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30 Easy Songs to Sing for Kids

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Most children love to sing, but what are the best easy songs to sing for kids of different ages? This article covers the top easy songs that are perfect for toddlers, for children and teenagers.

Whether you’re a parent encouraging your small children to sing, a child looking for a talent show number, or a teenager trying to produce original material – check out some of the best age-appropriate songs for kids of all ages, the best songs for toddlers, plus good songs for children and teenagers.

Are you a parent with a toddler who loves to sing and you’ve read about the biological benefits for singing for children? Below we give you 30 kid-friendly song suggestions.

Easy songs to sing for kids | What are age-appropriate songs? 

songs for 8 year olds to sing with lyrics

Some songs may be more age-appropriate than others. If you’re a 7-year-old singer just starting, then your vocal ability may not be as mature as an 11-year-old who’s been having singing lessons for a while. So, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing songs that not only match your vocal ability but also deliver an age-appropriate message through lyrics. 

You’re never too old to start singing. If you’re about to hit those teenage years and you’re thinking about taking up a new hobby as a musician, don’t believe that you need to have been born singing to have talent. It’s all about fun, practice and commitment. 

Easy songs for 0-5-year-olds 

If you’re a parent to a budding musician, it’s a great idea to find songs that both you and your toddler can sing together. At this age, it’s important to focus on having fun with music and using it as a tool to learn. Singing is not only a great activity for a child to express emotion, preparing them with communication skills for later life. But also has many biological benefits! It strengthens toddler’s lips and tongues, and this repeated use of muscle memory encourages clear speech and a greater vocabulary. 

Singing with your child will help build up concentration skills, as they try and follow your pace and recall lyrics. You may be finding yourself singing along to the same cartoon theme tunes every day with your little one, but now’s the time to get learning these classic top 10 easy songs for toddlers. 

#1 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes  

This is a great song if you’re looking to add some actions and refine your child’s motor skills whilst also teaching them parts and names of the body.  

#2 If You’re Happy and You Know It 

Perfect for younger children, this song encourages a positive expression of emotion in the form of a classic tune. Again, adding actions encourages tactile motions and the repetitive nature of this song’s lyrics and melody make it an easy choice to sing for toddlers.  

#3 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star  

A good choice if you’re looking for a more mellow song to bring down your child’s energy, especially before bed.  

#4 Baby Shark  

You’re probably familiar with this popular toddler song already, but the repetitive nature of this tune makes it a catchy option that will have your child enjoying the music and subconsciously developing their co-ordination skills as they follow along with the fun hand motions. 

Songs for preschool kids to sing

#5 Old MacDonald Had a Farm  

This is a great song to teach your child about farm animals and animal sounds. Why not make it an interactive experience to get your child thinking on their feet (let them pick out the animals for each verse).  


#6 Wheels on the Bus  

Time to get creative and encourage your child to think of some of their own lyrics to this classic nursery rhyme. It’s another repetitive, easy classic that your toddler will go wild for! 


#7 Let It Go  

If your child is into Disney movies then you’ve most likely heard this powerful song many a time. Frozen is full of empowering anthems for your child to sing their heart out to. This could be a great option if you’re looking to break the routine of nursery rhymes and search for a more challenging song, with higher notes that will get your child experimenting with their vocal range.  

#8 I’m a Little Teapot 

With silly lyrics and fun actions, this short song will have you and your child pretending to be teapots- encouraging acting skills and making the most of their imagination.  

Kid friendly songs

#9 Frère Jacques 

This is a great way to introduce your child to another language and get them practising French pronunciation, which in turn will help develop muscle movement between different areas of the mouth.  


#10 Incy Wincy Spider 

First being published in 1920, this is a timeless nursery rhyme. It’s another great option for bedtime sing-song, but you can also make this a more energetic tune by adding actions or raising the tempo.  


Easy songs for 5-10-year-olds  

A child’s love for a pop song is usually nothing to do with their relationship to the lyrics, and rather the melodic nature of the song and the hook of the chorus. A child’s choice of song is also all about their exposure to music, whether that be in the car with the radio on, or from older siblings and family members. These ages are very impressionable, and making the right song decisions now is an important step in discovering your vocal ability.  

A great example of kid-friendly pop songs that you can draw inspiration from is the brand of compilation albums from Kidz Bop.

Although there is a great deal of change that happens between ages 5-10, including the development of vocal ability, it’s a great time to experiment with lots of genres of music. From musical theatre to country ballads, it’s a good idea to hone in on one specific genre to help determine your path as a musician. And similar levels of difficulty (ensuring that you don’t strain your vocal cords).  

So, here are ten easy songs that are suitable for children age 5-10 to sing.   

#11 Mean by Taylor Swift 

This song iboth empowering and cathartic, it has a great underlying message for children experiencing bullying. In the key of E major, this country-pop song shouldn’t be too challenging to sing for the male or female developing voice 


#12 Part of Your World by Jodi Benson

If you’re into Disney then you’ll be familiar with this song, with more theatrical undercurrents this could be the perfect song to experiment with your musical theatre side. 

Pop songs for kids 

#13 Happy by Pharrell Williams 

This is great choice for a karaoke night to show off your vocal ability. It’s upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics will get the audience up on their feet and singing along. Being used for the Despicable Me 2 movie, this song is child friendly too.   


#14 Pompeii by Bastille  

In the key of A major, this is another feel-good song. The step-like melodic structure makes it easy to sing with fewer vocal leaps. It’s also a great song to experiment with harmonies, so why not ask another musical friend and try out a cool duet.   


Songs for 8-year-olds to sing with lyrics 

#15 Counting Stars by One Republic

In the key of C# minor, this song explores a lower range of the voice. It may be a good idea to search for higher or lower backing tracks if the original key doesn’t sit well with your voice. Why not learn simple piano accompaniment, really elevating your performance as an artist? 


#16 A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Slower ballads tend to be easier when expressing emotion through lyrics. This song will allow you to connect with your audience and is a nice change from upbeat, high energy songs which tend to be a popular choice for younger children to sing. This song will also allow you to show off the maturity of your voice leaving everyone wanting more.  


#17 Wings by Little Mix

This is a great choice for a slightly older singer starting to look for more mature, vocally challenging material. It has a powerful message behind the lyrics discussing freedom and could mirror the idea of having more responsibility as you grow up- really resonating with ten-year-olds making that shift from child to teen. Although, with a complex song structure and key change from E minor to E major halfway through the double chorus, this song will need a bit more practice. 


#18 Perfect by Ed Sheeran 

Ed Sheeran is a popular choice for cover songs, so it’s important that if you sing this song, you make the cover your own. Why not try experimenting with the tempo? Or you could do a duet and sing the version that Beyoncé features on 


Songs for ten-year-olds to sing

#19 I’ll be there by Jess Glynn

This song requires a slightly bigger vocal range from E3 to D5, meaning it could be a good song to explore both your chest and head voice. With melodic leaps and runs, it would be a good idea to sing this song once your voice is fully warmed up, to reach your maximum potential and get it sounding great! 


#20 Shotgun by George Ezra  

With its simple baseline and catchy, repetitive lyrics this is a great choice if you’re looking to get everyone up on their feet and singing along. George Ezra has a great selection of kid-friendly songs so if this one isn’t up your alley, then I’d recommend taking a look at a few more of his songs as he has a mix of mellow, acoustic singles to more energetic tunes. 


Easy songs for kids to sing (10+) 

This is a really fun age to start exploring more mature, technically challenging songs to stretch your voice. You may feel as though you’ve been opened up to a plethora of new songs that are now more age-appropriate, making this a really exciting time to transition from basic kid-friendly classics, to chart hits and songs by your favourite artists.   

At this age, your vocal ability is starting to become apparent. If you’ve been singing for a while, you’ll be more aware of your vocal range, and where you find comfortable to sing. Whether that be lower, resonating notes, higher operatic soprano notes, or somewhere in between. Here’s a list of 10 easy songs for kids age 10+ to sing,

Karaoke songs for kids 

#21 Dance Monkey by Tones and I 

With the lead singer of this song having a distinct voice, you mustn’t try and directly mimic her style. Sing it in your accent, and it will instantly sound less strained and more effortless. This fun song could be the perfect opportunity to show off some energetic dance moves, really honing your performance technique and audience engagement.  


#22 Better Half of Me by Tom Walker 

This is a chilled out acoustic song, a great choice if you’re looking for a cool down at the end of a set. The verses are quite low in Eb Major, so if you have a deeper voice this could sound super warm and rich.  


#23 She Used To Be Mine by Sara Bareilles

From the popular musical Waitress, this ballad pulls on the heartstrings. It’s a more challenging song, with a few high notes belted in chest voice. However, you could put your twist on it, stripping it back to head voice and focusing on your musical theatre skills.  


#24 Polaroid by Jonas Blue, Liam Payne, Lennon Stella  

Although originally sung by three artists, you can make this is a solo piece. The upbeat rhythmic chorus gives an energetic feel to the reasonably mellow song. The backing finger clicks can be easily recreated in your live set, giving another layer of depth to the performance. 


#25 We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth 

in the key of C# Minor, this song doesn’t require as much of a challenging vocal range- meaning you can probably belt the chorus in your chest voice or use a mix of head and chest to keep your audience engaged and impressed with your vocal ability. The mature message delivered through the lyrics is one that teens can probably relate to, which will enhance the performance of the song. 


#26 Love You Like a Love Song by Selena Gomez  

Released in 2011, kids might see this as an older electro-pop song. But with its simple melodic structure, it’s an easy choice to get everyone singing along.  


#27 Adore You by Harry Styles 

A more current pop song in the key of C Minor, this song shouldn’t require too much vocal straining. The runs and riffs used throughout add a layer of advanced technique, making it the perfect song to show off your voice.  


#28 Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish

This is a really popular song to cover, so it’s important to make it your own if you want to stand out. Harmonies and backing vocals would sound nice on this track. 


#29 That’s What’s Up by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

You don’t always have to sing a current hit. Sometimes it’s a good idea to look back through older classics, and alternative genres, to see how you can put your twist on them. This song is a great country-folk option mixing up your set; which would sound even better with an acoustic guitar! 


#30 High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco

This catchy song is a really powerful option that will show off your vocals. The repetitive hook line in the chorus requires relatively advanced breathing technique due to its upbeat nature. However, in the key of F, it shouldn’t be too challenging to belt the high notes, meaning you can focus more on controlling your breath. 

Why write original material? 

The best song for kids to sing is a song they have written themselves! Songwriting is a great skill for anyone to acquire. It allows you to think creatively, express your emotions and experiment with your musical expertise.  

Some of the most popular, successful artists in the music industry are in their teens. Billie Eilish rose to fame at just 15 years old, so what’s holding you back? 

Do you have a kid who loves to sing? What songs do you find easy to cover? Let us know in the comments below!