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We all love a drunken sing-a-long but it’s even better if you are the talented one with star quality. Never miss out on an opportunity to practice your performance while out drinking with our list of best drinking songs below. You never know – it might lead to something.

What are the best sing along songs when drunk?

It always helps if you’ve got a mental list of the best drinking songs to sing along to when you’ve had a few drinks so make a note. Quite often it will be the upbeat songs that will be best to sing when you’re drinking but some ballads that work well too.  

We know lots of you enjoy a drink (or three) from time to time and while of course, we encourage you to drink alcohol responsibly, especially if you’ve got a performance coming up, we all need to let our hair down from time to time.

Why should I sing when I’m drunk? 

Good drinking songs

You may be thinking, why are you encouraging me to get drunk? Well, obviously that’s not what we are doing, however we know there will probably be a time when you find yourself in a karaoke bar or at a party and an opportunity presents itself.

As the alcohol has started to set in, you will likely feel more relaxed and more confident which is an ideal position to be in  when you are going to be singing in front of an audience. Now, that audience may well be a group of your friends who are fairly tanked up on several pints of beer or glasses of prosecco, but it doesn’t make them any less worthy of performing in front of. 

Sometimes, singing when drunk is the best kind of singing because you are likely to be less nervous! Not that we are suggesting it’s a habit you should start taking on more often, but you get the idea. 

After a few drinks, it’s always good fun to sing with friends as well, and knowing that you have ambitions of a career in the music industry, they will probably be encouraging you to sing. So, it’s always good to be prepared and think about what songs you might want to sing should that opportunity come your way. 

Best drinking songs 

Why should I sing when I’m drunk? 

So, which songs are the best ones to sing along to after a few drinks? Well, it’s probably best to try not to go for something that’s not over-complicated as your drunken self might not be able to manage it!

It’s always helpful to have thought about these things in advance especially because, your favourite song might not necessarily be the best song for you to sing because it might not suit your voice! So pick a track that you feel you will be comfortable with and feel confident singing. 

Also, make sure it’s a song that you will actually enjoy singing! Up tempo songs are likely to be easier to sing and you will be more relaxed but that doesn’t mean you should rule out a ballad. 

Good drinking songs

Take a look at our suggestions below! 

#1 Cheers (Drink to that) by Rihanna

OK, so we know this is a song about drinking but that’s even more of a reason why it’s a good song to sing!  #

#2 Happy by Pharrell Williams

It was the song that was played over and over and over again, we know that! However, it remains a brilliant pop song and one that is easy and enjoyable to sing. 

#3 Timber by Pitbull featuring Ke$ha 

Another really fun song, this is one that’s bound to get attention as it’s a great pop track. You don’t need to try too hard with this one but it’s good fun to sing and it’s even better if you’ve got a friend who enjoys a rap who can take on Pitbull’s lines! 

#4 Treasure by Bruno Mars

Another great pop song and one that has a brilliant melody which makes it enjoyable to sing. It’s also a very uptempo song so a good one to perform! 

#5 Time of your life by Green Day

For male singers especially, this is a really nice song to sing and should be fairly easy after a few beers! 

#6 Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

We know the video is a talking point but the song itself is a belter and a great one for a female vocalist to sing. 

#7 Born This Way by Lady Gaga

A classic pop track, Gaga knows how to produce a belter and this is no exception! It’s a really fun song to perform so no pressure when you’ve had a few drinks. 

#8 Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi

This one is a ballad, but it’s a good one and great for aspiring male singers! 

#9 Crazy in Love by Beyoncé

Arguably her biggest hit, it’s a track to get the party started so definitely a great one to belt out when you’re in the mood! 

#10 Shout Out to my Ex by Little Mix 

It’s one of their best hits and a brilliant pop song so perfect for a drunken night out! 

Best drunk karaoke songs 

Picture the scene – you’re in a bar, you’ve had a few too many wines but you can see the list of karaoke songs awaiting you. Your friends are egging you on and you just can’t resist the opportunity to get up on that stage. So, what will you sing? Well, we’ve got a list of suggestions for some of the best karaoke songs. 

#11 Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

An American Idol winner herself, Kelly has trodden the path to superstardom and this track is one of her best. It’s one of those great songs that starts off slow and the tempo builds to the chorus, which makes it brilliant for singing in a karaoke bar. 

#12 Survivor by Destiny’s Child

A classic pop song about female empowerment, this works really well if you’re looking to pair up with your girls. It’s a brilliant song to belt out to an audience. 

#13 22 by Taylor Swift

Swifty has a whole back catalogue of karaoke songs but this is definitely one of the best as it’s such a fun song to perform. 

#14 Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

A true karaoke classic, a Britney song will always go down well in a karaoke bar after a few drinks. 

#15 Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs 

This is a great song and Olly has such an easy voice to sing along to which makes it perfect for a karaoke bar! 

#16 I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness

Whether you’re an aspiring rock star or not, this is a rock anthem and is sure to get heads turning! It’s also great fun to perform. 

#17 Rehab by Amy Winehouse

There are two versions of this song but The Zutons’ original never gets quite as much interest. Amy’s voice was so unique that it makes it a perfect song to sing along to. 

#18 Fight Song by Rachel Platten

A bit of a one-hit wonder, this is one of those must-sing songs. Another track which focuses on empowerment, it’s a proper belter and one that many will choose to sing when the alcohol has started to sink in. 

#19 Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake

One of his biggest hits and one that is undeniably popular with singers and non-singers.  

#20 High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco

Another pop/rock/indie hit which will be great fun to sing, this works well for both male and female singers due to Brandon Urie’s rather unique voice. 

Tips for singing karaoke 

We know you’re an aspiring singer and that you don’t want to be a karaoke singer, you want to be a STAR! However, there are tips to bear in mind for all singers of all abilities. 

Firstly, there’s no harm in doing a warm up! It will probably be fun for you and your friends to warm up your vocal chords before you start singing! 

Look confident and make sure you are smiling and enjoying the performance. It’s your time on the stage after all! 

Make sure you have spent time picking the song so you know it – yes the words come up on the screen but you need to make sure you are familiar with it too!  

Focus on vocal technique so you are still concentrating on your breathing and making sure you’re not shouting into the microphone. 

You can also practice at home (which you no doubt do all the time anyway!) as there are lots of channels on YouTube to sing karaoke. You may even come to use them if you’re drinking at home with your friends and you want a drunken karaoke session! 

Overall, lots of karaoke singing can improve you as a singer. It will give you more confidence and it also just gives you the chance to experiment more and learn more about your voice. It’s also less stressful because you’re not under the pressure of being judged like you would be if you were singing at an audition! 

Do I sing better when I’m drunk? 

Lots of people feel their performance is affected in a positive way when they’ve been drinking and a lot of that is because of the lack of tension you feel after a few drinks. The effects of alcohol make your body relax and your muscles feel less tense.  

Can too much alcohol be bad for my voice? 

Can too much alcohol be bad for my vocals

As we said earlier, we all know that many of us enjoy a drink and we don’t want to suggest you never go near the alcohol. But there are a few things to think about should you want to pop open the champagne or stock up on bottles of beer. 

First thing to say is make sure you are aware of your calendar and any plans you have for the next few days. Going out drinking or having a heavy drinking session the day before an audition is certainly not good preparation! 

Alcohol can have a negative effect on your voice if you overdo it and it will obviously also impact the way that you feel physically as well as potentially having an effect on you mentally. 

Lots of singers enjoy a bit of Dutch courage before they go on stage and that’s fine, but that’s usually all it is because otherwise the impact of the alcohol on their bodies will be there for the audience to see. 

As a singer, you rely on your vocal chords which need moisture to create that beautiful sound! Therefore there are things that should be avoided in order to ensure you have the best chance of providing the best sound and alcohol is one of them! 

Alcohol has the potential to dry out your throat which means that it could affect your chances of hitting high notes and making the most of your range. 

A really bad hangover could have an impact on your voice for several days which is something you want to think about should any career opportunities arise – it doesn’t look good for your reputation if you’re croaky due to having consumed a lot of alcohol! 


Things to avoid to keep your voice on top form 

Ready for a good night? 

As we said earlier, we don’t want to encourage you to drink, but should you find yourself in a karaoke bar having had a few drinks, why not take the opportunity?

Have you got any tips about the best songs to sing when you’re drunk? Share them below!