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16 Best Crowdfunding for Musicians (Platforms & Sites)

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A career as a musician, can be tough to raise enough money for instruments, recording studios and even growing your awareness with people interested in and a part of the industry. Crowdfunding platforms for singers and musicians are a great way to raise money and awareness for their music.  

There are a variety of options for best crowdfunding sites for musicians that have led to many successful crowdfunding campaigns. It’s important to find the crowdfunding platform that suits your needs as a musician the most. Funds that invested wisely will bring the most success and attention to your music career.  

Once you’ve built a following as a musician, there are a variety of music crowdfunding platforms out there which we are going to take a look at, along with successful campaigns that raised a lot of money on these platforms. If you are looking at setting up your own crowdfunding campaign, these are the best online platforms that you need to look at.  

What is crowdfunding for musicians? 

Before we dive into the best platforms for you to use, let’s take a look at what crowdfunding for singers actually is. Crowdfunding is essentially the practice of funding your venture, in this case, your music by raising an amount of money from a group of investors. This is usually now done on the internet and there are so many different platforms out there for you to make use of.  

16 Top Crowdfunding Platforms and Sites for Singers & Musicians

#1 Kickstarter 

Kickstarter is incredibly popular and it’s likely that you’ve probably heard of it by now, it’s basically a household name! Kickstarter is definitely geared towards the more creative endeavours and so is perfect for musicians looking for a way to raise both funds and awareness for their music. However, as it is much more creative, Kickstarter is definitely the place to raise funds for albums and songs rather than for any music equipment you may need.  

There have been a huge number of successful crowdfunding music campaigns on Kickstarter throughout the years. One of the most successful music crowdfunding campaigns ever actually began on Kickstarter! Amanda Palmer must have extremely dedicated fans, raising a total of $1,192,793 from her campaign in 2012. She raised this money to create her new album and it looks like she got more than enough! This is why building a fanbase is so important. 

#2 Indiegogo  

Indiegogo is a great site to find the funding for your music, equipment or anything else that you may need! Indiegogo actually offers flexible funding which is a system that means you get to keep any of the funds you have raised, even if they don’t meet the goal that you set. This is perfect for smaller musicians who might not get the reach from their campaign that they want, making it hard to reach their goals. 

Terra Naomi raised over $50,000 with her brilliantly crafted Indiegogo music campaign. She took to social media to challenge people to reach her ambitious goal, the idea worked and she raised a huge amount for her brilliant indie music. This shows how you don’t have to be a huge star to get the recognition and funding you deserve. 

Best crowdfunding platform for musicians

#3 GoFundMe 

GoFundMe is the perfect crowdfunding website if you are looking for raising smaller amounts for equipment or need a little help producing songs etc. It’s great for short-term projects that you just need a little boost with. You might not raise the money needed for an entire album here but you definitely will get the money you need towards a new guitar etc. just make sure you put together a great campaign! s. 

#4 ArtistShare 

ArtistShare has been considered a crowdfunding pioneer, launching as one of the first in 2003. The site prides itself on connecting the artists to their fans and giving the fans a direct and easy way to show their dedication to the artist through donations. They share the creative process with their fans on the platform and give them direct influence in the creation of the artists work.  

Maria Schneider was a US jazz composer who had a successful crowdfunding campaign on ArtistShare. She ended up raising $130,000 on ArtistShare for her Concert in the Garden album which ended up getting a Grammy nomination! This truly is a brilliant example of how much successful crowdfunding campaigns can help a music artist. 

Best online platforms for musicians to raise money

#5 Patreon  

Patreon is a fantastic crowdfunding platform that can bring you closer to your fans by offering them monthly content, specifically for them if they become a patron. Fans can make monthly or one-off donations, making Patreon the perfect play to maintain a steady income to put towards your music. Patreon gives you the option of “tiers”, meaning the more your fans give, the more stuff you offer them in return. This is a great way to connect with your fans on a more personal level, allowing them to immerse themselves into your content even more! 

Leo Moracchioli started a Patreon when he began making music covers on YouTube. He was hugely popular and his fans wanted a way to support him so he decided to set up a Patreon! He now has 3,894 patrons and makes $5,389 per month from the support.  

#6 Give – Crowdfunding if you have a website

Give is slightly different from the others mentioned so far as it is a WordPress plugin. If you have a website for your music (which you should) and have done so on WordPress, this plugin is perfect for you! Give collects donations from people who visit your website and want to help out your career/dreams. Unlike every other crowdfunding platform, Give actually doesn’t charge any fees or take a cut of the amount you raise. They do place ads to make their money back though! 

Give might be the perfect option for you if you don’t feel like you could set up a successful campaign on the other websites as they don’t fit your vision etc. Give allows you to set up your crowdfunding in your own way at it is on your own website after all! 

#7 Ulule 


Ulule is a great crowdfunding platform for artists and has a pretty fun name too! (Ukulele without the ‘k’). Ulule is an international crowdfunding platform which can be intimidating at first but it does open up your options to a wider variety of people. Ulule has funded over 27,000 projects in nearly 200 countries, meaning that if you’ve got music you believe in, it’s worth setting up a campaign on Ulule! 

Ulule actually has a 67% campaign success rate which is huge in comparison to 31% on Kickstarter and 13% on Indiegogo. This may be because you aren’t competing for attention as much as you are on the bigger platforms, making it a valid option for musicians looking for funds. Foodducoin is a local neighbourhood bike delivery service that was entirely funded through Ulule! 

Crowdfunding for musicians

#8 GoGetFunding 


GoGetFunding is a crowdfunding website for literally any project or cause, as long as it’s legal! The bossy name of GoGetFunding really grabs your attention and motivates you to hopefully get those funds…it’s great for musicians who need funds from anything like new equipment to funding an entire music video. The website really encourages you to use social media to your advantage which is why most campaigns end up succeeding.  

A small musician under the name Jane Music raised over $3,000 for her new music video, this is really encouraging for smaller artists to see that these websites really do work! 

#9 Plumfund 


Plumfund is a completely free crowdfunding platform that is much more focused towards projects such as songs, albums, music videos and even tours. You get to keep whatever money you raise, even if you don’t reach your target.  

To date, Plumfund has helped people raise a total of $500,000,000 all from crowdfunding through their website! As it’s not as well-known as some of the other names, it is worth checking out to see if it will work for you. 

#10 Fundrazr 

Fundrazr prides itself on allowing people to fundraise for just about anything. Whether it’s a huge project or a small piece of equipment you need, it’s a great all-round website that is full of a variety of different people ready and willing to help out with your musical venture.  

Tucker Livingston is an award-winning singer who used Fundrazr to raise the money needed to buy a new computer to help produce a new album. He reached his humble goal of $2,000 in just a few days, showing the power of simply asking the community for help.  

More Top Crowdfunding Sites for Musicians

#11 Pledgie 

Pledgie is considerably smaller than the other big names on this list but it doesn’t mean that their services are any less equal. They offer lower fees and an ‘everything counts’ option if you don’t meet your target, meaning that they are a great alternative to some of the bigger crowdfunding websites. You can choose the ‘all or nothing’ option which is riskier but Pledgie will promote your campaign more in return.  

#12 Fundly 

Fundly has raised a very impressive $330 million and offers a brilliant supportive system to its users, however, it still seems to be fairly unknown despite this. Most projects looking for crowdfunding on Fundly are charity-based, however, there is nothing stopping you for using the website for personal needs such as furthering your music career.  

Having said this, Fundly is more aimed at charitable campaigns even though anything can go up on there. So, if you want to use it for music crowdfunding then you might want to look at what other websites suit your needs the best. 

#13 Rocketfuel 

Rocketfuel is a crowdfunding website dedicated to helping out music artists. Rocketfuel allows you to offer your fans very specific rewards for contributing monthly to your music project. Once you reach the goal for your project you are encouraged to make another to keep your fans interested and maintain the monthly contributions. 

Philippa Hanna is a British Christian music singer who joined Rocketfuel back in 2014. Since joining and setting up a variety of projects, she has accumulated over £97,000 from 2,396 loyal fans. This money has opened up her opportunities greatly and has allowed her to pursue her music career full time. If that isn’t a dream come true, I don’t know what is! 

#14 Pozible 

Pozible is a brilliant crowdfunding website for creative passion projects, making it a great place to crowdfund musical projects. Pozible not only helps you to raise funds but also to build a dedicated community who are more than happy to help you out. They have had over 15,000 projects and have raised a total of $62 million for these projects. 

The Kite Machine is a brilliant music crowdfunding success story on Pozible. They were looking to raise enough money to create and release their debut album. After setting up the campaign they smashed their target, raising over $4,000 to create their album! 

#15 Charitable 

Charitable is another great WordPress plugin that allows you to collect donations via PayPal on your website. This can be used for any project, you will just need to have a WordPress blog in order to run it. It’s a great quick way to raise money if you have your own website that people regularly visit.  

Last Top Crowdfunding Platform for Singers & Musicians

#16 Musicraiser 


Musicraiser is a fantastic crowdfunding platform specifically for music artists looking to raise money for a project. The site is easy to use, all you need to do is propose your music project and the campaign manager will evaluate it, giving you a few tips before accepting it. You can reach your goal by offering fans exclusive rewards if they donate, strengthening the relationship between you and your biggest supporters. You do have to reach 100% of your goal in order to receive the money so make sure that you are realistic! 

Trick or Treat is a brilliant example of a successful music crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser. They are a metal band who create reimagined covers of songs from children’s movies and cartoons. They needed to raise money to produce a new album, their original goal was $7,000 and they smashed this by 249%, subsequently raising over $17,000! Their crowdfunding campaign connected them with a load of new fans which ended up funding their project.  

Related Questions 

Which crowdfunding website is best for musicians? 

This really depends on your own personal preference and exactly what you are crowdfunding for. If it’s just equipment that might work better on music-specific sites whilst albums and concerts might be more effective on the broader sites as it’s something more people would be willing to donate towards. 

Does it cost a lot to set up a crowdfunding campaign? 

Each website has different fees with some being more than others. However, it certainly doesn’t cost a lot and usually, the website will deduct their fees from the money you make unless they are free of course!  

Have you considered crowdfunding for your music? Let us know in the comments below!