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23 Best Blogs for New Artists: Best Indie Music Blogs, Pop, Electronic

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Music blogs are becoming an increasingly popular and successful way for new artists to get started in the music industry. Getting featured on the best music blogs often opens a lot of doors and can become the backbone of a musician’s career.

There are so many blogs out there so where do you start to find the best ones? Well, look for the blogs that promote new artists and make sure they fit with the genre of your music whether it’s indie, pop, hip hop, or R&B.   

First, we will help you to understand more about how blogs work and then we’ll show you our list of the 23 best blogs out there. Continue reading to find the best blogs to submit music to whether your an indie artist, electronic, underground, or in the hip hop scene.

What is a music blog? 

Blogs have been around for a long time and a lot of people don’t realise how significant they are. Blogs are an extremely useful tool for musicians. They are great for exposure and for helping you to build your fanbase and helping people to learn more about you and your music. 

It’s also a chance not just to learn about your music but also to learn more about your personality and to get your thoughts out in the public domain. It gives people a chance to get to know and love you as an artist and find out more about your life outside of music. It can really build up interest and excitement about you. 

Blogs aren’t just about releasing new music. They also enable you to release interviews, videos and photo shoots. Blogs are also timeless, so fans could come across content about you which is a couple of years old and they could discover new music and a new love for you as an artist. 

There are different forms of blogs but artists will mostly be focusing on genrebased blogs and contentbased blogs. Both will give you a good chance to share your talents and promote yourself as an artist. 

What are the best music blogs in the industry to submit music to? 

So, now that you have a strong understanding of what a music blog is, where do you start? There are a handful of blogs that stand out as some of the best and most read in the industry, which fit across a wide range of different genres of music. Below is a list of some of the most popular blogs that you can read, plus some ideas on what the best blogs to submit music to are: 

#1 A&R Factory

What are the best music blogs in the industry

Launched in 2012, it has become one of the most respected artist and repertoire (A&R) blogs in the industry. It helps music industry professionals find new music from aspiring independent artists. 

#2 That Grape Juice 

Created by Sam Ajilore in 2007 when he was at his first year at university, he used it as a way to share his thoughts and feelings on urban music. It has now become an established urban music blog with lots of news, interviews and reviews. There are offices both in LA and in London. 

#3 Popjustice 

Founder Peter Robinson created Popjustice in 2000. It celebrates pop music and has a big social following and a weekly playlist of the latest pop songs. Pop fans also have the opportunity to chat with each other in the blog’s very own forum. 

#4 GoldFlakePaint  

what is a music blog

Based in Glasgow, GoldFlakePaint was created in 2010 by Tom Johnson. It has its own label called GoldFlakeTapes. It helps music fans to discover new music and has lots of in-depth interviews with artists around the world. 

#5 HTF Magazine 

Hit The Floor Magazine was launched by Chris Hines. It is a music and lifestyle blog which covers lots of different music including rock and hip hop. It has lots of reviews, interviews and the latest music news. 

#6 Stamp The Wax 

best blogs for singers

STW was created by Aaron Levitt and Joshua Brill in 2011 when they were looking for somewhere to talk about their favourite music. Focusing on London, Brighton and Bristol at first, it has expanded and now looks at the music industry across the country. 

Best Indie Music Blogs 

Indie music remains well followed by a good group of fans keen to discover new artists. Here are some of the best Indie blogs. 

#7 Indie Shuffle 

According to SubmitHub, Indie Shuffle is the most popular Indie music blog. With more than 200,000 followers, it describes itself as a blog for Indie rock and downtempo and house music and is highly rated by its fans. 

#8 Keep Walking Music 

With more than 26,000 songs submitted to its blog, Keep Walking Music offers a range of different genres including alternative, Indie pop, Indie rock and Indiefolk music. 

#9 Savage Thrills 

best blogs for musicians

With a wide range of topics covered, Savage Thrills doesn’t just focus on music. It also looks at other topics such as films, art and fashion. Its music blog covers Indie pop, alternative and Indie rock alongside psychedelic rock and electronic music. 

#10 Disco Naïveté 

A Belgium-based music blog, Disco Naïveté was founded in October 2009 and it highlights new music including Indie rock. 

#11 Rocktails 

With almost 50,000 followers, Rocktails is a Spanish music blog which has a whole host of different genres on offer including Indie, hip hop, pop and Latino music. 

Best Pop Music Blogs to Submit Music to

As the most popular genre of music, there are a huge number of blogs for pop music, but here are some of the best. 

#12 Popmuzik

Best Pop Music Blogs 

With more than 1.2 million followers, Popmuzik is one of the most popular music blogs around. It’s hugely popular with music fans and promotes music with a strong or catchy melody and a great chorus. 

#13 Dummy 

Dummy promotes a variety of music including pop, hip hop, grime, electronic and R&B. They look for brand new artists making cutting edge sounds. 

#14 Kaltblut Magazine 

Kaltblut Magazine covers a whole host of different subjects in addition to music. It also talks about fashion, art and events. It favours all manners of pop music as well as electronic and chillwave music. 

#15 Tonspion 

Tonspion favours singersongwriters who release pop and alternative music and has more than 47,000 followers. It is a German blog founded in Cologne back in 1998. 

What is Hype Machine?

Hype Machine blogs for singers and musicians

Hype Machine looks at hundreds of music sites and collects the latest posts to allow fans to easily stream and discover new music. The most popular tracks chosen by fans of Hype Machine will chart on its ‘Popular’ page. It also keeps tabs on the most posted artists and the most popular videos.  

It was created in a college dorm room and today it continues to run as a listenersupported service, based in Brooklyn, New York. 

The best way to get your music on Hype Machine is to use the website to search for artists that produce similar music to you. Click through to the sites that posted them and then contact the writers who have written about them in the past. They will value the efforts you have made to contact them and send them something that they will enjoy. 

The service gets its data from MP3 ID3 tags, so the title and artist fields need to be filled out fully before a file is uploaded and shared otherwise it will say the track is unknown. Filling out the full details will give you the best chance of getting your track showcased and out in the public domain. 

Remixes should be titled Original Artist – Title (Remix Artist Remix) 

Covers should be titled Cover Artist – Title (Original Artist Cover) 

Best blogs with Spotify playlists 

As one of the biggest streaming services in the world, Spotify and it’s playlists are invaluable for new artists. So finding blogs that use the platform is an important step for you to take.  

#16 Indiemono

Best blogs with Spotify playlists 

As one of the largest independent playlist communities, Indiemono loves breaking new artists, especially if you have less than 1,000 streams. They specialise in Indie bands and artists. 

#17 Soundplate

Soundplate is a record label and music platform which covers all genres of music including pop, rock, Indie and hip hop. 

#18 Spingrey

Blogs for spotify singers

Spingrey was created in 2013 and it offers music playlists for a variety of different moods and occasions and it has more than 150,000 subscribers on Spotify. 

#19 Simon Field

As a successful producer and artist in his own right, Simon Field curated one of the biggest independent playlists for electronic music. 

#20 Soave Records

Blogs for new artists

Formerly Selected Sounds, Soave Records has a number of playlists which mostly focus on chill, deep and tropical music. 

#21 Daily Playlists 

There are a huge number of playlists you can submit to on Daily Playlists. They also curated their own playlists for rock, hip hop, indie and electronic music. 

Best Urban and R&B blogs 

Lots of blogs already mentioned are good for Urban and R&B music including Disco Naivete but here are a couple more which are worth taking a look at. 

#22 Stereofox 

Best Urban and R&B blogs 

Stereofox features and interviews a variety of artists and uploads music to YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify platforms. It focuses on the genres of R&B, Indie electronic, instrumental, neo-soul and downtempo. 

#23 The Word is Bond 

Specialising in hip hop and contemporary R&B, The Word is Bond is quick to share approved songs and is ranked in the top 100,000 websites in order of popularity. 

Are you ready to release your songs to a music blog? 

Ready to get your music on a blog?

If you’re regularly singing, performing and songwriting, it’s likely you are ready to start recording some music if you haven’t already. 

Once you’ve got to the position where you feel you are ready to record, work closely with a producer to create a good quality recording that is more likely to get picked up by bloggers. 

Then, you’re ready for the next step. 

The key thing to be aware of in relation to sharing your content to blogs is that it will require a bit of research. 

Make sure you find the right blog that fits your genre of music. Have a look at other artists and see what sort of blogs they were featured on. 

Another tip is never to send a group email. It might seem like a quick way to work as it saves time, but you are more likely to find people lose interest than gain it. You want to be making an effort and contacting bloggers directly. It shows your passion and adds that personal touch. It will be worth it in the long run. 

Look at using a service like SubmitHub which helps artists in the music industry who are trying to get involved and featured on music blogs. The service allows you to search for different blogs and submit your music. Visit to find out more. 

Above all, one of the best pieces of advice for new artists is to keep searching. Keep your eye on the ball and make sure you regularly look for new blogs and keep contacting new bloggers all the time. 

Ready to get your music on a blog? 

You’ve got lots of tips about the best blogs on the market to help get you noticed as an artist.

Have you done it before? Have you successfully found blogs to submit your music to? Share any tips and suggestions below.