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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Singer 

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Wikipedia is often people’s go-to website for information. Creating a page as a singer would be a great way to get exposure as an artist. But, as with all networking, there are guidelines to follow when creating your page.

A Wikipedia page is great exposure for a singer. Creating a page gets your name and biography online and gives you credibility. There are strict regulations and possible costs involved when creating a page, so using a Wikipedia creation service may help. 

Getting a presence on Wikipedia would be beneficial as a singer, but it can be tricky to achieve. This article breaks down the rules involved and the best way to get your Wikipedia profile up and running.  

How to get your name on Wikipedia 

Having a page on Wikipedia can be the difference between being scouted and being ignored. Anyone can access Wikipedia and create a page. However, these pages can be deleted within minutes if they don’t adhere to the site’s rules and regulations. 

Your Wikipedia page should be:

#1 Objective. Your Wikipedia page should be a point of reference, not a promotional campaign.

#2 Written by someone else. Wikipedia doesn’t want subjective or biased articles. If you write it yourself, you may fall victim to embellishment. Fans, friends or creation services can craft your page for you.

#3 Referenced and notable. Make sure you include all noteworthy information on your Wikipedia page, like references to newspapers or blogs. Wikipedia thrives on notable content and you will be asked for sources when you create your webpage.

How to create a Wikipedia page for an artist 

How to create a Wikipedia page for an artist 

Wikipedia offers lots of templates and guides for creating your first page. The website’s how-to guide walks you through the basics of setting up a page. This included how to change the URL address for your article and how to check if the name of your page already exists. You shouldn’t write your page yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved and oversee the process. 

A Wikipedia page offers great exposure for a singer. Timing can be crucial when creating your page as a musician, as you need enough content to be able to gain Wiki-appeal. If you’ve just started out, it might be worth waiting until you have some performances or media coverage before you start one. 

If you’ve already made footfalls in the industry and are an established musician, you’re ready to create your profile. Wikipedia thrives on notable content, so make sure you have references to back up your achievements. To get your page approved, you have to prove you’re a relevant name in the field. 

Can anyone have a Wikipedia page? 

Anyone can set up a Wikipedia page

Anyone can set up a Wikipedia page – but not everyone will have the sticking power to remain on the website. The site has an extensive worldwide editing team who can remove an article in seconds if it doesn’t adhere to Wikipedia’s extensive guidelines.  

It can be tricky to get your name on Wikipedia, but it is possible. The criteria for having a page is openly disclosed in sections like Wikipedia: Notability and Wikipedia: List of Guidelines

Companies and individuals who make it onto the website are always featured in other third-party sources prior to their Wikipedia page. This can be in the form of printed material like newspapers and magazines, and in online material like blogs and videos. Building a strong portfolio of your achievements beforehand makes you more likely to have sticking power on Wikipedia.

Performing at major events or venues, being mentioned in published articles, and qualifying in a music competition can all build a singer’s Wiki-appealBuilding a repertoire of these achievements may take time, but making the effort to get your name on Wikipedia is definitely worthwhile for exposure as a singer. 

Wikipedia’s criteria for musicians 

Before creating your page, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with Wikipedia’s criteria for what makes a notable musician. They recommend you have achieved one of the following to be eligible for page: 

  • You have been featured in multiple publications that are independent to you. These publications aren’t exclusive to big newspapers and magazines. They can include being named in places like track listings, advertising and school and university papers too. 
  • You have ranked first, second or third place in a major music competition.  
  • A national radio or TV network has featured you in a segment of their broadcast.
  • You have released at least one album on a major record label or on a high-standing indie record label. 

A full list of the criteria to qualify for a page as a singer can be found on Wikipedia itself. 

Creating a Wikipedia account 

How to create a Wikipedia page biography 

In order to create a page on Wikipedia, you’re required to set up an account first. You can do this by following the Create Account option in the top right-hand corner of the website 

Making a Wikipedia account is a fast and easy process, and only requires a username and password. Be careful when choosing your username as inappropriate names can lead to your account being blocked. A guide of what Wikipedia deems approvable is provided during the sign-up process. 

Having a user account as well as a Wikipedia page will give you extra bonuses. You can use your account to create a watchlist and keep track of articles; those you’ve posted and those created by others. You can also edit other people’s articles using your account, which will build your credibility as a Wikipedia user. An account also allows you to communicate with othersso you can network with users who are in a similar music field. 

How to create a Wikipedia page biography 

Wikipedia is a user-friendly site and offers walk-through guides for many things. The Wikipedia artist biography article template located on the website gives a framework for how to compose your singer biography.  

To make your biography the best is can be, collate your information before you create your page. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and thrives on notable content and referenced material. This means you’ll need some key achievements that you can list on your page, and these need to be verifiable.

To support your content, you’ll need thirdparty sources like magazines, websites, articles, and videos to link into your page. 

Wikipedia thrives on notable content so the more sources you can get to collaborate your biography, the more successful your page will be. It is strongly advised that you don’t write your own Wikipedia profile. Get involved in the research and planning and pass this information on to whoever will make your page.  

Wikipedia page creation service 

To be published on Wikipedia, your page must be unbiased. One of the best ways to guarantee this is to get someone else to write your content for you. You can enlist the help of fans, friends, or even or your manager to do this. But if you want a formal tone and a guaranteed place on Wikipedia, there are professional services you can enlist to craft your Wikipedia webpage.  

Various different Wikipedia page creation services are available online. For a fee, these firms will create, run and maintain your webpage for you. Creation services will only work on behalf of notable individuals, though. These companies will look for someone who has received significant third-party coverage and the sources to prove it. This is because Wikipedia only approves the webpages of notable people who can prove they are of public interest. 

Creation services can be a useful aid when making your page, but their help can be costly. Many people have successfully created Wiki articles without the use of a company by being thorough and accurate with their material. The quality and accuracy of your article will determine whether it gets published on Wikipedia, not the budget you have available to spend on it. 

How much does it cost to get a Wikipedia page? 

Wikipedia page services

You can create, edit and manage your page for free.  

But there are expenses involved if you hire a Wikipedia page creation service to generate your page. It is estimated that on average, using a well-recognised creation service can set you back up to £300. There are also smaller free-lance writers online who will do it for a fraction of the price, but always check they are genuine before issuing payment. 

These options may not be financially viable when you first set out in your music career. Don’t be deterred as a professional sounding article can still be achieved without using a creation service. An expensive Wikipedia page doesn’t necessarily mean a better webpage. As long as your page is unbiased, referenced and full of sources, you can get your content on the site and guarantee it stays there. 

Getting onto Wikipedia as a singer 

Wikipedia is one of the world’s most used websites. It can be most people’s first port of call for information. The benefits of getting your name on Wikipedia as an artist are invaluable and will create amazing reputability for you.  

Wikipedia can get you recognised as an artist, but don’t be tempted to treat it as a means of promotion. Your page should be factual and unbiased, or it is likely to be removed and your chances to repost future content will be weakened.  

Wikipedia has over 600 new articles uploaded a day. To make yours have the sticking power and give credibility to your singing career, just follow the guidelines. This will give you a fighting chance of becoming a permanent fixture on Wikipedia’s pages 

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • How long does is take to create a Wikipedia page? 

Creating a Wikipedia page is a quick and simple process. Building your reputation as a credible artist will take the most time. You will need notable achievements before you even start to create your page. So spend time building a portfolio of accomplishments and getting thirdparty sources to cover them.  

When you are ready to create a Wikipedia page, you must also have an account that has existed for a minimum of four days.   

  • What do I do once my I’ve created my Wikipedia page as a singer? 

Wikipedia articles aren’t the finished product which means they can still be edited and revised over time. You can edit your article at any point, as long as the information you’re adding is accurate and remains unbiased. 

Another way to maintain your Wikipedia page is to avoid it becoming orphaned. An orphan page is one that doesn’t have any other articles connected to it. 

To keep your Wikipedia page relevant, keep revisiting it and adding links to tie it to other pages that are relevant to your content. Other articles that mention your genre of music or a venue you performed at would be good validation for your page. 

Have you set up your own Wikipedia page? Leave us a link in the comments!