Choosing a Recording Studio and Producer

Choosing the right recording studio and producer

You’ve spent huge amounts of time and effort writing your own material, so when it comes to laying down your tracks choosing a recording studio and producer that will share your musical vision is crucial! Here are our tips on finding the right recording studio and producer for you:

  • Try and pick a producer with recording experience in your chosen genre.
  • Research the producer thoroughly – check out the music they have produced recently before booking studio time.
  • Before approaching them, make sure you are clear about what you want to achieve, and know what you want your sound to be. Perhaps prepare a mood board to take with you that includes genre/similar artists etc. to give the producer a firm idea of your vision.
  • Ask the producer to send through samples of their work that is most relevant to your music.
  • Ask yourself ‘are they easy to deal with, and is their communication clear’?
  • Get advice from fellow musicians to find out who produced their recordings and get a first hand view on what the producer was like to work with.
  • Try and choose a producer within a reasonable location to save money, unless the producer has an impressive portfolio. It also makes editing the recording easier further down the line!
  • It is important you are confident with the producer you choose and allow him to work his magic to get the most out of your recording!

At the studio

So you have finally chosen a studio! This is when the real hard work begins, so make sure that you show some recording studio etiquette.

Act professionally and listen to the producer. The quicker you respond and deliver what the producer needs, the more you will get from your session. If you are difficult to work with word could get around. If you impress the producer they may be happy to pass your demo on to his own contacts in the industry!

Ask questions: At the end of the session make sure you understand the next steps and when you will get the finished product.


After your recording session, remember to back up all your work and test that you can recover it. There’s nothing worse than having to go back to square one and having all that valuable studio time go to waste!

If you made it through all of our tips on preparing for the studio then you should be armed and ready for the recording studio!


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