Best Songs to Sing Along to in The Shower 

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We all do it – turn the shower on and sing our hearts out while washing our hair! But for aspiring singers, it’s the perfect opportunity to warm up the vocal cords. Take some time to make a mental list for the best songs to sing along to in the shower!  

Singing in the shower is one of life’s great pleasures – you’re all alone and can really belt out the best songs! Whether they are upbeat pop hits or a slow tempo ballad, there are a huge range of songs that are perfect for that bathroom singalong! 

Belting out a song in the shower is something everyone does. It’s that great sense of freedom of knowing you’ve got that little private space to sing your heart out without any interruptions.

Why should I sing in the shower? 

Songs to sing in the shower

The shower is a great place to sing because you’ve got the perfect environment to sing, especially if it’s first thing in the morning and you’re getting your voice ready for the day ahead. 

Experimenting with your voice and with different songs in the shower is great fun and it’s a really fantastic way to make you feel good first thing in the morning!  

Another advantage to singing in the shower is that the space you have in the room gives you great acoustics! The bathroom gives you a great sound system because the bathroom tiles don’t absorb sound so your voice bounces around the room. Also, as the bathroom is a smaller space, it gives your voice a little boost and adds a bit of bass which gives your voice more power!  

If you’ve never done it before, it’s certainly a good idea to give it a try. If nothing else, it’s giving you more time to practice and perfect that performance and you never know, you could discover something new about your voice or find a song that suits you perfectly for that audition you’ve got coming up! 

Why do people sing in the shower? 

It’s probably not something that you’ve ever really considered before but there is a scientific reason behind our shower performances. Whether you can hold a tune or not, it’s something that many people seem to really enjoy! 

There’s something quite exciting about having that freedom to sing what you want as loud as you want when you’re in the shower. You know nobody is watching you (hopefully!) and you don’t have that potential embarrassment of singing in public. 

For lots of people, shower time is the only time that they are alone in the day so it’s a relaxing moment where you let the tensions go and enjoy yourself. You’re in a small, safe and warm environment and the stress washes off you! 

When you are relaxed, your brain releases dopamine which helps your creative juices to flow and enables you to feel happier. Singing makes you feel better because more oxygen gets into your blood due to the way you are breathing when you sing. It gives your body better circulation which helps your mood and improves the way that you feel. It’s therefore giving you better preparation for the day ahead (or for a good night’s sleep depending on when you choose to take a shower!).  

Also, as you have to breathe a bit deeper to enable you to sing, you get some of the same relaxation and mind clearing benefits that you get when you meditate. Singing also helps you to feel less stressed so it’s a great way to feel calmer and more in control. 

So, we’ve made a list of some of the best tracks to sing along to in the shower! 

13 best songs to sing along to in the shower 

#1 Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

This is a classic Miley track and it’s a real belter as well as being a really fun song to sing. Your voice will sound great as it bounces off the bathroom tiles! 

#2 Roar by Katy Perry

Another great pop song, Katy Perry knows how to produce a catchy tune and this is one of her greatest. For female singers it’s a good song to practice your breathing. 

#3 Stitches by Shawn Mendes

Shawn has a unique voice and is able to hit the high notes so this is another one that sounds perfect in the shower. 

#4 Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

This was the song of the summer back in 2016 and it’s another great track to get you going in the morning. 

#5 Listen by Beyonce

Famous for being on the soundtrack to Dreamgirls, this Beyonce ballad is a belter and really enables you to practice those long (and high) notes. 

#6 Because of You by Kelly Clarkson

A brilliant ballad with a lot of strong, powerful notes, this song will really echo around your bathroom which makes it a great song to belt out in the shower. 

#7 Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Everyone loves an Ed Sheeran song and this is a classic. It’s a really enjoyable song to sing and for male vocalists you can learn a lot about your voice and what you strengths are. 

#8 Black Magic by Little Mix

One of the world’s greatest girl bands, these girls can sing and harmonising is probably their biggest strength. This makes it a great song to sing in the shower. 

#9 She will be loved by Maroon 5

Another great ballad but Adam Levine has a unique voice for a male singer which makes it great for both male and female vocalists to have a go at. It’s also just a beautiful song to sing so will sound great echoing around your bathroom. 

#10 Umbrella by Rihanna

A sassy hit which stayed at number 1 in the charts for months back in 2007 (and probably is to blame for a very wet summer). But it’s a great pop song and the title gives you even more reason to sing it while in the shower! 

#11 Complicated by Avril Lavigne

A good one for you rock fans who fancy a ballad, this is one of Avril’s most popular tracks but one that is good for practicing and perfecting your voice. Works well for all different voices. 

#12 Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

Another water based song (see we have a theme here) but nevertheless, another Adele classic that is great fun to sing and enables you singers with a powerful voice to practice those long and high notes. Plus, singing an Adele song in the shower is just one of life’s pleasures! 

#13 Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

Probably her biggest track, this has become a karaoke classic in recent years and for female singers with a wide range, it makes a great song to sing in the shower. 

Is it good to listen to music and sing in the shower? 

Why do you sing better in the shower? 

Whether you’re singing or not, listening to music in the shower has many benefits. It’s a relaxing thing to do and it’s good for our bodies because when we are in the shower, we are essentially pampering ourselves. Lots of people take old school shower radios or take their phone into the bathroom while they are showering. 

Listening to music and humming or singing strengthens the immune system as it releases endorphins that give you those happy hormones. It’s also a great way to release stress, whether you’re having a shower first thing in the morning to prepare for the day ahead or if you’ve had a busy day and just need to relax. 

It’s also great for your self confidence – there’s something empowering and liberating about singing in the shower and the acoustic effects of your voice echoing around the room are hugely beneficial! Even more so for young singers dreaming of taking to the stage – you need to take every opportunity you can get to perform, even if it’s not in front of an audience! 

Singing in the shower is also good for your breathing. This is something that we all need to practice and understand in order for us to become better singers. We need to understand how to control our voice. Posture is a fundamental part of singing and so standing up and belting out a tune enables us to do that to the best of our ability. What better time to do that when in the shower as you are already on your feet?! 

Why do you sing better in the shower? 

As mentioned earlier, it’s all about the benefits of the bathroom that give your voice that extra strength. You are surrounded by hard, smooth surfaces that bounce the sound back to you. The sound is stretched out so it takes longer to come back to you. 

Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for you to practice singing something new as it enables you to learn more about the way you sing that song and how you might be able to improve it. 

What should I listen to in the shower?

That all depends on your musical preferences but classical, jazz and popular music are all great to listen to in the shower. For all your aspiring musicians and singers, you will most likely want to listen to the genre of music that you aspire to sing, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t mix it up and try something different. Who knows, it could give you some inspiration for a future hit! 

How can singing in the shower help to improve my voice?

Why do you sing better in the shower? 

Learning to sing is all about practice and improvement so when you are lathering up in the morning and you’re rinsing the shampoo out of your hair, take the opportunity to listen to your voice and work out in what areas you can improve.  

When first start learning to sing, there are a lot of different aspects to consider: pitch, rhythm, vocal techniques, lyrics, breathing, posture.These are all things that you need to consider when you are choosing the best song to sing and the best song that works for you. 

When you are choosing songs to practice with, pick songs that are challenging and that will challenge you to work hard and perform it to the best of your ability. Pick something that you struggle with so you can practice and improve your skills. Perhaps you are struggling to hit a high note. Or maybe the rhythm is a bit more complicated. It may be that you want to practice one part of a particular song to help you to improve.  

The shower is a great place to do this because of the way your voice echoes around the room.  

Preparing for that shower performance  

You might think you don’t need to undertake any preparation – after all, you’re just going for a shower so why does it matter? The key thing is (particularly if you are showering first thing in the morning) you don’t want to strain your voice. So make sure that you drink some water if your throat is dry.  

Concentrate on your breathing and use your lungs properly so that you know when to breathe and how long to take a breath for. It’s all part of knowing that you have that control over your voice. 

By now you should have plenty of tips about the best songs to sing in the shower and why it’s beneficial. Do you have any suggestions? Share them below.