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The Best Spotify Playlists to Subscribe to in 2021

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The best Spotify playlists have good music and popular followings, such as Today’s Top Hits, the most followed playlist on Spotify. Our top 45 playlists to subscribe to in 2019 will help you find the best Spotify playlist for any mood.

Spotify playlists are one of the best ways to discover new music. Top playlists help listeners to discover new music for specific genres or moods. Whether you’re working or working out, different playlists are great for different situations and environments.

Spotify playlists are popular for all sorts of reasons. Whether it’s for use in the gym, on the commute to work or when travelling on holiday. They are great tools not just for music lovers but also for people looking to make it in the music industry. Don’t forget to follow Open Mic UK’s playlists!

Best Spotify playlists 2020

Here are the best and most popular Spotify playlists in 2019 for work, workouts, studying and even for a top summer party. Have a good listen and subscribe to best Spotify playlists now!

  • Today’s Top Hits
  • Rap Caviar
  • New Music Friday
  • Summer Party
  • Best of ’00s Pop
  • Billboard Hot 100
  • Summer Acoustic
  • Poolside Disco
  • Driving Rock Anthems
  • Summer Throwbacks
  • Synthwave/Retro Electro
  • Pop Punk Perfection
  • Calm Down
  • Motivation Mix
  • Music for Concentration
  • Study Vibes

What are Spotify playlists?
Best Spotify Playlists

Put simply a playlist is a group of tracks that you can put together, save and listen to whenever you wish. They appear in the left sidebar on your Spotify account. Playlists are also very good for you to save and have on hand at a time when you might not have use of the internet. For example, if you’re going on a plane or you’re going on the underground. Just make sure the playlists are downloaded for you to listen to offline.

You also have the option of arranging your playlists in a folder and putting them in a certain order, depending on when you want to listen to them.

It’s up to you what you include in your playlist and it can have up to 10,000 songs! Spotify has said that around 30% of its playlists are actually whole albums, rather than a collection of different songs from different artists.

Does Spotify make playlists?

There are millions of playlists on Spotify. Sometimes they’re created by the team of experts at Spotify, sometimes it’s different groups of fans from all over the world and sometimes it’s algorithms. Whoever creates them, they can be a brilliant way to introduce your music to new fans. 

Most followed Spotify playlist

The most followed Spotify playlist is Today’s Top Hits with over 23 million followers. The most followed playlists tend to be from Spotify, including their Rap Caviar playlist with 11.6 million followers.

Best Spotify playlists

#1 Today’s Top Hits

Best Spotify Playlists 2019 Top Hits

Today’s top hits will give you the most relevant and popular tracks right now. It is Spotify’s best performing playlist and continues to grow every day. This will be a good choice for summer or for a party because it is always up to date with Spotify’s best and most popular songs.

A good playlist can make all the difference. Whether someone is going through a break-up, having fun at a party or simply trying to get on with some work, music can help you out in different situations.

Most popular Spotify playlists


This is Spotify’s flagship Hip-hop playlist, showcasing the best releases from the world’s best rappers. It is hands down one of the best Spotify playlists and also has a huge following with over 11 million followers.

#3 New Music Friday

New Music Friday is a great playlist if you’re looking to find the newest songs that have been released each week. It is updated every Friday to provide a fresh batch of songs.

Best summer party playlists

Best Spotify Playlist Summer

Summer playlists are always very popular. The sun comes out and people are in their swimwear, lighting the barbecue and having a crisp, cold beer. It’s the perfect weather to relax in the garden and enjoy the sunshine with music playing in the background. 

#4 Summer Party

One of Spotify’s top summer playlists is an obvious name choice. It’s called Summer Party. It predominantly focuses on pop music with a mixture of old and new songs and is a perfect choice for all sorts of gatherings. 

#5 Best of ’00s Pop

If you’re looking for some modern nostalgia, the first decade of the 21st century has plenty of summer hits that you can keep on repeat. It might be a bit cheesy for some but you’re guaranteed a good time.

#6 Billboard Hot 100

Another popular choice is the Billboard Hot 100, which collects the most popular tracks in the US each week. Obviously, this is going to be a mixture of genres of music but it’s mostly pop and contemporary R&B. It’s great if you want to know what’s hot right now and what that song was you heard on the radio last week but didn’t catch the name of. Spotify also has the top playlists from lots of other countries in the world too, including the UK. 

#7 Summer Acoustic

The Summer Acoustic playlist is another popular choice if you prefer some chilled out summer vibes instead of the more upbeat tracks. It’s got lots of calm, chilled out music for when you need something quieter.

#8 Poolside Disco

However, if you are in the mood for something more uplifting, Poolside Disco provides a mixture of disco and funk and provides a lot of energy for any gathering you might choose to hold. 

#9 Driving Rock Anthems

Whether you’re taking a road trip to a far-flung destination or simply popping out to the supermarket, Driving Rock Anthems provides a fantastic playlist for when you’re behind the wheel. There’s something special and enticing about playing rock music when you’re driving and this one plays rock classics from AC/DC, Queen and Toto, among many others. 

#10 Summer Throwbacks

If you want to reminisce about summers gone by, Summer Throwbacks is the perfect soundtrack. It’s a great way to remember special moments from the summers of the past. 

#11 Synthwave/Retro Electro

If you’re into your electronic dance music, then Synthwave/Retro Electro playlist is a great shout. It’s good if you’re into your gaming or maybe if you’re going to be driving through the night – it will certainly help you to stay awake! 

#12 Pop Punk Perfection

If you grew up in the 90s and early 00s then Pop Punk Perfection is a good playlist with a mixture of catchy, easy to listen to pop and rock songs including Fall Out Boy’s Sugar We’re Going Down and Sum 41’s Fat Lip

What is the best music to listen to at work? 

Best Spotify Playlist Work Study

Lots of people rely on good music to help them to get their work done. Many people find that shutting off the outside world and listening to music helps them to focus and get their work finished faster.  

It doesn’t matter what type of work you’re doing, music can be really motivational. So what are the best playlists to help you work? 

#13 Calm Down

The Calm Down playlist is great if you’ve got a lot going on and you’re feeling stressed. It provides a mixture of Indie and alternative songs to relax you and allow you to refocus on your work.

#14 Motivation Mix

The Motivation Mix provides some uplifting and happy songs that will motivate you to get through your work. 

#15 Music For Concentration

If you prefer instrumental music to help you work then Music For Concentration is best for you. It will help you become more productive and will enhance your creativity. 

#16 Study Vibes

Study Vibes is a good playlist to help you focus with some low key electronic tunes to help you to concentrate. 

Does Spotify have a good day playlist?

#17 Have a Great Day!

Spotify’s Have a Great Day playlist is exactly as it sounds. It’s designed to lift you up and give you some of the most feel-good hits of all time.

Best artist playlists 

Best Spotify Artist Playlists

Artist playlists are great not just for the generic music lover but also for the artists who are trying to break into the music industry. It’s always great to see what some of the world’s biggest music artists enjoy listening to. 

Of course, musicians tend to have a mixed relationship with streaming services such as Spotify as they resent the power of these services within the industry.  

But there is no denying that streaming services are here to stay, so it’s no surprise that there are so many artists who choose to support them, especially by creating their very own playlists. 

For a big artist, it’s another great way for them to engage with their fans. It provides great speculation about potential collaborations in the future too. It gives a very interesting peek into their lives and their music tastes. 

#18 Homemade Dynamite

There are a few artists that have created some popular playlists themselves. Lorde created one called Homemade Dynamite. It’s mostly focused on pop but it spans several decades featuring artists such as Taylor Swift, Sigrid, Charlie XCX, Phil Collins and Nancy Sinatra. 

#19 Blonded

Frank Ocean created a playlist called Blonded which features songs from SZA, Sky Ferreira and Frank Sinatra, showing how his musical tastes vary across time.

#20 San Junipero

Charlie Brooker, best known for creating the Netflix series Black Mirror, created a playlist called San Junipero. It is full of classic hits from the 80s, including Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven Is a Place On Earth and songs from The Smiths, Depeche Mode and Public Enemy. 

Best running playlists 

Best Spotify Running Playlist

These are key playlists as so many people rely on good music to keep them going during a workout, whether they are at the gym, running along the beach or running through the park. 

Research has shown not only that listening to music puts you in a better mood but also that it directly affects your performance when exercising as it motivates you to keep going. A good running playlist can keep you focused on your goal, whatever reason you have for running. In a survey for Spotify, 75% of runners said that they rely on music for their workouts.

#21 Jogging Playlist

The Jogging Playlist is a good place to start as it is made up of a selection of songs for jogging and running and is four hours long. It’s great if you need a long playlist because you are training for a marathon. 

#22 Nike Running Tempo Mix 

The Nike Running Tempo Mix consists of a selection of big hits that last a total of 13 hours and will be sure to keep you motivated to keep going. It ranges from mainstream popular tunes to some of the lesser-known songs, so is great for introducing you to different music. 

#23 Get Happy

The Get Happy playlist is great for letting off steam as that’s why many of us choose to run. It’s a real feel-good playlist with a variety of pop songs that will motivate you to run and will also help you to feel happy. 

#24 Running Hits

Running Hits is another popular playlist that will keep your tempo high and keep encouraging you to carry on and not to give up. It has a lot of high-tempo, fast-paced songs that are perfect for runners. 

#25 Indie Workout

The Indie Workout playlist is great for those who love Indie music and want to use it to motivate them when they are running. It has 17 hours of top tunes so you’re sure to get a good variety of Indie music. 

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What is the longest Spotify playlist?

The longest Spotify playlist s believed to be Spotify user Alex Marty’s “Longest Playlist on Spotify”. At just under 10,000 songs, it takes a whopping 634 hours and 26 minutes to get through.

#32 Longest Playlist on Spotify

Record label playlists

Record labels often make their own playlists to help promote their own artists. The major labels all have their own companies that create playlists in different territories across the world. This helps them promote their artists globally in specific countries. The indies don’t have quite as expansive playlists but they do have their own that show off the quality of their roster.

Major record label playlists

#33 Sony – Filtr

#34 Warner – Topsify

#35 Universal – Digster

Independent record label playlists

#36 XL Recordings

#37 Lex Records

#38 Warp Records

#39 Ninja Tune

#40 Domino

#41 Rough Trade

#42 QM Records

#43 4AD

#44 Jagjaguwar

#45 Top Dawg Entertainment

How do I find Spotify playlists?

Whether you’re on a phone app or desktop, you should be able to see an option to search. Think about what you’re looking for, for example, a summer playlist or a work playlist. Whatever you search for, you will find options that songs, artists, albums, podcasts and playlists. Alternatively, you can click on browse and find playlists through there.

Are Spotify playlists the same for everyone?

Many of the playlists Spotify create are personalised and curated so they won’t be the same for everyone. You might find that your playlists may change if you start listening to a very different style of music. Or you might get a different selection of hits depending on where you are in the world.

What is a curated playlist?

Spotify analyses your listening habits and can tell what your favourite songs and styles are. They then adapt their playlists to your own taste so hopefully, you will enjoy them more. Curated Spotify playlists are automatically created for you based on your taste. You can like specific songs and save them to your library to give Spotify a better idea of what you enjoy.

How do I organise my Spotify playlists? 

Best Spotify Playlists

Spotify is a great source for sharing and listening to lots of different music. However, you can end up with a long line of playlists and it can be difficult to organise them so you can find the right music to fit your mood. 

To start with, create a new playlist called ‘New’. Then at the end of each month, label it with the date and do this each month. You will end up with a collection of your favourite tracks from each month. 

Then, create some folders for different types of music to suit your mood at the time. For example, you could have one with different genres of music and another one for different seasons or occasions such as summer. Then you could have a work based folder with playlists that enable you to concentrate. 

Make sure you keep your playlists organised as it makes it easier to find things you want to listen to more quickly. Each time you find a new song that you like, put it into one of your folders. It will make it much more enjoyable for you to listen to and use Spotify. 

How to change Spotify playlist picture

The best Spotify playlists have great pictures that make them visually appealing. These playlist pictures act like YouTube thumbnails and can be a big incentive to listen to the playlist. Find out how you can change the Spotify picture and make a great playlist here.

How do you see your most played songs on Spotify 2018?

Spotify has a feature called Spotify Wrapped, which will show you your most played songs over a year. It will also show you the top artists, songs and podcasts of the year too. Click on the links below to go to your Spotify Wrapped in 2018 and 2017.

Spotify Wrapped 2018

Spotify Wrapped 2017

Can you make playlists on Spotify?

Yes, you can and it doesn’t matter if you’re on a free or premium tier. Making playlists is one of the best things about Spotify and it can be really fun to do. Who knows, you might be able to make a career out of it if you get really good at making Spotify playlists.

How do you share playlists on Spotify?

Sharing playlists on Spotify is really easy, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. If you’re on a mobile device, go to your library and click on playlists.
  3. Click on you’re chosen playlist.
  4. There will be three dots in a circle (…) that will take you to a new list.
  5. Click on share and choose how you want to share it.

Playlists can be shared directly through a social media platform or through a sharable link.

Can free Spotify accounts share playlists?

A free Spotify account can definitely share playlists, whether they’re created by yourself or someone else. If your sharing with another Spotify free member then they will experience ads as you would. However, if they have a Premium account then they will listen to it ad-free.

Can you share private Spotify playlists?

You can share your private Spotify playlists with no problem. However, if you want to share someone else’s private playlist, you need to get them to share it with you first. Having a private playlist doesn’t affect its ability to be shared but it will prevent it from appearing on your profile and in searches.

Are Spotify playlists automatically public?

Spotify playlists can be made to become public automatically. Alternatively, you can keep them private and make them public manually. This can be done in your settings under ‘Social’ and then under ‘Spotify’. You should find a switch for ‘Make my new playlists public’, which you can turn on or off.

Can I share a Spotify playlist with someone who doesn’t have Spotify?

You can share your playlist with anyone whether they Spotify or not. However, if someone doesn’t have Spotify then they will need to download it and set up a free account to listen to your playlist. They will be able to listen to snippets of songs without an account but they will need to sign up to listen to whole songs.

How do you find someone else’s playlist on Spotify?

You are able to see playlists made by other people on Spotify. If you know their account name, search their name where you would usually search a song. Spotify profiles are typically at the bottom of the results page.

Once you’ve found the profile you’re looking for, you’ll be able to see their public playlists. Not all playlists are public so you’ll only see the ones they have approved. Now that you’ve found the playlist, you can follow it and see any changes in your library.

What is the most-streamed song of 2018?

God’s Plan by Drake was the most streamed song on Spotify in 2018. It currently has well over 1 billion streams so that should give you an idea of what it takes. Very few songs make it to over 1 billion streams. However, it could become a more common occurrence with more people streaming music on Spotify.

Show us in the comments your best Spotify playlists or any popular playlists that you follow.