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Cardiff is the home of many famous musicians including the Manic Street Preachers, Stereophonics and Feeder. Thankfully, their live music scene seriously reflects this and there’s an abundance of awesome Cardiff open mics and jam nights on offer. So, if you are looking for opportunities to perform your music live in front of a friendly audience, Cardiff is the place for you.

Best Open Mic Nights in Cardiff

If you are looking to perform at a quality open mic, then Cardiff definitely has your back with tons of awesome nights. Here are some of the best places to attend an open mic night in Cardiff, in no particular order.

#1 Porter’s: Tuesday Night Open Mic

Tuesday Night Open Mic Wales Porter's

Porter’s open mic night is practically famous in Cardiff now with it being almost everyone’s favourite open mic around! Genevieve has hosted the night for over five years now and performs a couple of songs at the start of the night to kick things off.

The night comes fully equipped with a sound technician, house piano, guitar and all of the cables you will ever need. Often performers do tend to bring their own instruments but you are more than welcome to turn up with absolutely nothing and borrow what you need on the night.

The night mainly consists of solo acoustic acts but duos and rappers often do make appearances too. The night also can get very busy and they only have time for 12 acts so make sure that you get there early to sign up! Each act can play two songs and performs on a stage so it’s a great live experience.

Venue location:     Porter’s Cardiff – Harlech Court, Bute Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 2FE
Phone number:   None
Open Mic Night:   Every Tuesday from 9pm
Want to perform?   urn up on the night for sign up at 8:30pm. Keep up to date with the Facebook page


#2 NosDa: Open Mic Night

open mic Tuesday Cardiff

One of the most popular open mics in Cardiff, NosDa open mic has been running for 5 years now and if you haven’t been, go! They have a different guest host every single week, rotating between popular local musicians.

A PA system, house guitar and bass amp are all provided so you can rest assured that you are well looked after. The performances tend to be acoustic, if you are a band and you want to play, they like you to let them know in advance!

It can go from a chilled acoustic night to a crazy busy night full of all kinds of performances. The beauty of it is that no one knows who will turn up from one week to the next, keeping things fresh and exciting every single time you go. Performance slots are 15 minutes or 3 songs long with all musicians enjoying a free drink after their slot!

Venue location:     NosDa Hostel & Bar – 53-59 Despenser St, Cardiff, CF11 6AG
Phone number:   029 2037 8866
Open Mic Night:   Every Wednesday from 8-11:30pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night to sign up


#3 Deli Rouge: Acoustic Open Mic Night

Deli Rouge Acoustic Open Mic Night

Deli Rouge is a small little café in Cardiff that serves delicious lunches and brunches with a charming rustic twist. However, Wednesday nights are Deli Rouge’s time to turn up the music with an awesome open mic night!

The Deli Rouge open mic night has been running for as long as many people in Cardiff can remember and it shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. The night is completely unplugged which makes for super intimate and memorable performances.

This acoustic open mic night is certainly very different due to the unplugged nature but it’s a great way to showcase and witness truly authentic talent. Delicious tapas and wine are also available to enjoy on the night so now you really don’t have an excuse not to go.

Venue location:     Deli Rouge – 73 Pen-Y-Wain Rd, Cardiff, CF24 4GG
Phone number:   029 2048 3871
Open Mic Night:   Every Wednesday from 6-9pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night to sign up


#4 Tiny Rebel: Open Mic

Tiny Rebel: Open Mic
Photo: Cat Lawson-Jones

Tiny Rebel Open Mic is run by local musician Jim Webster who is passionate about discovering the latest and greatest local talent. A brilliant sound system, staging and instruments are all provided, meaning that you can truly get a taste of the live experience!

Everyone always says that the atmosphere is brilliant and the talent is absolutely fantastic. Not only will you get to share your music with an attentive crowd but you’ll also see some of the brilliant talent that regularly perform at this open mic.

If you aren’t too sure about attending, this is your sign to go, the crowd are always ready to welcome new performers.

Venue location:     Tiny Rebel – 25 Westgate St, Cardiff, CF10 1DD
Phone number:   029 2039 9557
Open Mic Night:   Last Monday of every month 7pm onwards
Want to perform?   Sign up at 7pm on the night


Thinking of attending your first open mic night? Here’s what to expect:

#5 Ocean Arts Cardiff: Open Mic

Ocean Arts Cardiff Open Mic

Ocean Arts is a fantastic venue dedicated entirely to music. They offer arts therapies, community groups and awesome live music, their monthly open mic night is particularly popular! With a different guest host every month, each night is completely different from the last.

A full PA system is provided along with the option to borrow instruments, although many people do bring their own. The venue is very pretty with fairy lights to boot! Musicians get to perform on stage whilst the audience gathers round either on the floors or chairs, it is a very intimate venue.

This open mic is incredibly popular with a huge variety of performers from opera to rap and acoustic singer-songwriters. If you are a musician, it’s worth checking out the other events at this venue too. The Songwriters Network is an evening where you meet and collaborate with other aspiring artists.

Venue location:     Ocean Arts – Unit 2 East Moors Business Park, East Moors Rd, Cardiff, CF24 5JX
Phone number:   029 2132 0030
Open Mic Night:   First Thursday of every month from 8-11:30pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night


#6 St. Canna’s Ale House: Wednesday Open Mic

St. Canna's Ale House Wednesday Open Mic

If you’re looking for an intimate, cosy open mic night, then St. Canna’s Wailin’ Wednesday might just be for you! St. Canna’s is a small ale house that has proved to be hugely popular in Cardiff. Their open mic night offers a friendly, relaxed environment for you to sing your heart out in!

Mics and a sound system are provided but you will need to bring along your own instrument if you need one. All performance styles and abilities are very welcome so whatever you sing will be enjoyed!

The audience is always very attentive to the performers and you definitely won’t be drowned out by the general chatter of the crowd. It’s a great place to perform live for the first time and get a taste of what it is like.

Venue location:     St. Canna’s Ale House – 42 Llandaff Rd, Cardiff, CF11 9NJ
Phone number:   07890 106449
Open Mic Night:   Every Wednesday from 8-10:30pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night


#7 The Live lounge Cardiff: Open Mic

The Live lounge Cardiff Open Mic

The Live Lounge is a brilliant live music venue in Cardiff that keeps music alive and gives smaller musicians the chance to make it big. This open mic has been running for as long as people can remember and has a different host every week, keeping things new and fresh!

A full PA system and house guitar is provided so you are very much looked after at this brilliant night. The hosts and crowd welcome all abilities and genres of music which makes for an incredibly interesting and different night every week.

If you are looking for a taste of a realistic live performance, The Live Lounge is a brilliant place to test out your abilities.

Venue location:     The Live Lounge – 9 The Friary, Cardiff, CF10 3FA
Phone number:   029 2132 8159
Open Mic Night:   Every Sunday from 3:30pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night and speak to the host


Ever considered hosting your own open mic night?


#8 The Rummer Tavern: Open Mic NightThe Rummer Tavern Open Mic Night

The Rummer Tavern is a brilliant local pub in Cardiff with a very friendly atmosphere. It’s also the oldest pub in Cardiff city centre so it’s got a lot of history to its name! The open mic night is hosted by Luke Ashley, a local musician who is passionate about discovering the best local talent.

A full set up, guitars, bass, drums and mics are all provided so all you need to do is bring your awesome singing voice! The performances vary from acoustic singer songwriters to classic rock singers, you never really know exactly what you’re going to get.

The night does get very busy so make sure that you turn up on time to sign up for your slot.

Venue location:     Rummer Tavern – 14 Duke St, Cardiff, CF10 1AY
Phone number:   None
Open Mic Night:   Every Thursday 7-11pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night to sign up


#9 The Earl Haig Memorial Club: Whitchurch Jam SessionsThe Earl Haig Memorial Club: Whitchurch Jam Sessions

The Octave Doctors, a local Cardiff jam band, host this awesome open mic night with a bit of a twist. The Octave Doctors start the night off with a few of their own tunes before inviting other musicians up on the stage to join in and jam with them.

This night can go in any direction as people go up on stage and jam with the band or on their own. This is a very free flowing night that is open to all abilities and styles of music. It’s a great way to learn and develop your musical talents by collaborating with a professional band.

All equipment is provided and its an unforgettable performance! It’s worth joining their Facebook group to ask about availability beforehand to ensure that they can accommodate you.

Venue location:     Earl Haig Memorial Club – 23-25 Penlline Rd, Cardiff, CF14 2AA
Phone number:   029 2062 6015
Open Mic Night:   Every Sunday from 5:30pm
Want to perform?   Get in touch with the Facebook group if you wish to perform


What should performers expect from a jam night?

#10 St Augustine’s Church Hall: Rumney Folk Club

St Augustine's Church Hall: Rumney Folk Club

Rumney Folk Club are a group of music lovers who meet once a month at their local church hall. The club has now been running for 16 years and has an average of 70 people who attend each month!

Full lighting and PA system are provided along with drums and a bass amp. Performances take place on stage and its an awesome place to practice your live performance in front of an engaged audience.

The atmosphere is candlelit and incredibly chilled with about ten people performing three songs each on the night. They do charge entry but the money goes towards the upkeep of the hall which is more than worth it! Performances vary hugely from traditional rock to solo acoustic artists.

Venue location:     St Augustine’s Church Hall – Whitehall Parade, Rumney, Cardiff, CF3 3BA
Phone number:   07988 367260
Open Mic Night:   Third Friday of the month from 8pm onwards
Want to perform?   Let them know on the night


Bonus Open Mic Nights in Cardiff

147 Lounge Bar: Open Mic Night

147 Lounge Bar is a friendly local bar that lives and breathes live music with many weekly events taking place there. Everyone knows one another but are more than happy to welcome new faces whenever they may show up.

A PA system is provided but musicians are encouraged to bring their own instruments if they need them. Tony Morely runs the night and is definitely a much-loved host! He is very supportive of all acts, old and new, you definitely will feel a part of the family.

Venue location:     147 Lounge Bar – 147 City Rd, Cardiff, CF24 3BQ
Phone number:   029 2049 7830
Open Mic Night:   Every Tuesday from 8:30pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night


Masons Arms: Pete Morley’s Open Mic

The Masons Arms hosts a weekly open mic night is run by Pete Morley, a local Caerphilly-based musician who loves getting involved and helping other artist’s careers.

A PA system and mics are provided, plus a guitar and bass.

All abilities and styles are welcome, the more the merrier! You are more than welcome to perform your own original songs or covers if you would prefer.

They promise a friendly atmosphere with absolutely no critics so if it’s your first live performance, there’s no need to worry!

Venue location:     Masons Arms – Mill Road, Caerphilly, CF83 3fe
Phone number:   02920 883353
Open Mic Night:   Every Tuesday from 8:30pm
Want to perform?   Turn up early on the night to guarantee a slot


The Hollybush: Open Mic

The Hollybush runs a fortnightly open mic night run by local legend Uncle Albert! No, he isn’t the Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses but he is just as good! This open mic has been running for as long as the pub landlords can remember and for a good reason.

A brilliant set up is available for musicians to use with a PA system, keyboard and guitars. All styles of music and abilities are welcome with a very kind, attentive crowd. A special open mic menu is on offer as well as a free drink for all musicians who perform.


Venue location:     The Hollybush – Draethen, Newport, NP10 8GB
Phone number:   01633 440326
Open Mic Night:   Fortnightly Thursdays from 7:30pm
Want to perform?   Turn up early on the night to guarantee a slot


Locos Cardiff: Open Mic

Locos Cardiff: Open Mic

Locos Cardiff has recently started up a weekly open mic night which has proven to be very popular indeed! Local musicians run the event and are always happy to see new faces, no matter what their genre or ability.

With no sign up required and all of the equipment you could ever need there and free to use, you simply need to bring your singing voice!

Musicians will also get rewarded with a free shot after their performance and with a great atmosphere, this is a night to remember.

Venue location:     Locos Latin Bar and Grill – 7 Miskin St, Cardiff, CF24 4AP
Phone number:   029 2034 1767
Open Mic Night:   Every Monday from 8-11pm
Want to perform?   Turn up early on the night to guarantee a slot


Gentileza: Unplugged

Gentileza is an awesome community art space that offers delicious coffee, food and fantastic events! The multi-talented Jim Webster hosts their weekly open mic night and it is certainly one that you won’t want to miss.

This open mic night is completely unplugged with not even a mic, it doesn’t get much more unplugged than that! It is a small, intimate venue full of people who truly do want to support one another and have an undying passion for all kinds of art.

They do provide guitars and other instruments to add to your performance if you wish but other than that, it is very simple and back to basics. A wonderful supportive environment to perform incredibly raw songs.

Venue location:     Gentileza – 3-7 Duke Street Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AZ
Phone number:   None
Open Mic Night:   Every Thursday from 6-9pm
Want to perform?   Turn up early on the night to guarantee a slot


Octavo’s: Open Mic Night

Octavo’s is an adorable book café and wine bar that also serves up a healthy dose of live music! At the heart of Cardiff’s creative quarter, it really is the perfect place to indulge in your inner musician.

This open mic night welcomes a wide variety of creative talents, whether you are a musician or a poet, you will be welcomed with open arms! A mic and AP is provided but if you require any instruments you will need to bring your own.

Venue location:     Octavo’s Book Cafe & Wine Bar – W Bute St, Cardiff, CF10 5LJ
Phone number:   029 2049 1220
Open Mic Night:   Third Friday of every month 7-11pm
Want to perform?   Message the Facebook page to guarantee a slot


The Lansdowne Pub: Open Mic

The Lansdowne Pub is popular for its awesome food, drink and music! A well-loved local pub, you will meet some very friendly and passionate people at this open mic night. Bella Collins hosts this open mic night, an amazingly talented musician who is really supportive of every single act.

A house guitar, bass, drums and mic are all provided but you are also welcome to bring your own instruments if you would prefer. This is an incredibly friendly open mic night with a brilliant atmosphere. Even the most nervous performers will feel at home here!

Venue location:     The Lansdowne Pub – 71 Beda Rd, Cardiff, CF5 1LX
Phone number:   029 2022 1312
Open Mic Night:   The first and last Tuesday of every month from 8-11:30pm
Want to perform?   Turn up early on the night to sign up


So now you know where to perform in Cardiff there are no excuses to get out there and get performing!

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