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Best Apple Music Playlists

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Apple Music and its playlists rival Spotify as one of the biggest players in the streaming game. Whilst Spotify might have the edge in numbers, we’ll leave it to you to decide who wins the playlist battle.

Apple Music has a variety of playlists with an emphasis on curation. Some of these playlists have music that has been handpicked by Apple Music’s star editors. There are plenty of playlists to help you focus on your work and studying. There are also plenty of workout playlists for the gym and running too.

Apple Music offers a free three-month trial so there’s no excuse to avoid listening to music. From rap to country and everything in between, here are the best Apple Music playlists of 2019.

Best Apple Music playlists 2019

Best Apple Music playlists rap

  • Rap Life
  • Run Strong. Repeat.
  • Acoustic Chill
  • Back to Work
  • Party Starters
  • Study Beats
  • Pure Workout
  • Office DJ
  • Sleep Sounds
  • The A-List: Country
  • R&B Now
  • EDM Hits
  • Pure Throwback

Best Apple Music playlists rap

Hip-hop and rap is the most popular genre of music in the world so it’s natural for people to look for playlists in the genre. There is no shortage of rap playlists on Apple Music but here are our two favourites.

Rap Life

Rap Life is Apple Music’s premier hip-hop playlist. It features the biggest names in the game and the hardest hits that are out right now.

The Plug

If you’re looking for the next big thing in hip-hop then this playlist is for you. Whether it’s the next big rapper or big tracks that have flown under the radar, The Plug will keep you up to date with the hip-hop of tomorrow.

Best Apple Music running playlists

A run is always better with some good music to listen to. The good news is that Nike has come through for us all and put together a whole bunch of running playlists.

Run Strong. Repeat.

This is the playlist for the hard runs on a Winter morning. Unless you’re in LA and it’s always warm. Either way, sometimes you need that little bit extra when you push yourself and this playlist is it.

Nike Run Club

This playlist is the perfect companion for Nike’s Run Club app that helps you run better. Whatever level you’re at, the Nike Run Club can be great for helping you get into running. A quality playlist can only help you out as well.

Best Apple Music playlists chill

Sometimes you just need something to help you wind down and relax. Of course, there is a playlist for that. In fact, there are quite a few but we’ll keep it chill with these two.

Acoustic Chill

There’s nothing like the sound of an acoustic guitar to remind you that the world isn’t just bright lights and dancing. Put this on and close your eyes to help you wind down and forget that the business of cities even exist.

Mellow Days

Pop music isn’t all about up-tempo hits to keep you up at night. These mellow pop songs are catchy enough to stay in your head but chill enough to help you drift away.

Best Apple Music playlists for work

Let’s be honest, work can be really long, especially by the time Friday comes around. Thankfully music is always there to help us focus and push through the day.

Back to Work

Enough procrastination it’s time to go back to work. This playlist sounds great with minimal distractions to keep you productive.  The more you work with this playlist, the more you’ll be able to get into the zone right away.

Pure Focus

There’s something about electronic music that just helps us turn into machines. This incredible playlist will help you buckle down and focus so hard that you won’t even realise there’s music playing.

Best Apple Music playlists for parties

Who needs a DJ now that we have playlists right? The last thing you want to be doing when you’re trying to have a good time is stressing out about music. These playlists will help keep you in a good mood because all you have to do is press play.

Party Starters

It can be hard satisfying everyone at a party when we all have different tastes in music. Party Starters will throw out back to back bangers from the past 50 years so hopefully, everyone will be covered.

Pure Party

This playlist is going to be sending out good vibes all night long. It leans a little bit more towards the 2000s but there’s enough recent and classic hits to spice it up every once and a while.

Best Apple Music playlists for studying

There’s nothing quite like an exam to stress you out so hard that you forget who you are. This is why study music exists, to help you stay focused and stay feeling good even when you know the end of the world is around the corner.

Study Beats

This is basically the chill music and the work music playlists having a baby playlist. You can’t have it too relaxed though, remember you need to revise and study hard. This will definitely keep you relaxed without making you fall asleep.

Study Vibes

More beats and more vibes to keep you on track. One playlist was never going to be enough when you have so much revision to do. Don’t give up and remember, we believe in you!

Best Apple Music workout playlists

Some people just don’t want to relax. Why would you anyways when you could be working out and dealing with life like a pro in the gym. Don’t forget, you’re going to need some music for that intense workout you’ve got scheduled after your already intense day at work.

Pure Workout

This is it, Apple Music’s Pure Workout playlist. Like your workout session, there’s no letup. Put this on loop for extra gains. Rest is for the weak and this relentless playlist will make you strong.


A playlist so focused that one word is all it needed. Workout is the workout playlist for the workouts you won’t even be able to go to work in afterwards. This is the high interval training workout playlist that has no time for big hits, only big gains.

Best Apple Music playlists for the office

So your boss asks you to put some music on and you naturally freak out. What if you make the wrong choice? What if everyone hates it and you miss out on that promotion you’ve been working five years towards. Life’s hard and finding the right music for the office is up there with Everest and dieting over Christmas as the hardest things possible.

Office DJ

Nothing like the biggest pop hits to please everyone. Pop music for the masses was made for this very situation, to make your life easier when your performance matters more than ever. Go forth and please your coworkers and if it all goes south, just blame Apple.

Office Stereo

Tru Thoughts is one of the coolest independent labels from the UK. Their Office Stereo is just what you need if you’re trying to get some clout at work. Your coworkers might not know who all the artists are but you can pretend you do and be the hero. If they don’t like it then that’s on them for not being as cool as you are.

Best Apple Music sleep playlists

Finally, the part of the day you’ve been waiting for. You’ve been working, working out, studying, partying and even chilling when you’ve had the chance. Unfortunately, you’re just so overstimulated now you can’t even get to sleep. No problem, we’ve got a playlist for that.

Sleep Sounds

Be prepared because this is as ambient as it gets to help you get to sleep at the end of the day. With sounds so smooth you’ll hear them in your dreams, you could probably leave this running all night long.

Bedtime Beats

There are beats for every situation and sleeping is no different. Tuck yourself in and literally nod off to the chillest beats humanity has produced.

Best Apple Music country playlists

You’ve either been country for life or Lil Nas X has changed you that much that you’ve made it this far. This is a new era for country and it’s more accessible than ever so what are you waiting for, dive in now!

The A-List: Country

If you’re British then Country is bigger than you think it is. If you’re American then it’s probably not as big as you think it is. If you’re anyone and you want to listen to country music then here is The A-List, giving you Nashville’s finest.

Country Caffeine

We all crave a bit of Cotton Eyed Joe every once and a while to give us some up-tempo Country vibes. Well, we’ve all grown up now but fortunately, Country Caffeine will get you moving like it’s Kentucky Derby time.

Best Apple Music R&B playlists

There are so many amazing R&B stars and they’re all just a few taps away. But with so many to choose from you’re simply overloaded with options. There are even so many playlists that we struggled to choose which ones to show you.

R&B Now 

R&B Now is everything you expect it to be. Instantaneous bangers from the hottest R&B artists around. This is the freshest good stuff that you’ve been looking for all in one place.

R&B replay

With such a constant supply of hits, you’ll be wondering where you’re latest favourites have gone before you know it. This playlist isn’t quite new but these modern classics are still as fresh as anything.

Best Apple Music EDM playlists

It’s time for the club, except it’s raining and it’s cold outside. Your mates have all bailed but they’ll be up for finding a strobe app and getting on it in your kitchen. It’s Friday night so you might as well, all you need now is the right playlist.

EDM Hits

Creamfields in a playlist. Not much else to say.

Summer Vibes

The sun’s out and anything that isn’t tropical just won’t do. Or it’s freezing and you want to remember what life used to be like 6 months ago. Either way, close your eyes and listen to the sunshine.

Best Apple Music throwback playlist

Pure Throwback

It doesn’t get more 00s than this. Not for the faint-hearted and easy to overdose, just remember to write down what year it is to remind yourself of reality.

Urban Throwback

These throwback kings and queens are the roots of modern music. From Regulate to Pon De Replay, hip-hop and R&B just wouldn’t be the same without these classics.

How to share Apple Music playlists 

When you want to share a playlist, first find it in your library or through the Apple Music search. Once you’ve done this, locate the three dots (…) or long-press and click share. You’ll be able to share directly to a social platform or you will get a link.

Alternatively, you could use Apple Music Marketing Tools to create embedding tools and direct links. This is much better if you’re looking to share playlists through a website or blog.

How to make Apple Music playlists 

First of all, start off by finding a song you want to start your playlist with. Again, locate the three dots (…) or long-press to bring up the menu. From there you can either add to an existing playlist or create a new one. 

Does Apple Music tell you when someone listens to your playlist?

You won’t get notifications from Apple Music if someone is listening to a playlist that you made. However, if you are following someone who has been listening to your playlist then you will be able to know. 

You’ll have to go on their profile and see what they have been listening to recently. This can include your playlists as well as other songs and radio shows on Apple Music.

Can you see how many times you played a song on Apple Music?

Unfortunately, you’re unable to see how many times you’ve played a song on Apple Music. There have been apps that have come and gone but right now it isn’t possible. iTunes used to count the number of times you listened to your music so there is always a chance that it can come back.

Does Apple Music have a year in review?

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not have a ‘year in review’ feature. There are apps such as Share Music Graphics that can visualise your listening habits. It has also previously been reported to offer a year in review service. For now, however, it looks as though you’ll have to go to Spotify for your year in review.

Do downloaded songs count as streams Apple Music?

Downloading a song won’t count towards its stream count. However, it will count towards its position in the charts and will likely be more influential in a song’s positioning. This is because charts consider a large number of streams as the equivalent of a sale. For example, it’s estimated that up to around 1500 streams is equivalent to one download sale. 

Does Apple Music have a history?

Apple Music does have a history section which shows your recently played music. You can find this under the ‘For You’ section on your phone at the bottom of the screen. If you’re on a desktop then it will be on the top of the screen, right of the play window and left of the search bar.

What’s your favourite Apple Music playlist? Let us know in the comments below.