Best Songs to Sing in the Car With Friends & Out Loud

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Singing in the car is great fun and it can also be a good way for you to practice and strengthen those vocal cords. Finding a good playlist to sing to is a great idea if you are looking to improve your skills while you’re behind the wheel.

What are the best songs to sing in the car with friends? We’ve compiled a list below of good songs to blast in the car with friends. Before you choose, make sure you know your voice. Picking a song to sing along to in the car is good fun and it’s a great chance for you to practice your skills. Try and sit upright and sing confidently and you can use this opportunity to your advantage and belt out those hits. 

We all love a good playlist to accompany a long car journey but for those of you who are aspiring singers who dream of taking to the stage and performing in front of thousands of people, singing songs in the car with your friends or just by yourself should be seen as an opportunity. 

Good songs to sing in your car with friends or alone

Why should I sing in the car? 

Don’t see a long journey in the car as dead time – see it as a chance to improve your skills and to try and find the songs that best suit your voice. It’s also really fun and good for you – who doesn’t like to belt out their favourite tunes as loudly as you can to help the time pass when you’re on the road? 

There are some songs that are better than others to practice singing along to because they have a variety of high and low notes and therefore they are versatile. These sorts of songs are good ones to add to your playlist. 

So, which songs are the best ones to sing? Of course, it depends on the type of voice you have. But generally, songs that encourage you to sing with power and meaning are always a good start. It’s best not to sing anything too quiet or you won’t be able to hear yourself over the noises surrounding you. It’s important that you listen to yourself singing so you can work hard to make improvements. 

21 best songs to sing in the car  

#1 Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

It’s a classic song but one which has been given a new lease of life in recent years thanks to the cast of hit US TV show Glee. It’s a powerful song with a lot of meaning and a lot of passion and it’s good for warming up those vocal cords. It’s the perfect song to sing in the car with your friends on a summer’s day! 

#2 Firework by Katy Perry

A classic pop song by one of the world’s greatest pop stars, female vocalists will benefit greatly from singing along to Firework. It’s a real belter and is perfect for aspiring popstars. 

#3 Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

Good for male singers with a falsetto vocal, this is a brilliantly powerful song which is good to practice when you’re on a boring car journey. 

#4 Halo by Beyoncé

A beautiful ballad from a strong female singer, Halo is another good song for female artists to practice holding those long notes and to help with your breathing. 

#5 Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

As this is a duet, it works very well for different types of singers and will enable you to practice a variety of notes. It’s also a very fun song to sing! 

#6 God is a Woman by Ariana Grande

Ariana is a very strong female vocalist and her voice is very versatile so this is a great one if you are wanting to try and improve your vocal and hit a wider variety of notes.

#7 Castle on The Hill by Ed Sheeran

A great driving song, this is perfect for male vocalists and it is also good because you can experiment with it and try and make it your own. It’s a very emotional song so try and tap into your emotional side too.

#8 Someone Like You by Adele

Adele is one of the world’s greatest female singers and she is very well known for her ballads. This is one of her most popular songs and for female singers it’s a good one to perfect that vocal.

#9 Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars 

One of his most popular songs, this is a great ballad which is enjoyable to sing and has a lot of emotion packed into it. It’s a good song for male vocalists hoping to add more range and diversity to their voice

#10 I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift

This is a fantastic pop song. It has a lot of different notes and rhythms and it’s also good fun. It’s also a very powerful song which is a good chance for you to practice stronger vocals.

Best road trip songs

For a road trip singalong with friends or family, these are some great tracks to belt out when you’re travelling together.

#11 Mr Brightside by The Killers

This has got to be one of the world’s most popular karaoke songs and is a good one for you to practice if you are just getting started because it stays in one key. It’s also a great driving song. It enables you to put a lot of focus and effort into your performance because the song itself doesn’t have too much variety. 

#12 Human by Rag’n’Bone Man

This is a good song to sing because it has a hint of a Blues tone to it and therefore gives you a chance to practice a slightly different genre of music. It’s quite versatile and so it’s good for rock, blues or country singers. 

#13 Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

A good choice for a tenor singer, this is a great rock ballad and a popular driving track. It will give you the chance to practice a variety of notes and you can practice vocal hooks. 

#14 Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

This is a classic and although it’s an old song, it’s got so much energy and is high tempo which makes it great for singing along to in the car. It’s also a good song to practice singing because there’s so much variety. 

#15 Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith

Sam is known for his ballads and this is another song which is great for aspiring male singers with a falsetto vocal. It’s a great song for you to learn new skills and learn something new about your voice.

#16 Chandelier by Sia

It’s a challenging song but this makes it ideal if for female artists who are practicing and aiming to improve their vocals. Some of the notes can be tough to crack but it’s also a good song for you to make your own. 

#17 Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

This song suits all ranges and works for both pop and rock vocalists. It’s also a very powerful and emotional song which makes it great for belting out when you’re on the road. 

#18 Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

A great one for the aspiring rock stars, this high tempo, energetic and fun song is a good test for the vocal cords and the loudness of it makes it great for practicing when you’re behind the wheel.  

#19 Dancing Queen by Abba

A classic pop song and one known the world over as a karaoke tune, it’s also a really fun song to practice singing to and is great when you’re on the road.

#20 Rescue Me by One Republic

Another artist that enables versatility and fun when you’re in the car, this is a good song for male artists to practice and even for female artists to have a go at making it their own.

#21 Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

A classic driving song, Miley knows how to hit those notes and this is a great one to belt out on the open road and really nail those vocals. It’s also a really fun song – especially if you’re on a road trip in the USA!

What singing voice do you have? 

Good songs to sing in your car

Having a good understanding about the sort of voice you have will enable you to find the best songs to practice with. Are you a soprano, a mezzo-soprano or a tenor singer? Can you use falsetto? 

Once you know that, you will be better placed to find songs that suit your singing voice. 

It’s then a good idea to sit down and spend some time making a playlist and finding the songs that are best suited to you as well as throwing some in there that are going to challenge you and enable you to improve. 

Why is it a good idea to sing in the car? 

Top tips for belting out a tune in the car  

Lots of people pick a good playlist for the car to help the long journey pass quicker and to entertain them. But not everyone dreams of becoming a singer and so you want to be making the most of every possible opportunity you can. 

It could be that you learn something new, discover something you didn’t know about your voice or pick up a new skill. Also, if you are in the car on your own, singing will enable you to pass the time and also help you focus better.

Equally, if you have others in the car with you, it could help you to improve! They might be able to give you tips and pointers on what you could do better and if they can sing too, they could also join in! 

Top tips for belting out a tune in the car  

Why is it a good idea to sing in the car? 

It might sound daft, but there are a few things you should be aware of when you are singing in the car.  

Warm up

It might not be the first thing you think of doing, but warming up is essential if you are an aspiring singer as you don’t want to do any damage to your voice. Do some simple voice exercises, especially if you are heading out first thing in the morning and you haven’t used your voice yet. Make sure you’ve had some water and you’ve eaten as well so you’ve got the energy, not just for singing but to ensure you are well prepared for the drive. 



Obviously you aren’t going to be in a standing position while you’re in the car but you should still do your best to give your voice and your lungs a chance to perform at their best. An upright, neutral position will allow your breath to flow more easily and it will help you access the core muscles you need to allow you to sing well. It will also help you to feel more confident and relaxed. Make sure you are sat up as straight as possible and you’re not leaning to one side. 


Make sure you are focusing on your breathing and take a moment to inhale and exhale a few times. With every exhale let go of any tension in your shoulders, neck and chest. All this is known as belly breathing. 


Listen to yourself

When you’re in the car you obviously aren’t going to be in total silence due to the noises around you so make sure you can still hear yourself and that you don’t strain your voice by singing too loudly. 

Open your mouth

Don’t be embarrassed to belt the song out and really enunciate and clearly sing the song with passion. Don’t worry about others seeing you singing. We all sing in the car and if you want to be a singer you will need to start getting used to singing in public anyway. If you don’t open your mouth properly you will overwork your throat and you don’t want to do any damage. 

Don’t get distracted

At the end of the day, if you are driving your main focus should be on the road. Keep focused and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t hit the right note. You can always practice it again when you reach your destination. 

Ready to get on the road? 

By now you should have lots of ideas about song to practice singing while in the car as well as some handy tips on how to do so.

What tips and suggestions can you give to other aspiring singers? What songs to you blast out in the car with your friends to sing out loud to? Leave your comments below.