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Creating a logo for a singer is no easy feat. Not only do you want to please your fans, but you also want to stand out from the crowd with a really eye-catching, memorable logo that reflects your brand.

Your logo as a singer is important to get right so you can differentiate yourself from other artists. Many artists over the years have created great logos so we’ve provided some top tips on creating a logo for a singer that will really pack a punch.

A logo is essential to help make yourself look more professional. It is a great asset for branding and marketing, helping you stand out more to record label A&Rs. We’ve put together 8 great tips to show you how to make a great logo.

How to make a music logo

#1 Find artwork that reflects your sound

One of the best ways to start designing a logo is to look at different artwork that you might find inspiring. There are plenty of places to look online for a start which is completely free.  

Music is creative, as is art and there are plenty of collaborations between the two. Browse images, other album covers, logos, websites, social media and art in galleries to find a kind of style that you feel reflects your sound, lyrics and your image as an artist. 

What inspires you from these images doesn’t just have to help you create songs, but also can help you find your very own style.  

You don’t need to copy these styles, but you can find ideas and examples that you believe fits your brand and one that would work for your fans.  

Make an ideas board, pin them on your walls and display them all together. By creating a space with all of these images put together you may start to see the bigger picture of what your logo might look like. From this, you can start coming up with your own ideas. 

#2 Work with your fans 

For any brand, one of the best places to find inspiration is from your customers. As a singer, you can reach out to your fans and find out their likes, who else they follow and what they post. As a result, you can find new inspiration for your perfect band or singer logo. 

Is there a particular song of yours that your fans really love? Are there certain lyrics that they relate to? Pick up on their feedback and the images they may create on their own social media. You might find your own vibe and logo inspiration is already there. 

Alternatively, you may have creative fans who produce and design logos or artworkFan art is becoming more widespread thanks to social media sites and tagging. Ask them for their help to find brand new designs for your new logo. Take a look through them all or even create a competition so that they can get something great from it too.

music logo work with fans 

#3 Get creative with colour 

Different colours can reflect different moods. Therefore, the use of colour in your logo can really project what you’re trying to say. For example, red can signify anger or passion, whereas blue can product calmer vibes 

Putting some research into colours and their psychological effects, as well as the use of colour from your competitors. It can help you not only find the right colour for your genre but also help you to stand out from the crowd. 

The use of colour can be seen amongst a number of artists and can often reflect your style or interpretation of the music you’re producing. Consider carefully, too, what your competitors are doing. It may be that you want to be different, or you want to appeal to the same sorts of people. 

music logo colour

#4 Keep your logo simple 

An overcomplicated logo for a singer can confuse fans new and old alike. A simple design can stand out more and make you different, whilst also showing fans who you are. For example, Kiss’s simple lightning bolt style font and logo reflects their electric guitars and rock and roll image, yet it is, simply, their band name written in their own font design. 

Find something that simply tells people who you are without them having to work out images of chaos. You can be instantly recognisable with a very straightforward music logo. No logo we’ve ever seen has been overly complicated (albeit maybe Queen’s logo was maybe a little too elaborate, but it suited their own individual style). Keep it simple, keep it clear; tell people who you are.  

#5 Create your own font 

When it comes to singers or artistsa logo can often be just your name. That’s why font plays a really strong role in creating a great logo. Creating your own font means that you can stand out. This doesn’t just mean with your logo, but you can use it on all platforms too such as social media, merchandise and posters.  

A font doesn’t just have to be for a logo but can also be part of your whole identity. Many artists use it across their website, to promote their gigs and throughout their social media. Ariana Grande’s upside down ‘Sweetener’ album font has now led to her writing upside down on her Instagram and other accounts. She’s created a new identity for herself and it’s working amongst her fans. 

Once you create a font, or have one created for you, you can copyright it. That way, you can always keep something that is personally designed for you as an artist. 

music logo font

#6 Create a versatile design 

With so many different platforms where you can display your new logo – albums, social media, merchandise, posters, advertisements and websites – it is important that you create a logo that can adapt to different requirements. For example, some social media sites will require a square logo, whereas other platforms such as advertisements and posters may need a different layout to satisfy the printers’ preferences.  

If you have an image with a font, it is worth spending some time promoting them both together as well as separately. For example, many people now recognise just the mouth from The Rolling Stones logo, without needing ‘Rolling Stones’ written next to it 

Having an adaptable design can be important for digital platforms which have many ways a logo can be presented or formatted. By following all the above points and adapting your logo you can ensure that your logo as a singer really can pack a punch, no matter where it is shown.  

music logo

#7 Develop your logo with your music 

As you grow as an artist, you may want to change and re-design your logo to suit your new style. Every singer adapts and grows musically throughout the years. That’s why having a simple design that is adaptable with your own fonts and colours can really help. 

Perhaps the first album you realised you were in a different place musically and you’ve now changed your sound completely and don’t feel like your logo fits. It’s completely up to you how you want to portray yourself.  

You can play around with your logo as you adjust your sound. Don’t ever feel like a logo you stick to has to be the one you stay with forever. Every artist grows, and so can your logo.  

#8 Get expert design work 

Your logo as a singer is your brand; your identity. That’s why even if you have your own ideas it’s always best to get help from a professional design expert. It also means they can create different file formatted versions of your logo that you can upload using different tools on different platforms. For example, some platforms need a square format, some others require a round or rectangular.  

Additionally, different dimensions or resolutions are required. A professional designer can ensure that you get all the right formats you need so that your logo can be displayed professionally and clearly on all the places you want to put it.  

If you don’t have these skills yourself, it can always be useful to call upon an expert. You may have to pay more, but it will ensure that you get the best quality logo designs wherever you want to display them.  

music logo help

A singer’s logo designed the right way 

With these tips, we hope you can find the right inspiration and sources to come up with a logo that is right for you and your music. Remember, it’s always best to keep it simple and follow your inspirations when it comes to colour, art, music and your fans. 

It doesn’t have to be a complicated process, although it may seem daunting when you first begin. But find your inspiration and gather ideas first and as it comes together, you can design something that you can be really proud of.  

Places for inspiration 

There are plenty of places online you can find ideas or examples of music logos. Not just from previous singers and bands but also websites with specific music logo designs as part of their package. 

Similarly, there are design sites where you can make your own logo for free. Before you decide on the finished article, you can play around with different ideas from their templates to see what you think suits best.  

Some of these sites too, let you upload your own images. This can really help to see if inspiration you’ve found elsewhere could actually work for you. 

There is software too that doesn’t produce templates as such, but you can play around with fonts and images easily from a device such as a tablet or a laptop. Some of this software you may be able to get a free trial with before purchasing to keep costs down. 

Is your name your brand? 

One of the most common logotypes amongst artists, especially solo artists is to simply have their name as a logo. It may be your actual name or an artist name that you have created. Therefore, if that’s the case for you, it may be easier simply finding a font you like or getting a designer to create one for you. It stands out, shows who you are and is a really simple process for singers. 

It’s not always right the first time 

Much like songwriting, your logo may not be right the first time you see the ‘finished article’. But that’s okay! As the process moves on, you’ll find the bits you like and bits you don’t. It’s a work in progress, so don’t feel disheartened if it’s not working for you. Similarly, don’t settle for something you don’t like as you may regret it further down the line and have to go through the process all over again.  

Be patient and do what’s right for you. You’re the singer so it’s ultimately your choice.  

Related Questions 

What are the best musician logos that work? 

Some of the best musician logos are the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistoles, Wutang Clan, The Ramones and Eminem. They are instantly recognisable, simple and have stood out for decades. 

How do I come up with a logo idea? 

To come up with a logo idea start by looking at other designs from a similar background. Try and identify what’s right for you such as colour, font, imagery to find inspiration for your own logo design. 

How to design your own band logo? 

There are some free tools out that that can help you to design your own band logo or, alternatively, you can find a designer to help you with a professional logo. Either way, you can easily design a band logo that really works for you.  

Got some ideas for your own logo as a singer or tips for other artists? Please leave your comments below or get in touch and we’d love to hear your ideas.