about the voice when performing; you need to be able to create audience engagement so they’re on your side. It is important to have a certain presence on stage, which lets the audience know that you are confident in your singing abilities.

HOT TIP! Choosing the right song will help you to create audience engagement. If you can connect with the song emotionally you are more likely to sing from the heart, making you feel more confident in your performance and believable to the audience.

Audience Engagement

Facial expressions

To encourage audience engagement, it’s important that your facial expression matches the feeling of the song. It’s no good having a frown on your face if the song is upbeat or a grin like a Cheshire cat if the song lyrics are full of emotion.

If your expressions aren’t matching the feeling of the song your audience won’t get into it as much. The most common cause of not matching facial expressions to songs is due to lack of confidence, or the focusing on words and timing.

A good way to combat this is to practice your song in front of a mirror and find an expression that looks genuine, click here for more advice on facial expressions.

Your outfit

What you choose to wear can impact your performance and help with audience engagement. You may think the crazier you dress the more you will stand out, but you should ask yourself whether your outfit also matches the style of song you have chosen.

If no, then there’s no harm in re-thinking your outfit. Not everyone can pull off a Lady GaGa number.

Audience Engagement – More Tips


When performing it is important to make it known that you enjoy what you are doing. Don’t just stand there looking awkward, if you constantly move even just a little bit this will engaging the audience’s eyes.

If you’re having a good time then the audience will enjoy themselves too. Use that stage and it will help to encourage any audience engagement.

HOT TIP! Watch some of your favourite singers perform and take note, there’s no harm in stealing some of their moves for your performance. YouTube is a great resource for this.

Putting emotion into a song

Music can stir up a lot of emotion easily and quickly and can make for a ‘magic moment’. By adding emotion to a song this will not only demonstrate your ability to connect with a song, but it will also draw audience engagement in to your performance.

After choosing a song you can connect with, the use of various dynamics and tone to your singing can also help add emotion to a song, click here for tips on vocal dynamics. However if you have to manufacture it, it’s fake and will be picked up by the audience.


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