Benefits of Music for Children

The benefits of music for a child’s development

From an early age, children are exposed to singing. Whether they are sung to sleep by a parent or hear it in their favourite TV show, the exposure is there. There are many benefits of music for children Therefore, it is good to get a child into singing and playing instruments from an early age!

Benefits of singing for children

How does singing support brain development?

  • Learning to sing as a child causes the brain to perform multiple tasks at once. This helps to develop the memory: from remembering lyrics to remembering a cue to start singing, the brain learns to be able to handle more tasks and is required to perform them simultaneously.
  • Singing encourages deep breathing, getting more oxygen to the brain which helps with natural development and concentration.
  • Singing provides children practical examples of concepts such as fast and slow to loud and quiet.
  • Music can improve the mood of the child, thus supporting a healthy emotional state.
  • Children singing or playing instruments helps the child to learn on a deeper level setting and achieving more complex goals.
  • Music lessons for children will help to develop a child’s imagination and creativity.

How does singing support language development?

There are many language development benefits for children who sing

  • Singing helps children to express themselves both verbally and emotionally.
  • Children when singing learn to better understand differences in vocal sounds and learn to imitate sound.
  • Singing encourages self confidence and helps aid a children to communicate with others.
  • Singing practise for children helps to strengthen the lips and tongue through exercise, which is then stored through muscle memory.
  • Singing diction helps a child speak more clearly and singing a variety of songs can help them with their vocabulary.
  • Singing lessons for children help them to learn to keep rhythm and how to rhyme.
  • In singing, children learn the importance of listening and self-discipline in order to learn their favourite songs.
  • Being part of a group or choir can provide children with a feeling of belonging and can help them make friends.

Singing supports learning and concentration

The alphabet is often taught with the ‘ABC’ song. This can be taken further: singing can be used to help children learn foreign languages, as it is proven that children remember phrases with greater accuracy when they sing.

Through something as simple as taking a song a child already knows, such as ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and changing the words accordingly, you can aid learning in anything from science and history to the English language!

Singing makes everything more fun for children and lightens their mood. It creates a sense of togetherness. It can comfort a child when they feel sad and banishes boredom when they are agitated. One of the most notable benefits of music is that it causes the mind to focus and the body to relax!


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