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Everyone loves a karaoke night. But it’s important to keep it up to date with the latest tracks. Here’s a collection of 26 tracks from this year that are great to sing along to, with a quick description of each, explaining the singing style they are suited to.

Whether you are singing on your own, having a fun family night in or hosting a karaoke party, we give you a rundown of the latest songs that are perfect for a fun evening. Covering everything from rock ballads to rap, and musical theatre hits to the latest pop tunes, we give you the singers guide to 2020 music.  

Are you looking for a karaoke song to sing along to? Have you been on the hunt for the latest hit that’s easy to sing? Below we give you 26 of the best karaoke songs of 2020.  

What is karaoke? 

Karaoke is Japanese for ‘empty orchestra’. You can use an app, computer or karaoke machine to provide the background music for you to sing along to.   

Contemporary hits are the way to go, you can’t go wrong singing a new tune and it could be a great way to get the party going.

Good karaoke songs

Good karaoke songs

You may be wondering what are the best karaoke songs to sing along to in 2020? We’ve hand-picked 26 of the best karaoke songs of 2020, to make this an easy go-to guide if you’re stuck for ideas on your karaoke night. 

#1 Say So by Doja Cat

If you’re keeping up to date with all things TikTok, then you’ll have heard this new 2020 bop. This tune is a great choice if you want to show off some dance moves whilst you sing. Recording this as an acoustic number, and sharing it across social media, could be a good way to make it your own, whilst still drawing in fans with a familiar song.  


#2 Yummy by Justin Bieber 

This repetitive and catchy hit is an easy go-to for your karaoke night. It will have everyone up on their feet and singing along and doesn’t require too much vocal ability in the key of A.  


#3 You Should Be Sad by Halsey

From her new album ‘Manic’ released in 2020, this song is a current hit. An indie track with mellow guitar backing makes this a perfect song to sing to warm up your voice at the start of the night.  


#4 Nobody but you by Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani

Mixing up your karaoke numbers with a current country song will keep listeners engaged and excited. This tune can be sung as a duet and would be a great chance to practice harmonies, impressing your friends and family. 


#5 Memories by Maroon 5 

A lowkey pop-rock number, Maroon 5 are a good go-to at any karaoke night. With a catchy leading line and a sentimental tone, this is a good late-night track to close the evening.  


Best karaoke songs 2020 

#6 Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camilla Cabello

Duets are perfect for karaoke. If you’re feeling shy and don’t want to stand up for a solo number, why not try this upbeat tune with a friend and impress everyone with some Spanish lyrics?  


#7 Level of concern by Twenty One Pilots

People love Twenty One Pilots because of their high energy, feel-good music. This fast-tempo song spans a range of two octaves, making it a fun karaoke challenge. In the key of E minor, this dance-rock pop song will have the audience up on their feet.  


#8 Circles by Post Malone

This no.1 massive chart-topper is a pop-rock hit. With a gentle acoustic groove, and bouncy melody this song has a compulsory sing-along chorus. Post Malone is a big karaoke fan himself, so he would probably love you singing one of his songs.  


Easy karaoke songs for beginners 

A karaoke night doesn’t have to mean showing off your range and impressing your audience with high belting notes. If you pick easy songs to sing, you can focus on your performance and engage everyone with how much fun you’re having.  

#9 Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton 

If you’re into musical theatre, then you’ll be familiar with the musical Hamilton. This song is just one of many from the show, and shouldn’t be too hard to sing in the key of D Major. There’s also the opportunity for a more spoken delivery of this song if you know someone who’s not as into singing.   


#10 Boyfriend by Mabel

This is a dance track with attitude. Mabel is a rising English artist who is one to watch. This song is an upbeat pop number with a thumping beat, making it perfect to strut your stuff on karaoke night. This one is as much about the performance, as it is the voice.  


#11 No Time to Die by Billie Eilish  

This is a really popular song to cover, so you must make it your own if you want to stand out at karaoke night. Used as the theme song for the 2020 James Bond film, this tune is very current. Harmonies and backing vocals would sound nice on this track.  


#12 Dance Monkey by Tones & I  

With the lead singer of this song having a distinct voice, you mustn’t try and directly mimic her style. Sing it in your accent, and it will instantly sound less strained and more effortless. This fun song could be the perfect opportunity to show off some energetic dance moves during the karaoke performance, really honing your technique and audience engagement.  


Top karaoke songs list 

#13 Reflection by Jessie J

Disney songs are great to sing for karaoke. This Mulan number sang by Jessie J is a timeless song, with a more mellow feel. Karaoke songs don’t have to be upbeat and belted for people to engage. Singing a slower song will allow you to connect with the lyrics and show off a more vulnerable side in your performance.   


#14 Cool Again by Kane Brown 

Country artist Kane Brown is a go-to if you’re into country ballads. This song has a great beat and funky backing track, making it the best option for an easy karaoke song. Its repetitive chorus and key of C# Minor will have you sounding great through a mic.  


#15 Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi

This Scottish singer has taken over the music scene for 2020, and Before You Go is a great, popular choice for karaoke. It’s a different option to Capaldi’s greatly covered ‘Someone You Loved’. With a belting chorus and more intimate verses, this song can show off your range and will have people singing along.  


#16 Rare by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is an artist that produces hit after hit. Her songs create a huge buzz, and with her new album Rare released in January 2020, she’s done it again. This song is an unusually mellow, electro-pop ballad. It spans one octave, making it not too difficult to sing.  

Why not make this one your own and show off your voice in a different key 


Good songs to sing 2020 

#17 Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

This is a really fun song with quirky lyrics. You need to be having fun with music as this sets the tone for your karaoke night. Harry Styles’ new album has a great selection of current hits, so if this one isn’t to your liking, I’d recommend taking a look at some of his other songs. 


#18 What A Man Gotta Do by Jonas Brothers

This boy band have been around for a while but returned in 2020 with this new, catchy toe-tapper in the key of E. The vocal range of the brothers span two whole octaves, so it may be a good idea to call on some friends and get them singing along. This song is perfect for karaoke, with repetitive lyrics making it seem as though it was written for a sing-along.  


#19 SICKO MODE by Travis Scott

If you love rap music, then now’s the time to bring it onto the karaoke scene. Although you may have to be wary of the lyrics, this number is from a popular artist and will have like-minded rap fans singing along.  


Easy songs to sing that make you sound good 

#20 Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa

This song has a great beat and simple melodic structure making it an easy go-to song for karaoke. Its high energy feel will make everyone want to get up and dance, and in the key of B with smooth vocal leaps, this song shouldn’t be too tricky to sing. 


#21 I Dare You by Kelly Clarkson

This a country-pop ballad originally recorded in six different languages by Kelly Clarkson and other artists. So, why not try each one and show off to your friends and family?  


#22 Instant History by Biffy Clyro

This is a soft rock, atmospheric number. But has an anthem-like, chorus that you can belt out. The slightly challenging key of Ab minor paired with the high energy chorus means there’s a real accomplishment if you can master this one.  


#23 If The World Was Ending by JP Saxe

This duet gives you the perfect opportunity for a male/female collab. With its narrative lyrics and conversational tone, this song will pull on the heart-strings. Why not try and experiment with harmonies on this track and impress your karaoke audience. 


#24 Stupid Love by Lady Gaga 

This electro-pop track is a current 2020 tune. Its high-energy feel makes this a great song to get the party going. In the key of Bb major with euphoric lyrics, you can belt this one out.  


#25 The Man by Taylor Swift

What’s a karaoke night without a bit of Taylor Swift? This is a feminist anthem, with powerful lyrics. Taylor is known for stepping away from her country routes, and this song is sure to prove that point. In the key of C Major, with fewer local leaps, this is an easier song for karaoke.  


#26 No Judgement by Niall Horan

Whilst Harry Styles has changed his style from his One Direction days, Niall has stuck to his routes with this track showing just that. Its mellow tone makes it easy to sing and the official music video underlines the slight tongue in cheek nature of the lyrics. In the key of C# Minor, this is a relaxed pop anthem. Like all One Direction songs, what’s not to like about this smooth easy listening track? 


Related Questions

  • How do you host a karaoke night? 

If you’re looking to share your karaoke skills beyond the bedroom, why not gather your family or invite over some friends and host a singalong eveningHowever, it does require some planning to get it right, make sure you have a good mix of people who aren’t too shy about letting their hair down and pull together a good playlist spanning all musical genres and accommodating a range of styles and voice types. 

Make sure you have the machine or software set up and fully charged with the right cables. Test it beforehand, so that the music is at the right volume and the lyrics are visible. It’s also essential to lay on enough snacks and drinks to keep the audience happy while they aren’t performing. And most importantly, you need to make everyone comfortable and make it clear that the only bad singer is one who doesn’t try. 

  • Why should you sing karaoke?

Karaoke is a fun way to improve your singing as it doesn’t seem like strict practice. It gives you a chance to perform and develop your onstage persona. Karaoke is also a great opportunity to try and make songs your own by changing the key or twisting the lyrics, this is fun but will also enable you to develop your songs and melodies. 

Karaoke is a great fun way to practice music and develop your style, and to try out new songs. But remember the most important thing about karaoke is that it should be fun! 

Do you sing karaoke? Let us know your favourite songs to sing in the comments below!