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Best Amazon Music Playlists 2021 + Alexa Playlist Voice Commands

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You’ll want to know what the best playlists are if you’ve subscribed to Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited. Find out how you can use Alexa to enhance your Amazon Music experience.

Amazon music has some great playlists that you won’t find on Apple Music or Spotify. This includes Alexa’s Most Requested and Prime Day Concert. You can also create playlists with Alexa and add your favourite songs with voice commands.

Amazon Music is growing quickly and there are plenty of people with Amazon Prime and Amazon Echo’s that might be tempted to change over. Although you can listen to Amazon Music with a Prime membership, you won’t have full access to all the benefits Amazon offers.

Does Amazon Music have playlists?

Best Amazon Music playlists 2019

Yes, Amazon Music allows you to create playlists as well as listen to their own. Amazon Music’s playlists are known as Prime Playlists and you can save and follow them. Amazon also has Stations and are slightly different from playlists. You are unable to see what songs are on a station and you can’t create your own station.

Best Amazon Music playlists 2019

  • Alexa’s Most Requested
  • Best Songs of 2019 So Far
  • Best of the Month
  • Sounds of Summer 2019
  • New Music Commute
  • Great Modern Love Songs
  • Hip-Hop Right Now
  • Unlimited Drive Time
  • Prime Day Concert
  • Signals

Can Alexa play playlists?

Alexa can play playlists but not for everyone. Although Amazon Echo devices can play music from Prime Music, it won’t play playlists. You’ll need to upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited to be able to command Alexa to play Amazon playlists.

If you have a Spotify or Apple Music subscription then you can connect your account to Alexa. You should have no problem playing your playlists through Alexa once you’ve done this.

Is Amazon Music Unlimited free for Prime members?

Amazon Music Unlimited is not free for prime members and requires a subscription fee. If you have Prime, you can still listen to Prime Playlists and listen to music for free under Prime Music. However, if you want the extras, you’ll need to upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited, which is cheaper for Amazon Prime members. 

You can also assign Amazon Music Unlimited to a single Amazon device, whether that’s an Echo or Fire. It will be half the price of a full membership, which covers an unlimited amount of devices. 

Amazon Music Unlimited vs Prime

Amazon Music Unlimited 

  • 50 million songs, including new releases
  • Listen to playlists with Alexa and other Amazon devices
  • More playlists and stations
  • Cheaper for Prime members

Prime Music

  • 2 million songs
  • Can only listen to music with Alexa, not playlists
  • Limited amount of playlists and stations
  • Included in Prime membership

Can Alexa shuffle my playlist?

Alexa can shuffle your music but you need to be an Amazon Music Unlimited member to play and shuffle Amazon playlists. You should be able to shuffle your Spotify or Apple Music playlists if you’ve connected your accounts.

Best Amazon Music Unlimited playlists

Amazon Music Unlimited is new to streaming compared to Spotify and Apple Music. However, it is the fastest-growing streaming service and is making an effort to create popular playlists.

Alexa’s Most Requested

This playlist is completely unique to anything on Spotify and Apple Music. As the title suggests, these are the most requested songs by those that own Amazon Echo’s. Like the official charts, it gives you a good insight into what the most popular songs are. 

Best Songs of 2019 So Far

If you’re looking for the best songs of this year (so far) then this is the playlist for you. There’s an interesting mix here, going from Sigrid to Slowthai so there is probably something for everyone here.

Best of the Month

This is a constantly updating playlist of the best songs of the past month. It’s great for those who are looking to keep up with current trends and latest releases. 

Sounds of Summer 2019

Everyone loves a good summer playlist. Even if it is Winter, you’ll still be coming back to this. For the meantime, blast this on in the sunshine.

New Music Commute

Millions of people commute to work every day and music tends to be the best way to make it more bearable. You can also keep up with the latest releases on your travels with this playlist.

Great Acoustic Covers

Sometimes you just want to hear your favourite songs stripped back to its essentials. That’s exactly what this playlist does with the best acoustic versions of some great songs.

Rap Rotation

Amazon’s answer to Spotify’s RapCaviar comes in the form of Rap Rotation. Check this out if you want to stay on top of the freshest hip-hop releases from the worlds best rappers.

Unlimited Drive Time

Everyone needs a good driving playlist for road trips. Unlimited drive time is a blend of pop and rock anthems that will keep you going in the car. 

Prime Day Concert

Amazon’s Prime Day is becoming an established international event for online shoppers. There’s obviously no better way to wrap it up than with a great gig. Check out some of the songs from this year’s Prime Day performers.


Electronic music is huge across the world. Amazon’s Signal playlist is the best way to check out the latest releases from the best producers.

Best Alexa playlists for work office

A good office playlist can really help you be more productive in the workplace. Have a listen to these and see whether it makes you work harder throughout the day.

  • Background Beats for Work
  • Chill House
  • Office Friendly Dance
  • Classical Piano for Focus
  • Office Friendly Pop Hits
  • Stress Be Gone
  • Music to Write To
  • Piano Chill
  • Deep Thought
  • Electronic Focus

Best Amazon party playlists

Best Alexa playlists for work office

The last thing you want to worry about at a party is the music. These party playlists should be able to keep you and your friends dancing and give you a good time.

  • Friday Night Bangers
  • Summer Pop Party
  • Classic Hip-Hop House Party
  • 100 Greatest Party Songs
  • Indie House Party
  • Disney Party
  • 90’s Student Night
  • Carnival Warm-Up
  • Dancehall Party
  • Summer BBQ

Best Alexa playlists for cleaning

For most people, cleaning is a chore you’d rather not do. Unfortunately, it needs to be done and a good playlist can keep you in a good mood while you’re scrubbing away.

  • Energising Pop
  • Lively Hip-Hop
  • The Sound of Modern House
  • The R&B Pick Me Up
  • Shove It
  • Home Gym Workout
  • Feel-Good Dance
  • Epic Music
  • CardioPOP
  • Make You Sweat

Best Alexa jazz playlists

There’s nothing quite like a good jazz playlist to chill you out. There are plenty of different styles covered in these playlists to meet any occasion.

  • Soothing Smooth Jazz
  • Night Time Jazz
  • The Jazz for Contemplation
  • Romantic Jazz
  • Dinner Party Jazz
  • Coffee Shop Jazz
  • Adventures in Cosmic and Spiritual Jazz
  • Cocktail Party Jazz
  • Sunday Morning Jazz
  • 100 Greatest Jazz Icons

Best Alexa dance playlists

One of the best things about music is that it can keep you dancing all night. Of course, you need the right music to keep you going until 3 am. Luckily, there are a lot of dance playlists from upbeat anthems to chill beats for the end of the night.

  • Dance Hits
  • Ultimate Summer Dance Anthems
  • Elevate
  • Nectar
  • Fresh Dance
  • Signals
  • Summer Haze
  • Deep Electronic Beats
  • Neon Chill
  • White Label

Best Alexa morning playlists

Not everyone is a morning person and music can be a great way to help you get out of bed. These morning playlists could even be set as an alarm on your Alexa.

  • Morning Cup of Coffee
  • Easy Morning
  • Lazy Morning in Bed
  • Morning Yoga
  • Sunday Morning Indie
  • Morning Jazz
  • Morning Beats Blowout
  • Epic Morning Run
  • Mellow Morning Pop Commute
  • Morning Blues

Best Alexa Christmas playlists

Popular Christmas Playlist

Once a year the time comes to get in the festive spirit. There are always more Christmas songs than you think there are so these playlists should have you covered.

How do I get Alexa to play full songs?

You need first activate your Amazon Echo by saying “Alexa”. While it is flashing, ask Alexa by saying, “Play [song name].” This may not be enough as many songs share the same title. If you don’t get the song you want then say, “Play [song name] by [artist name].”

Alexa might not automatically play from the streaming platform that you’re subscribed to. You can play songs from Prime Music, Spotify or Apple Music by activating your echo and saying, “Play [song/artist/album name] on [streaming platform name].”

How do I make a playlist on Alexa?

You are able to make playlists on Amazon Echo. You can either add music to a playlist you created yourself or you can get Alexa to create one for you. At the moment, this feature only works with Amazon Music Unlimited but there may be a point where you can do this with Spotify and Apple Music too.

#1 Activate Alexa

Simply say Alexa and your Amazon Echo will turn on and respond to you. If it doesn’t turn on then try getting closer or speaking more loudly.

#2 Create a new playlist

One way you can do this is to simply ask Alexa to “create a playlist”. Alternatively, you can play a song and ask Alexa to “add this song to a new playlist”. Once you’ve created a new playlist, you will need to assign it a new name. 

#3 Add more songs

You can start adding more songs now that you’ve created your playlist. Try being creative with Alexa’s voice commands. 

#4 Experiment with Alexa’s voice commands

You can ask Alexa to shuffle and loop playlists but you can also do other things like setting an alarm with your playlist. Say, “wake me up to [name of playlist] at [time and day]. You can even ask Alexa to add songs based on mood and genre. 

How long will Alexa play music before turning off?

Is music free on Alexa?

Alexa will play music for the duration of a song, song playlist or album. You can turn on loop to get Alexa to keep playing non-stop. If you want Alexa to turn off after a specific time then you can set a sleep timer. Ask Alexa to “set a sleep timer after [number of minutes]”.

Is music free on Alexa?

Amazon Music isn’t free, but you can use it with Alexa. It will come with adverts but you won’t have to sign up to Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited. There will be a limited number of songs so don’t expect your favourite music to be available for free. 

Is there a monthly fee for Alexa?

There is no monthly fee for Alexa. The only subscription fees would be for Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited or any other streaming platform you’ve subscribed to.

Are you listening to music on Amazon? Let us know how you think Amazon Music’s playlists compares to other streaming services.