The Best Ways to Promote Music on Twitter for Singers

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If you’re an aspiring artist, you’ll need to publicise your gigs, tracks and videos. But how do you do this effectively without spending a tone of cash on marketing?

Social media is a fantastic, free tool for musicians and you should utilise every platform – but each is slightly different. The best ways to promote music on Twitter for singers include the use of hashtags, link sharing and punchy posts.

Read on to find out more ways to market your work via this medium, as well as how and when to do it.

The best ways to promote music on Twitter for singers 

Whether you’re just starting out or are an established act, it’s important that you publicise your every move as a singer. The great news is that you don’t need a big budget to do it. But you do need some know-how, effort and time to invest in your social media campaigns. This is made easier with scheduling tools that enable you to post across all of your accounts in one go, and pre-prepared content for release at set times.   

But each social media platform is slightly different. Instagram is a very visual medium, Facebook offers a more long-form and varied approach to content, whereas Twitter operates in shorter posts where hashtags, gifs and memes are central.   

How to promote music on Twitter

How do I promote my music on Twitter? 

Twitter has been around since 2006 and as the first major social media channel, it’s where hashtags began 

As it’s a slightly older medium it can tend to attract a slightly more mature crowd than Facebook and Insta, but equally, there are many who will only use Twitter as opposed to other platforms. This is mainly due to its brevity and bite-sized content. It only allows Tweets of a maximum 280 character count. While that may seem to limit, it can be very helpful. People switch off if they seem too much text, so Twitter’s rules help you produce concise publicity posts that are more likely to be seen by a wider audience.

With well over 300 million monthly active users, it offers a huge reach.  

How do I promote my music on Twitter? 

When you’re promoting your music, you need to think like a music fan. How will they find you? What kind of person will be into your sound? What do they need to see from you?   

You can run different accounts on Twitter and it can help to have a separate account to your personal one, especially if you use a different stage name to your own. To do this, you can create your own business page and operate it from your personal login. You can also share access with others if they have the same login. This helps if you’re a singer as part of a band (we’ll have more on using Twitter as a band later on).

Use your account to run competitions for merch and try trading tracks for Tweets. This is where you offer a free download to everyone who Tweets about you or re-Tweets your post. You can then send the download link via  Twitter’s direct-messaging facility.   

Twitter verification for musicians  

It’s fairly easy to prove you are who you say you are on Twitter, but you have to apply to the platform to be verified. For this, you’ll need a website and some links to show you’re a singer working under the same name. You’ll get a blue tick on your profile that lets users know you’re legit.  It helps protects against impersonators, so if you’re starting to build a following and don’t want that hijacked by people faking your identity, it’s a good idea.   

You can find out more about verification and its implications in this video.  


Twitter tips for singers

Have an objective 

  • Twitter won’t help you find what you’re looking for, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Always remember why you’ve got Twitter and how it can help you. 
  • Ideally, as you are a musician you want to tweet about music but this isn’t always possible. Keeping music as your focus will attract other likeminded Tweeters. The main key is to always make sure it is engaging and interesting! 

Have a clear bio 

  • It’s probably going to be the thing that makes a follower click on your account. Use that 160 character space to promote yourself, share your Facebook or YouTube links and if applicable always have your website as your main link making it the hub of your social media strategy. 
  • Make sure your thumbnail picture is up to date and current (no one wants to follow an egg) and consistent with all your other social media and marketing i.e. all the same. 

Interact with followers 

  • Don’t just talk about yourself, reply to messages or tweets, and make them personal! Everyone gets a little buzz out of being retweeted or replied to by someone on Twitter. 
  • People give up interacting with accounts that don’t engage, so why not be the person that creates that buzz? 

Use hashtags (#) 

  • Hashtags are used to make the searching function easier, so using them in your tweets brings your account to more people’s attention. So if you’re going to see Blue at their reunion tour, why not tweet ‘Who else is seeing #Blue tonight?’ 

Don’t post all the time! 

  • There is nothing more annoying than someone constantly spamming your feed with their incessant tweets. Don’t post the same thing constantly, you’ll lose followers by the second. Selfpromotion is encouraged but not when it’s the only thing you post. 
  • A good way of keeping an interest in your account is to tweet regularly but mix it up. So post what you’re doing today, something that made you laugh or just a picture you find amusing. Variety is the spice of life after all. 

Spread the word offline as well as online 

  • You should remember that you can gain a bigger fan base by talking about what you do to the people around you. Just because you’re not logged in, doesn’t mean you can’t gain a few more followers. 
  • Put your username on your flyers, make sure people know you’re on Twitter and they can find out more about you there! 

How to make a band page on Twitter 

But what if you’re not alone in this endeavour? If you’re a singer in a band, you may not want to just use individual accounts. You set up your band page in much the same way as your individual one, except you’ll need a handle that reflects your band’s name and you may want to share the account details with others so they can Tweet too – be sure to plan your marketing strategy so you’re not all posting the same thing at the same time. Then get your band page verified.  

Can I change my name on Twitter? 

Twitter advice for singers

Yes, you can and you should. Your name is part of your branding and promotion. To keep your name consistent across social media, you’ll have to update it on Twitter, which is a bit trickier than other platforms. Changing your artist name doesn’t have to be a lot of work so have a look through all our guides across different platforms.

On Twitter, changing your name and username (@name) are two separate processes. Your name is changed through your profile but you will find that you are unable to edit your username. To do this, you need to go onto your account through settings and privacy. 

It can be easy to leave out your username on Twitter because it is less convenient to change. However, you need to make sure you’re thorough and change your name and username to keep your image synchronised across all of your social platforms.

Twitter handle ideas 

Next, we’ll take you through the steps to change your name. But first, you’ll need to come up with a name or change your existing one if it’s not suitable. The username that appears at the end of your URL is known as your ‘handle’. Ideally, you should keep your handle the same as your name. But with more and more users this has become tricky.  

Something that can be very annoying, is you may not be able to use the same handle across all of your social media accounts. This is because that name may be taken on one or several platforms, but not on another. In this instance, you may want to change all of them so you can create uniformity, or create something very similar on the site where your name is already taken. If you’re starting from scratch, here are some tips for changing or creating your username.   

  1. Pick something easy to search. Lots of initials, numbers and special symbols can be confusing or hard to remember. It is fine to add a number or special symbol to enable you to create a unique profile that still uses your name (if it’s been taken by someone else).  
  2. Similarly, don’t make it too long, or hard to spell.  
  3. It should describe you as an artist. If you use a stage name, that should be in your username, as that’s how people will know you elsewhere. You can even add in ‘music’, ‘artist’ or ‘singer’ to help create a unique username. 

Here are some tips on picking a stage name, which will inform your choice of the handle too. 


How to change your username and display name 

#1 Go onto your profile  

can i change my @name on twitter

Let’s start with your display name. You will be able to see your profile photo when you open twitter, whether that’s on an app or on a desktop. If you click on your profile image, you will see a list of options appear. 

One of these will be ‘Profile’ so give this a click and it will take you to the next step. 

#2 Edit profile 

how to change your real name on twitter

You will be taken to your Twitter profile, where you can see all of your tweets and follow numbers. There is a button labelled ‘Edit Profile’ where you can change your name, as well as your bio, location and website. 

#3 Enter your new name 

how to change twitter username on android

Now you can enter your new name. Like Instagram, your display name can be anything and there is no limit to how many times you can change it. Also, think about updating your bio if it includes your previous name. 

#4 Settings and privacy 

how to change twitter username on iphone

So that’s your display name sorted, on to your username. Exit the edit profile window and click on your profile photo again. Make sure it isn’t the one on actually on your profile, but the same one that you clicked on before. 

 Now, the same list will appear but you’re going to have to look further down. You’ll see the ‘Settings and Privacy’ section towards the bottom and this is what you have to click on next. 

#5 Account 

how do you change your name on twitter not username

It should take you here directly but if it hasn’t already, make sure you are on the account section. You will be able to edit your username along with your phone number, email and password. 

Click on your username and you’ll be able to change it. Again, like Instagram, your username needs to be unique and original so if it’s taken, you might want to look for a different name. Whatever you choose, it must be 15 characters or less and we can’t stress enough about getting it consistent across all of your channels.  

And once you’ve given your Twitter an overhaul, don’t forget the other platforms. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are all especially important, with TikTok gaining traction too.  

How will you begin your Twitter campaign? Have you got a gig coming up, a launch of a new track or EP, or perhaps you have some YouTube videos you can Tweet of you singing? Be sure to get it all out there and to add your handle to your website, other platforms and streaming site profiles.  

Related Questions 

  • Is Twitter good for musicians? 

All social media platforms are good for musicians, but some are more useful than others. Facebook and Instagram have taken over as primary platforms for singers, due to the ability to go live and create events. But it’s also important to have an active Twitter account and share/post on there. 

  • How do you tweet a song title and artist? 

You can either create a brand new post and just type in the details. Or you can share the track from a streaming platform or website, or share a post from the artist’s own twitter or other social media.  

  • How do musicians get Twitter followers? 

Get followers by sharing your Twitter handle at gigs, on other social media platforms and your website. You also get followers by posting interesting content, using the right hashtags and following others (who may then follow you back). You can find out what’s trending on sites like 

What do you think are the best ways to promote music on twitter for singers? How do you use it to reach new fans? Let us know in the comments below.