Creating a Brand

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Creating a brand to distinguish yourself from other artists


Creating a brand: Creating a brand is one of trickiest things to get right as an act. Your image is a big step towards creating a brand and it’s one of the things the public are likely to remember about you.

It will make you stand out even before they have heard you. It is likely it will take many attempts before you settle on an image that truly represents you and your music.

Creating a brand as a singer

Have your own style 

The reason many singers are doing so well is because they’re creating a brand and their own style – they have then used it to their advantage. It’s not always about being the sexiest or best looking act in the industry (although that can help); it’s about having a style that reflects your personality and stands out.

Lady Gaga and Paloma Faith are perfect examples of artists that have input their personality into their style. It’s important that what you perform musically matches your image.

The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable on stage with what you’re wearing, if you know it’s likely to eat away at your confidence.

Look at other artists with similar music to you and see what image they’ve adopted in creating a brand. YouTube and artist websites are a great resource to observe what others are doing.

Consistency is key 

Your image is the thing that sells you when you’re not singing. Therefore when creating a brand – make sure you’re consistent with all aspects of your brand.

Taking close attention to the logos on your artwork, you’re social media, your outfits and promotional material. You want the public to recognise your brand instantly; if they click on your website or your Facebook page it should be obvious they’re on the right page and that this is the act they saw perform that night.

Tips on creating a brand

Get yourself out there 

The best way to find your image is to physically go out, perform and see what you’re comfortable with. Playing at regular gigs will give you a sense of what you’re comfortable wearing and what songs you get a good response from. This experience will help you to develop yourself as an artist and put you in good stead for creating a brand.

Don’t define yourself by a genre 

Be hesitant about your music being labelled as one specific genre as it will restrict your image and limit your steps towards creating a brand. You’re still trying to find what’s best for you as an artist, so restricting your image to one genre can potentially hold you back and not allow you to express all areas of your personality within your music.