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Best Songwriting Apps 2021 | Help Writing Lyrics 

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Whether you’re a seasoned writer, a complete songwriting novice, or you’re just looking for inspiration to break free from writer’s block, a songwriting app is a handy tool to have. 

Struggling to write lyrics or think of rhymes? There’s an app for that. Need help creating raps or composing sheet music? There’s an app for that

There’s an app for everythingincluding songwriting. But with so many to choose from, it can be hard to separate the useful apps from the gimmicks. This article gives a breakdown of the best songwriting apps available to help you hone your lyric writing skills. 

Best songwriting apps

free lyric writing software

Whatever aspect of songwriting you need help with, there are hundreds of apps to aid your songwriting process.

What apps do songwriters use? 

There are apps out there for every aspect of the songwriting process, from lyric finding apps to rhyme-inducing apps, and even those that offer chord progression help. There are also apps for every budget and every device.  

Here are five of the most popular apps used by songwriters:  

#1 Songwriter Lite  

A staple in every songwriter’s toolkit, Songwriter Lite has dozens of features to help users with every element of songwriting 

This iOS app provides a space to write, edit, and organise all your songs, as well as tools that help you with song structure. You can switch between edit and view mode and select the option to write in chords too 

To give you the full composition experience, Songwriter Lite lets you see your finished musical composition displayed alongside your lyrics as you would on sheet music. 

  • Price: Free

#2 Simple Songwriter 

This iOS-exclusive app is a helpful tool for beginners and advanced musicians alike. The Simple Songwriter assistant lets you generate song ideas, identify and edit keys, and gives you access to a large catalogue of chords to browse and use. You can record your ideas and access them later using playback.  

  • Price: £4.99 

#3 Hum 

If you like to use a combination of note-taking and recording during your songwriting process, Hum is the app for you.  

This iOS app lets you compile your lyrics and recordings in the same place. You can also organise all your songwriting content by key, tuning, and mood.  

Hum even has exclusive smiley face icons that allow you to select your keys based on emotions and rate the mood of your piece. The app will catalogue the various moods of your pieces so you can review your creative process and see what type/genre of songwriter you are! 

  • Price: £2.99

#4 Suggester 

It’s not just lyrics that can be tricky to compose – thinking of what chords to use can be difficult when writing a song, too. That’s where Suggester comes in. This iPhone and iPad compatible app has a huge catalogue of chords that users can browse and experiment with to see what progressions work well together 

Suggester also has a draganddrop tool so users can easily select and insert chords into the right place on their music sheet as they compose. 

  • Price: Free 

#5 SongSpace 

Hearing other people’s ideas and constructive criticism is a crucial part of songwriting. There’s even an app out there to help you get feedback on your latest work-in-progressthe songwriting community platform, SongSpace 

You can use the SongSpace app on Android and iOS devices to write lyrics and record audio and then share the files you create with other members. You can grant these members permission to view/edit your piece which is a great way to get feedback from band members, friends, and critics. 

  • Price: Free 

Apps that help you write songs 

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There are lots of sophisticated and fun apps to help you create your tracks – but don’t overlook the simple songwriting apps. Downloading a basic notepad app will go a long way in aiding your songwriting process.  

One of the best apps to download at the beginning of your venture as a songwriter is Evernote. This note-taking platform allows you to jot down ideas as they come to you, which you can then organise, edit, and share later on 

Evernote also allows you to record notes and set reminders, making it the ideal companion for artists trying to write and create music on the go, or those collaborating with other musicians. 

App that helps you write lyrics 

Part of being a songwriter is being a good wordsmith. A hit song is built around catchy, memorable lyrics – but lyrics can be one of the hardest parts of a song to get right.  

Lots of songwriters recruit an app for lyric inspiration. These are three of the most popular lyric-writing apps to download right now: 

#6 Lyric Notepad  

Songwriters and lyricists will find every tool they need for their songwriting process on Lyric Notepad. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices and comes complete with lots of handy features, including: an automatic rhyme matching feature, a syllable counter, a metronome, and a measure mode to help with lyric recitation.  

Lyric Notepad’s distinguishing feature is its built-in movable notepad that lets you take notes while you composesimplifying and decluttering your workspace while you write your lyrics. 

  • Price: Free 

#6 Rhymer’s Block 

Coming up with lyrics is one thing – getting them to rhyme is another. The Rhymer’s Block app simplifies the rhyming process by getting you to enter the word or phrase you’re working with and then suggesting basic rhymes, near rhymes, and slant rhymes that work with your lyrics.  

Rhymer’s Block is especially popular with rap artists and is available on all iOS devices, including iPhones, iPods, and iPads.  

Price: Free 

#8 Word Palette

This iOS app promises to “destroy writer’s block forever” by generating random word combinations to help you get your creativity flowing again.  

Word Palette presents users with sliding panels of random words, or custom words you’ve imported from your favourite books, songs, and articles. By working your way through the panels and adding mix and match phrases and words to your sheet, you’ll create completely random and original lyrics that you might never have thought of before! 

  • Price: Free  

Songwriting app android 

Songwriter’s Pad provides a complete toolkit for songwriters, covering all bases from lyric writing to music composing. The android app has everything a writer needs to create and revise lyrics including a rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, and a chord notation feature, all in one place.  

Songwriter’s Pad also has an emotion-based word and phrase generator to help you create your songs depending on your mood. You can record your ideas and sync all your songs to multiple devices, including your phone, tablet, and your Windows PC. 

The app is free to download but includes in-app purchases that vary in price.  

Songwriting app for computer 

A lot of the apps available for mobile download can be installed on your Mac or PC, too. Evernote and Garage Band are two popular platforms used by songwriters working on Apple Mac devices.  

SongWriter’s Pad is also available to install on computers and has announced that it’ll be making its content available for Mac and Apple users in the near future. You can join the mailing list to receive updates and to get exclusive access to the full version for free here. 

Lyric Generator 

Apps are a brilliant way to bounce ideas for lyrics around. But if you want to try some different sources of inspiration, or even find software that handles the entire lyric-writing process for you, you can give a lyric generator a go. 

There are lots of lyric generators available online which will create lyrics for an entire song at the click of a button. Song Lyrics Generator lets users pick a genre or artist, input a few word suggestions, and then the site generates an entire song based around your word pool in a few seconds.  

Lyric generators can be a good source of inspiration, but they can often generate corny and unprofessional lyrics. The best songs are usually those written from the heart, so if you’re a serious songwriter or lyricist, you’ll probably find that songwriting apps are a more useful tool to have.

What is the best app for writing music? 

lyrics generator

Songwriting isn’t just about writing lyrics and songs – it can also be about writing music, too. If you’re looking to compose music and write some instrumental songs, an app can be a valuable tool.  

There are music writing apps that let you draw notes, apps that have sound libraries and pre-set notes that can be inserted and moved onto sheet music, and even apps that offer recording and editing features. Here are some of the best music notation apps available:  

#9 Staffpad 

It was originally only available on Windows-based tablets, but Staffpad is now available on Apple iPad devices too. This unique app uses handwriting recognition to convert handwritten music into typeset score.  

Staffpad’s sound libraries have recently been expanded, so you can write a piece, play it, and add accompanying musical instruments (or an entire orchestra) to your score if you want to.  

This music notation and composition app is available to download on Microsoft PCs, tablets, and iPads. It is one of the more expensive songwriting apps and has extra charges for in-app purchases. 

  • Price: £89.99  

#10 Noteflight 

This notation editor app allows you to write, play, and even share/sell your pieces to the worldwide Noteflight community.  

The Notelight app is available on Android, iOS, and PC. It can be used to compose music and has the unique “feedback” feature which gives you the option to post your piece to the community to receive feedback and comments.  

  • Price: Free 

#11 ScoreCloud 

For PC and Mac users, ScoreCloud is a great choice of music notation software. Simply play or sing the piece of music you’ve been working on, and the ScoreCloud app will instantly transcribe your recording into sheet music for you!  

This innovative app then lets you arrange, edit, and print the sheet music created from your recording. It’s a handy tool for beginners or those who struggle with writing music.  

  • Price: Free (for PC and Mac users) 

#12 Symphony Pro 

For those seeking an advanced notation app, Symphony Pro is a popular choice. This iOS app has all the features you need to compose an original piece, including a huge catalogue of advanced symbol options like tempo changes, dynamics, repeats, and many more. 

Symphony Pro is an iPad-exclusive app and lets you compose using handwriting or by typing/tapping. Its library includes notes from over 100 instruments and has a playback feature so you can edit and revise your piece before exporting it. 

  • Price: £14.99

Songwriter App  

Finding the best songwriting app for you will depend on what type of features you’re looking for, your music genre, and your personal preferences when it comes to navigating an app.  

It’s worth downloading a selection of songwriting apps to see which one suits you best – you might even find you want to use several different apps for different aspects of your writing process.  

Whether you’re a lyricist or a music writer, writer’s block will be a thing of the past with the help of a songwriting app.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is there an app that turns your words into a song? 

AutoRap by Smule is one of the most popular word-to-song conversion apps. Just record yourself saying something using “talk mode”, select a backing beat from the app’s library, and AutoRap will instantly turn your words into a rap song for you – with auto-tuning and beatmatching included. (AutoRap is only available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad devices.) 

  • Do I own the rights to a song I wrote? 

As an indie artist, you own the rights to any songs that you write. As long as it is an original song that you created yourself, and you have a tangible copy of it (eg. a written copy or a recorded copy) then you own the copyright. 

Composition copyrights are usually owned by the songwriter and/or publisher of a song. If you create a lot of original material, it might be worth officially registering your work with a copyright office to guarantee you own the rights. 

Do you struggle to write lyrics and use an app to help? Let us know what your favourite are in the comments below.