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Camden is a famous London borough that thrives on creativity and has a very unique selection of shops. Amy Winehouse described Camden Town as her ‘playground’ and performed many live shows in the area. It really is the perfect place to indulge in your love of music and perform live at an open mic night.

Best Open Mic Nights in Camden

Thankfully, Camden boasts an abundance of cool and quirky open mic nights for you to enjoy, you definitely won’t regret attending any of these. Here are some of the best places to attend an open mic night in Camden, in no particular order.

#1 The Dublin Castle: Redrock Jam 

The Dublin Castle Camden Redrock Jam 

“When they came and said to me: ‘You’re playing the Camden Crawl’, they asked me where I wanted to play and I said ‘The Dublin Castle course!’” – Amy Winehouse

Indie music darling Dublin Castle has a sterling reputation for attracting the very best musicians from all over the country. Blur, Coldplay, Supergrass, The Killers and The Arctic Monkeys have all graced their stage, but don’t let that intimidate you.

Their weekly open jam is hosted by D Goomani and Tamar Doyle and it’s an incredible platform for newer performers; with high-quality sound and a very appreciative and attentive audience.

The slots are 15-minutes each, which usually works out to 3 songs, with amps, microphones and a full drum kit available to use—just bring your instruments and cables.

There are usually plenty of musicians eager to join in and have a go, so this night gets very busy—make sure you’re in the queue in the back room ready to choose your slot.

Venue location: The Dublin Castle – 94 Parkway, Camden, London, NW1 7AN
Phone number: 020 7485 1773
Open Mic Night: Every Tuesday from 8pm
Want to perform? Sign up from 7.30pm


#2 The Lyttelton Arms: Open Mic Night

The Lyttelton Arms Camden Open Mic Night

The Lyttelton Arms is a lively pub in Camden that serves delicious drinks, an amazing atmosphere and awesome live events. The weekly open mic night is run by UK Open Mic, which has a website for you to reserve your slot or you can just turn up early on the night.

A full PA system is provided, all you need to do is bring along your own instrument if you need one for your performance. The performances are so incredibly varied, you never know what you are going to get from one week to the next which is what makes it so exciting.

The night is always very busy so make sure that you either reserve a slot in advance or turn up early on the night to book in your performance. The atmosphere is always electric so all you need to bring along is some awesome music. With chicken wings being 2-for-1 on open mic night, you won’t be going hungry either.

Venue location: The Lyttelton Arms – 1 Camden High Street, Camden, London, NW1 7JE
Phone number: 020 7387 2749
Open Mic Night: Every Wednesday 7pm sign up until 10:30pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night


#3 Camden Guitars: Cam Jam Open Mic

Camden Guitars Camden Cam Jam Open Mic

Camden Guitars sits proudly in the heart of Camden Town and is, you guessed it, a brilliant guitar shop that is basically any musicians dream. The weekly open mic night is hosted by Radio Camden, a radio station with a difference, who are actually based in the guitar shop itself.

A full PA system, mic and guitars are all provided, you are in a guitar shop after all. You are more than welcome to bring your own instruments if you would prefer. The atmosphere is incredibly intimate as you are all jammed in a small space in the guitar shop, it creates an awesome atmosphere to perform your music in.

The open mic is very popular with understandably limited spaces so make sure that you make it down there early to sign up in time!

Venue location: Camden Guitars – 23 Chalk Farm Rd, Camden, London, NW1 8AG
Phone number: 020 3556 4276
Open Mic Night: Every Wednesday from 1:30pm onwards
Want to perform? Simply turn up early


What should performers expect from a jam night?

#4 Belushi’s Camden: Open Mic Night

Belushi's Camden: Open Mic Night

Belushi’s is a hip bar in Camden that hosts awesome events from beer pong to open mic nights. The weekly open mic night has been running for many years now and shows no signs of slowing as it is always a very popular night.

A full PA system is provided and you are more than welcome to bring along your own instrument, full bands are welcome too. Many singer-songwriters perform at this open mic but all genres and abilities are welcome, the crowd is always lively but supportive.

This open mic night has an electric atmosphere with the crowd genuinely there to hear your music, it’s the perfect place for aspiring musicians to practice.

Venue location: Belushi’s Camden – 48-50 Camden High St, Camden, London NW1 0LT
Phone number: 020 7388 1012
Open Mic Night: Every Thursday
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night


#5 Dingwalls: Open Mic Night

Dingwalls Camden Open Mic Night

Dingwalls is Camden’s legendary live music venue with weekly events, making it one of Camden’s hubs for creative musicians and fans. The weekly open mic night is hosted by the venue itself, they are live music experts after all!

The set-up is incredibly professional with a full PA system, lighting, sound, backline and house guitars provided. With huge live acts performing every single week, you truly will feel like a Rockstar when stood up on that stage.

The atmosphere is much more concert-esque in comparison to other open mic nights. Therefore, it’s the perfect night if you have previous experience performing live. All genres are welcome and it’s a night that will definitely leave you feeling famous.

Venue location: Dingwalls – Middle Yard, Camden Lock, Camden, London, NW1 8AB
Phone number: 020 7428 8991
Open Mic Night: Every Thursday 7-10pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night (6:45pm sign-up)


#6 Gabeto: Monday Club

Gabeto: Monday Club Open Mic

Gabeto is Camden Market’s Cuban restaurant, a place that’s always sunny and serves up delicious cocktails. The weekly acoustic Monday Club is hosted by Success Express, which is made up of two talented local artists.

The night is completely acoustic so all you need to do is bring along your instrument and your singing voice. This night showcases the very best of Camden’s acoustic singer-songwriters and you will have to sign up in advance to request a slot.

The night is very busy with a positive vibe and relaxed atmosphere. The crowd are there to see some undiscovered talent so it really is the perfect place to get your name out there.

Venue location: Gabeto – Chalk Farm Rd, Camden, London, NW1 8AH
Phone number: 020 7424 0692
Open Mic Night: Every Monday 7-10pm
Want to perform? Get in touch with the hosts before the night


#7 The Gallery Bar: Acoustic Open Mic

The Gallery Bar: Acoustic Open Mic

The Gallery Bar is full of charm and has a rustic appealing character, you feel at home here thanks to the friendly atmosphere. The bar itself hosts this open mic night as they wanted to bring some live music into their venue.

This night is completely acoustic and a house guitar is provided. The performances are mainly singer-songwriters but covers are also welcome. This open mic night is very new and will only keep going if people attend so make sure that you get yourself down there.

Venue location: The Gallery Bar – 190 Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead, Camden, London, NW6 3AY
Phone number: 020 7625 9184
Open Mic Night: Sporadic Thursdays
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night


Thinking of attending your first open mic night? Here’s what to expect:

#8 The Camden Eye: CPCFire Open Mic

The Camden Eye is a warm and friendly pub with an amazing atmosphere. Situated in the heart of Camden, you will always feel like you are in the centre of all of the action going on around you. The wood-fired pizzas are also to die for, you really can’t go wrong.

The monthly open mic night is hosted by The Chocolate Poetry Club, a company that combine their love of chocolate with talented open mic goers. This open mic is open to spoken word, poets and acoustic singer-songwriters. The night is usually filled with poetry but musicians are welcome, as long as you can play an instrument.

The creative atmosphere is inspiring and the audience is incredibly supportive. Slots last 5 mins max so pick your best song and sing your heart out. You might want to stay the whole night too as the chocolate tasting happens after the performances at 9pm, the perfect end to the night.

Venue location: The Camden Eye – 2 Kentish Town Rd, Camden Town, London, NW1 9NX
Phone number: 020 7428 0825
Open Mic Night: Every Third Wednesday from 6pm
Want to perform? Only 15 slots available on the night so make sure that you turn up a 6pm


#9 The Golden Lion: Irish Traditional Session

The Golden Lion Irish Traditional Session

The Golden Lion is a traditional pub in the very heart of Camden town, offering everything from real ale to darts and live music. This weekly open mic night is hosted by the pub itself, the owners are lovers of Irish music!

This is more of a jam session so just bring along your own instrument and get ready to jam with other Irish music lovers. The set up is very relaxed and you can just sit around and play music. This is definitely more of a night to make friends and practice collaborating rather than performing live in front of a crowd.

Venue location: The Golden Lion – 88 Royal College St, Camden, London, NW1 0TH
Phone number: 020 7097 4760
Open Mic Night: Every Friday from 9pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night


#10 The George: Open Mic Night

The George Camden Open Mic Night

The George is a lovely traditional pub in London that has such a friendly atmosphere, you’ll feel like you’ve been going there for years. The night is hosted by local music lovers who want to keep live music alive and give aspiring musicians centre stage.

A PA system and house piano are provided, you are free to bring along your own instruments too. The atmosphere is typically very lively and you have a two-song slot so pick your songs wisely.

This open mic has been running for years now and is very renowned for being a great night. So, make sure that you turn up extra early to sign up and get your slot booked.

Venue location: The George – 250 Haverstock Hill, Hampstead, Camden, NW3 2AE
Phone number: 020 7431 0889
Open Mic Night: Every Thursday sign-up from 7:30pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night


Bonus Open Mic Nights in and around Camden

Fiddler’s Elbow: Open Mic – Bubblebath

The Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden is a legendary music venue with live rock, jazz, pop, rock, indie and everything in between on offer.

They’ve seen their fair share of talent through the years—James Bay not only played here, but he shot the video for “If You Ever Want To Be In Love” in the bar—but it’s not exclusive to established acts.

A showcase of London’s finest raw and naked talent, they provide full backline and a great stage for both veteran and budding ‘Elbow-ers’.

These guys take their music seriously, and with a fantastic reputation for top-notch performances, this monthly open mic offering is not to be missed.

Venue location: Fiddler’s Elbows – 1 Malden Road, Camden, NW5 3HS
Phone number: 020 7485 3269
Open Mic Night: First Tuesday of the month from 7pm
Want to perform? Sign up from 7pm on the night or check their Facebook page


Ever considered hosting your own open mic night?


The Allsop Arms: Open Mic Night

Marylebone Open Mic Night

The Allsop Arms is a traditional English pub that provides a friendly atmosphere and amazing live music. This weekly open mic night is hosted by Open Mic UK, a company that host many open mics in London, making it a very well-organized night.

A full PA system is provided and you are welcome to borrow instruments but you can also bring your own to support your performance. This night is very friendly, relaxed and welcoming, no matter what your ability or genre, this is a night for music lovers.

The crowd are amazing at listening to every single performance and supporting all of the acts. This is a brilliant open mic to attend if you aren’t as experienced or are nervous about performing.

Venue location: The Allsop Arms – 137-143 Gloucester Place, Marylebone, Westminster, NW1 5AL
Phone number: 020 7723 5864
Open Mic Night: Every Saturday 7-10:30pm
Want to perform? Simply turn up early on the night


Ruby’s: Jazz Nights

Ruby’s is an underground bar that has a quirky intimate atmosphere and brilliant live music events. UK Open Mic also hosts this event and puts on an absolutely amazing show for newcomers and regulars alike to confidently perform at.

A PA system and house guitar are both provided so you are very much set as long as you bring along your singing voice. You can sign up before the night but are encouraged to turn up at the start to support the other musicians too.

Everyone is incredibly supportive and encouraging, making this the perfect night for nervous, first time live performances.

Venue location: Ruby’s – 76 Stoke Newington Rd, Hackney Downs, Hackney, London, N16 7XB
Phone number: 020 7923 3966
Open Mic Night: Every Wednesday
Want to perform? Sign up 6 days before with UK Open Mic


Now know all of the best open mic nights in around Camden, which of these will you be performing at?

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