Best Music Podcasts to Listen to for Singers

Listening to a music podcast can keep you clued up on the music scene without tiring out your music library. There are endless podcasts to choose from, covering every music genre and exploring the different aspects of the music industry.

Podcasts are great for singers to listen to. The best music podcasts have tips on getting into the music industry, interviews, song deconstruction segments, and gripping music trivia. Listening to a podcast will help you become a rounded, knowledgeable artist.

With so many music podcasts to choose from, you’re bound to find a favourite. Knowing different types of podcasts and what’s trending might help you find the best podcast for you sooner.

Best music podcasts 2019

Best music podcasts

There are lots of podcasts out there for singers to listen to. Finding the best one for you will depend on what you’re looking for; contemporary news or historical trivia, advice or gossip, interviews or a solo host. There’s a podcast out there for every interest. Here are some of the most popular podcasts of 2019 to help you discover your favourite:

#1 Dissect

Join Cole Cuchna to explore how and why songs sound the way they do. With fascinating in-depth analysis into the composition and lyrical interpretation of hit albums, the enthusiastic host gets the audience looking deeper into music.

#2 Song Exploder

If you’ve always wondered how some songs came to be, this is the podcast for you. Hrishikesh Hirway’s podcast invites well-known musicians to delve into the creative process behind their music, uncovering fascinating narratives and picking apart the technical aspects to give the audience a whole new understanding of a song.

#3 Hip-hop Saved My Life

British comedian Romesh Ranganathan is joined by various writers, rappers and comedians to talk hip-hop in this amusing and insightful podcast. With over 70 episodes that are typically around 45 minutes to an hour long, you’ll have plenty to work through.

#4 On Shuffle

Get your weekly fix on what’s new and current in the music industry with this contemporary podcast. Micah Peters dives into the topics that are big right now; emerging trends, big comebacks, and juicy social media spats.

#5 Couch Wisdom

The brainchild of Red Bull Radio, this weekly podcast features interviews with academy lecturers who lay their experiences bare to give a raw insight into the artistic process behind making music.

#6 Annie Mac’s Mini Mix

Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac presents a collection of wonderfully condensed 5-minute mixes from DJs and producers across the world. This diverse collection of concentrated mixes are perfect for a quick hit of music if you’re in a hurry.

#7 Disgraceland

Host Jake Brennan brings true crime stories and music history together in this eerie, addictive podcast. The 30-minute episodes explore the dark backstories behind some of the music industry’s biggest icons.

Best music podcasts on Spotify

Spotify is a quick, easy, and convenient way to listen to podcasts. You can use the same app and account that you do to listen to music. Simply tap search and select podcasts under the browse all heading. Some of the most popular music podcasts on Spotify right now include:

  • The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory and Mal
  • Dissect
  • Song Exploder
  • Hip-Hop Saved My Life
  • All Songs Considered
  • Broken Record
  • Popcast
  • Microphone Check
  • Lost Notes
  • Couch Wisdom
  • Annie Mac’s Mini Mix
  • On Shuffle
  • And the Writer is…
  • Under Cover
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Best music podcasts Pitchfork

Pitchfork Podcasts

If you’re looking for a podcast with a unique spin, Pitchfork might be the place for you. Pitchfork hails itself as the “most trusted voice in music” and focuses on niche independent music, as well as the biggest artists in the world. Its podcasts explore music’s place within the world, examining music’s relationship with art and grilling musicians in up-close-and-personal interviews.

Pitchfork like to handle their podcasts a little differently. They record a lot of their interviews in unusual surroundings like the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and during tours of musician’s homes.

As part of their Sound and Space series, Pitchfork swapped interviews with musicians for a chat with staff members at The Art Institute of Chicago. The episode, The Art Institute of Chicago and Cevdet Erek, opens a discussion on how sound can play just a vital role as the visual, even in a museum setting. It’s a great podcast to appreciate the relationship between art, history, and sound.

Another Pitchfork podcast, In Sight Out, sees academics chat to indie talent like poet and performance/visual artist Genesis P-Orridge, multi-instrumentalist Stephin Merritt and indie rock singer Mitski. The series is a fascinating way to discover new talent and get a taste of a genre you wouldn’t normally listen to.

Best music industry podcasts

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge and discover how things work behind the scenes, podcasts can be a great way to learn about the music industry. Try these podcasts to learn more about the business side of music:

#1 The Music Industry Blueprint

Taylor Swift’s former manager, Rick Barker, gives all the tips for building a brand and how to become a music success. His techniques help musicians of all levels and abilities.

#2 The Business Side of Music

Experts in the music industry join Bob Bender in weekly podcasts that give advice to independent artists and songwriters on how to find their feet in the industry.

#3 The Music Biz Weekly

Tune in to this podcast to learn all the best ways to market your music and to be kept informed on the latest music business events.

#4 The DIY Musician Podcast

With 200 episodes already under its belt, this podcast offers lots of how-to strategies for starting and sustaining your singing career.

#5 Mentoring for the Modern Musician Podcast

Try this podcast for daily interviews with inspirational guests. The artists discuss how they kickstarted their music career and offer lots of tips and advice on how you can do the same.

Best music history podcasts

If you’re interested in the evolution of the music industry, music history podcasts could be a great choice for you. There are shows comparing music old and new, episodes exploring the emergence of the biggest genres today, and podcasts reminiscing with records. Some of the best music history podcasts include:

#1 Ongoing History of New Music

Alan Cross dives into the history of every genre imaginable, from hip hop to rock, to give a music documentary bursting with nostalgic facts.

#2 Hit Parade: Music History and Trivia 

Tune in for juicy scrutiny of the bands who made history. With no detail spared, hosts look over the highs and lows of artists like Genesis, exploring their fame and what came next in their career.

#3 On this day in Blues History

A daily dose of history about the Blues and what happened on today’s date in years gone by.

#4 The Music History Project

Music Historian Dan Del Fiorentino studies how the music industry has changed over the years, looking into the development of musical instruments and the shift in music idols and music retail.

Why podcasts are good for singers

It’s easy to get bored with hearing the same songs on the radio and listening to your entire music library on repeat. You’re a big fan of music but want to listen to something fresh. This is where podcasts come in; they immerse you in the deeper layers of the music industry that go beyond the recorded and released a record.

Podcasts can keep you in touch with the music scene, without having to listen to music. Depending on what podcast you listen to, you can learn something different and fascinating about the music industry. There are podcasts for music trivia, interviews with big names, tips for handling the music industry and marketing, and song analysis. Learning about all these things will make you a much more rounded musician.

Podcasts aren’t just about learning – they’re a great form or entertainment and relaxation, too. It’s important to take time to destress when you’re a singer to take care of your vocal health.

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How to find the right podcast for you

If you’re new to podcasts, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. There are so many to choose from that picking the right one can be tough. The best way to find the right podcast for you is to listen to lots of different ones and learn what you like and don’t like.

There are five different podcast formats: the interview podcast, the multi-host show, the roundtable, the solo podcast, and the newsletter or information podcast. Listening to the different formats will help you determine which podcast you prefer, and you can make your choices from there.

Your personal tastes and favourite music genres will influence what podcasts you enjoy most. If you like a certain type of music, there’ll be a podcast out there that specialises in that genre. Think about what you want from the podcast, too. If you want to learn about the industry, a music industry podcast that offers tips and advice might work best for you. However, if you want to explore the history of music, finding a trivia or interview-based podcast might be more up your street.

How to listen to a podcast

How to find the right podcast for you

Podcasts are really easy to access, and you can take them anywhere with you. There are lots of different ways to listen to your favourite podcast:

  • On your phone – this is the most convenient way to listen to your podcasts. On an iPhone, the Apple Podcasts app will already be downloaded for you to use. If you’re using a Windows or Android phone, simply download a podcasting app from the play store and you’ll be ready to go.
  • On your computer – just load up the podcast’s website and you’ll be able to listen to the episode direct from the site.
  • In the car – a lot of modern cars let you connect your phone via Bluetooth. Connect to Bluetooth in your car and then play your podcast via your app as usual.
  • In the car without Bluetooth – you can still play your podcasts in the car without Bluetooth. Just connect your phone up to the ‘aux in’ or ‘line in’ port using a cable and play your podcast through your app that way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make my own podcast?

Anyone can create a podcast. All you need is a microphone, computer, and audio editing software. Portable recorders, pop filters, and an audio interface are all optional extras, but they’ll help improve the quality of your podcast.

If you make your own podcast, consider things like the target audience, niche and format of your podcast before you start. Anyone can make a podcast but high quality, regularly uploaded podcasts are usually the ones who have the most success.

  • What’s the difference between podcasts and radio?

The biggest difference between radio and podcasts is that radio is live, whereas podcasts are pre-recorded. This means podcasts can be edited and re-recorded if needed, but radio can’t as it is mainly made up of live broadcasts.

Radio also sticks to a set schedule with allocated time slots for different segments, like the news bulletin and adverts. Podcasts supply on-demand entertainment and can be listened to at any time by the audience, so they don’t need to recap or repeat information as the listener can rewind the episode.

Podcasts are also a lot more niche than radio. Radio has to cater to a mass audience and will cover lots of different topics to appeal to a wide listenership. But podcasts focus on more niche, individual topics and address a much more specific audience.

  • Can I listen to podcasts for free?

Spotify allows its Free plan users to download and listen to podcasts for free. This only applies if you’re not using Spotify on a desktop, in which case you’ll have to upgrade to the Premium plan to download podcasts.

The Podcast app for Apple phones is free to download but comes pre-installed on most iPhones anyway. The podcasts on this app are normally free but might include paid versions that have bonus features. Podcasts are also free on iTunes.

Best podcast for singers

Finding the best podcast for you will be down to your personal tastes and interests. But as a singer, there are lots of great music podcasts out there that will open your eyes to the different layers to the music industry. With podcasts, you can relax and learn at the same time.

Are there any that we’ve missed? Let us know your favourite podcasts in the comments below


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