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Do False Teeth & Dentures Affect Your Singing Voice? 

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Should you lose one or several teeth, or all of your teeth need to be removed, they can be replaced with dentures or single implants. But how do false teeth and dentures affect your singing voice? 

Your teeth can make all the difference to your appearance and even help your diction and tone. If your dentist has recommended them, you may want to find out more about how false teeth and dentures affect your singing voice and performances.  

You can certainly sing after dentures, but there are a few things to look out for in terms of care and maintenance. Read on to find out how to ensure your dentures are properly fitted and which famous names have false teeth.   

Do false teeth and dentures affect your singing voice? 

can you sing without teeth

The words ‘false teeth’ may conjure images of your grandparent’s dentures. But nowadays these are worn by people of all ages. And technology has advanced ensuring they are better and more natural-looking than ever before.   

There are a number of reasons why you might need dentures or a replacement tooth. It doesn’t carry the stigma it once did, especially as cosmetic dentistry is so common among celebs and singers. Dentists are excellent at providing realistic and well-fitting alternatives that look great and give you a photo finish smile.  

Do dentures affect singing and do dentures change your voice? 

Changes to the oral cavity have a little effect on the voice, but it generally has more of an impact on speech – and articulation is a part of singing. There is some evidence to suggest that a thinner denture may sometimes result in a higher sound. This is due to the effect it has on the larynx and tongue position.  

The most likely effect of dentures on your singing is the way you pronounce words. Having what is initially a foreign object in your mouth may cause issues with speech and diction. But this shouldn’t last long, once you’ve got used to them.  

What does wearing dentures feel like – can you feel dentures? 

You will certainly feel you dentures at first, and you may even experience some discomfort and rubbing. Your dentist may need to make some adjustments during this time, so do let them know if you’re having issues. Generally, upper dentures are easier to wear than lower. Over time, however, you’ll forget they’re there and won’t notice them at all.   

Singing without teeth  

Singing without teeth is difficult, especially when it comes to pronouncing consonants. If you have to have teeth removed resulting in major gaps, or have a large number missing, it’s worth considering dentures or false teeth. 

Can you sing with dentures? 

Yes absolutely. They will take some getting used to and you’ll need to spend some time adjusting them to exactly how you like them. If you have any problems or struggle to sing after you have your dentures fitted, go back to your dentist and ask for advice.  

Singer wisdom teeth removal  

It’s very common to have your wisdom teeth removed. This is a routine procedure usually carried out under local anaesthetic and occasionally under general anaesthetic in a dental surgery environment.   

Your wisdom teeth sit at the very back of your mouth and are sometimes moved due to overcrowding. Because of this, you will not need to replace wisdom teeth with false teeth. While having these teeth removed also affects your oral cavity, it’s unlikely to have much, if any, impact on your sound at all.   

Famous singers with dentures 

does wisdom teeth removal affect singing voice

Many people wear full or partial dentures and you would never even know. With so many famous faces having ‘perfect’ teeth either by the whitening treatments, straightening or veneers, you really can’t tell the difference between these and false teeth. As a result, there may be very many singers who have them and we don’t know about it.  

Musicians with dentures  

If you play a woodwind instrument, you’ll have special needs when it comes to your dentures. Some practices will specialise in helping musicians with their dentures, or implants, to ensure improved embouchure formation. You may even find your play improves afterwards! 

Rock stars with dentures  

It may not seem rock and roll to talk about false teeth, but we know of a couple of stars who are very open about it. John Frusciante – the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist got dentures after losing his teeth due to his drug habit and Lemmy from Motorhead had false teeth from a young age. There can be many reasons for losing teeth including accidents, illness or decay. 

Celebrities with fake teeth – what celebrities have dentures? 

It’s common among celebs to have extreme dental work and for those with missing teeth, fake replacements are essential. 

Celebrities with dental implants or who wear full dentures  

  • Emma Watson wore partial dentures in the Harry Potter films when her baby teeth fell out. 
  • TV talent show judge Janice Dickinson has several false teeth.  
  • Nicholas Cage went as far as having teeth removed for a film role. These have since been replaced with implants.  
  • The comedian and actor Crissy Rock had full dentures fitted following cancer treatment. 
  • Florence Henderson, star of The Brady Bunch as long been an advocate for dentures and open about wearing them. 
  • Boxer Mike Tyson once had gold teeth. As these now appear to be white, it would seem he has had dentures or implants fitted instead.  


So if you need false teeth, implants or full dentures, don’t despair. You are in good company. And there’s no reason why, once you’ve got past the period of adjustment, you won’t sound every bit as good as you did before you had them fitted. 

Related Questions  

  • Can you eat corn on the cob with dentures? 

With dentures, you lose around two-thirds of a natural bite power. This means eating some items carefully. It’s, therefore, better to eat corn off the cob and ensure you distribute your food evenly on both sides of the back of the mouth when chewing.   

  • How often should dentures be relined? 

Get your dentures checked once a year. You may need to have them completely remade after five to ten years as they loosed. In the initial phase, you may need to get them relined more often until you find they are comfortable.    

  • What happens if I don’t wear my dentures  

Dentures help support the jaw bone – you may experience some bone loss if you don’t wear them and this affects your facial aesthetic. Your gums will also be continually exposed and may become sore. If you have missing teeth and don’t wear them, it will affect your smile.   

Have you had your pearly whites replaced? Do your false teeth and dentures affect your singing voice? Tell us how in the comments below?