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Edinburgh is very proud of its music scene and it’s pretty easy to understand why. The Proclaimers and the Bay City Rollers all began their music career in the Scottish capital and the thriving music scene is definitely reflected in the abundance of Edinburgh open mic nights.

Best Open Mic Nights in Edinburgh

If you fancy polishing up your live performances then Edinburgh is the place to be with a huge variety of open mic nights to attend and sing your heart out at. Here are some of the best places to attend an open mic night in Edinburgh, in no particular order.

#1 Whistlebinkies: Open Mic Night

Open Mic Finder Whistlebinkies: Open Mic Night

Whistlebinkies is a live music bar that loves, you guessed it, live music! So, it only makes sense for them to host an awesome open mic night that brings music lovers together, whether you are a professional or just starting out. The night is hosted by Chris Buckley, an Edinburgh-based music lover and singer himself. Everyone is made to feel welcome by him.

A guitar and mic are provided, meaning that you will only need to bring your lovely self to the night. The general performances are mostly singer-songwriters but the floor really is open to any style you feel most comfortable doing.

There is a new featured artist every single week, shining the spotlight on the best local talent. It’s a great way to find new music whilst showcasing your own.

Venue location:     Whistlebinkies – 4-6 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1LL
Phone number:   0131 557 5114
Open Mic Night:   Every Monday 9pm-12am
Want to perform?   Keep updated on their dedicated open mic Facebook page


#2 Brewhemia Edinburgh: Plectrums & Pickering’s Open Mic

Brewhemia Edinburgh: Plectrums & Pickering's Open Mic

Plectrums & Pickering’s is hosted by Cameron Phair, an Edinburgh-based singer who loves music, performing and discovering new awesome local talent. Brewhemia provides a PA system, cables, mic and a keyboard. Cameron also provides a small mixing desk, Cajon and a guitar. You will be very kitted out for your live performance at this open mic.

The majority of performances consist of local singer-songwriters trying out their music in a friendly environment to see what people think. The styles, however, vary hugely so anything is welcome here.

The night is always busy with a very chilled out vibe thanks to the space they use, you really do feel like you are performing in front of friends in someone’s living room!

Venue location:     Brewhemia Edinburgh – 1A Market St, Edinburgh, EH1 1DE
Phone number:   0131 226 9560
Open Mic Night:   Every Monday from 8pm
Want to perform?   Just turn up on the night


#3 The Wee Pub: Open Mic Night

Edinburgh The Wee Pub: Open Mic Night
Photo credit: Dario McPherrante

The Wee Pub has an incredibly fitting name… it is actually Scotland’s smallest pub with room for only 20 people, at a push! However, they are huge on atmosphere and live music, which is why their open mic night is not one to be missed.

They have different guest hosts on different nights but they all have one thing in common, they love local talent. A PA system is provided, just bring any instruments you may need and plug in and play! The night is always busy, which is why they run it twice a week on both a Tuesday and a Sunday. As the venue is so small, you might want to make sure that you get there early…

Performers also get a free pint and the crowd is incredibly welcoming to regulars and newbies so it’s a great place to share your music!

Venue location:     The Wee Pub – 94-96 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2JR
Phone number:   0131 220 1246
Open Mic Night:   Every Tuesday and Sunday 7:30pm
Want to perform?   Sign up is 7pm on the night or check their Facebook group


Thinking of attending your first open mic night? Here’s what to expect:

#4 Opium: Live Sessions

Open Mic Edinburgh Opium: Live Sessions

Opium is a classic and alternative rock club that loves live music. In association with Jack Daniels, Opium Live brings the finest acoustic talent to the table with their fantastic open mic night.

Opium Live open mic nights are always exciting with different hosts and takeovers including Martin Guitar, who takes over established open mic nights and provides the finest guitars you could ever dream of playing!

All equipment is provided along with sound and lighting, you really will feel like a famous singer during your set thanks to the awesome crowd and set up. All genres are welcome with the general vibe being acoustic singer-songwriters. The crowd are attentive and will listen to anything you play for them.

The night is always busy so make sure that you turn up early to ensure you get a slot. Performers also get a free drink.

Venue location:     Opium Live – 71 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW
Phone number:   0131 225 8382
Open Mic Night:   Every Sunday from 9pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up early on the night!


#5 The Jaffle Joint: Open Mic

Edinburgh Open Mics The Jaffle Joint: Open Mic

The Jaffle Joint is a trendy bar in Edinburgh that lives for awesome live music. The open mic night is hosted by Martina Cannon-Ball, a local musician who loves finding new talent and bringing musicians out of their shells.

A full PA system is provided, you just need to plug in and play the night away. The Jaffle Joint is all about keeping live music alive so any genre and style is welcome, as long as you are as passionate about music as everyone else!

Everyone who performs is rewarded with a free beer and you can even enjoy watching live footage of your performance afterwards. It’s a great way to not only remember the night but see how you can improve your live performances.

Venue location:     The Jaffle Joint – 87 Portobello High St, Edinburgh, EH15 1AW
Phone number:   0131 657 2922
Open Mic Night:   Every Friday 9pm-12am
Want to perform?   Let them know on the night


#6 Henry’s Cellar Bar: Easy Mondays Open Stage

Open Mic Night Edinburgh Henrys Cellar Bar

Henry’s Cellar Bar welcomes a variety of live music and prides itself on the awesome Monday open mic night which has been running for 15 years now! Currently hosted by Niamh Joyce, a local music lover and musician, the night is extremely welcoming and fun to attend.

The venue is an awesome basement bar which is incredibly fun to perform live in. Two guitar amps, bass amp, drum kit, and a sound tech are all provided. Full bands are welcome and are given a 30-minute slot whilst single performers have 15 minutes of fame!

You will typically only get original music at this open mic and it’s greatly encouraged, if you try and perform an Oasis cover you will immediately get cut off…you’ve been warned, no Wonderwalls here!

The atmosphere changes from one week to the next, getting busier and louder after midnight. It is very popular so make sure that you get there for the 8pm sign-up!

Venue location:     Henry’s Cellar Bar – 16A Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8BJ
Phone number:   0131 629 2992
Open Mic Night:   Every Monday sign-up 8pm, slots from 9pm-3am
Want to perform?   Just turn up for 8pm on the night


#7 Footlights Bar: Open Mic Night

Edinburgh Wednesday Open Mics Footlights Bar: Open Mic Night

Footlights is a great local bar with a stunning view of Edinburgh Castle, perfect for some much-needed musical inspiration! The weekly open mic night is hosted by local Edinburgh-based music lovers Aníbal and Chelsea who are also the in-house musicians if you should so need them!

Mics, bass, guitars and Cajon are all provided so all you need to do is bring along your singing voice. Absolutely everybody is welcome so no matter what your genre, if you are a solo artist or a band, as long as you perform music, you are welcomed with open arms! The night is usually very busy so make sure you turn up early to book your slot, 8:30pm on the night is when you can sign up.

If they really like your performance, they might even book you at the venue to play on a Friday or Saturday so it’s a brilliant opportunity to really show off what you can do.

Venue location:     Footlights Bar – 7 Spittal St, Edinburgh, EH3 9DY
Phone number:   0131 229 6466
Open Mic Night:   Every Thursday 9pm-12am
Want to perform?   Turn up for the 8:30pm sign up


Ever considered hosting your own open mic night?


#8 Barrelhouse Bar & Grill: Open Mic BYOT

Edinburgh Open Mic Thursday Barrelhouse bar & grill: Open Mic BYOT

The Barrelhouse bar & grill is a brilliant place for live music thanks to the awesome atmosphere and friendly locals. Martina Cannon-Ball also hosts this open mic night, playing her own music to start the night off with a bang.

Absolutely everything is provided from guitars to pianos to even a full band set-up! This really does offer a brilliant live performance opportunity thanks to the stage and quality surround sound system, it’s like having your very own concert!

The night is always incredibly popular so make sure that you turn up early to sign up on the night to bag yourself a slot. This is the perfect night for musicians and music lovers, so don’t hesitate to turn up, any genre of music is welcome.

Venue location:     Barrelhouse bar & grill – 35 Smokey Brae, Edinburgh, EH8 7AA
Phone number:   0131 661 0811
Open Mic Night:   Every Thursday 8-11pm
Want to perform?   Turn up early to sign up


#9 Mercat Bar and Kitchen: Open Mic

Edinburgh Open Mic Mercat Bar and Kitchen: Open Mic

If you are looking for a chilled-out afternoon open mic session, then Wednesdays at the Mercat bar is the place to be. Hosted by local music lovers, it’s a brilliant way to meet like-minded individuals whilst trying your hand at performing your music live.

A full PA, guitars, Cahon and bass are all available so you really do just need to bring yourself. Any music style is welcome and every single week there is something different so don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd! The lunchtime jam session offers a very different vibe to evening open mic nights so if you are nervous about performing in front of larger, rowdy crowds, this is the open mic for you.

Venue location:     Mercat Bar and Kitchen – 28 W Maitland St, Edinburgh, EH12 5DX
Phone number:   0131 225 8716
Open Mic Night:   Every Wednesday 2-5pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on time


#10 Underground Live: Open Mic Night

Edinburgh Underground Live: Open Mic Night

The Underground is Edinburgh’s urban live music venue and is a really unique place to perform live with graffiti décor, open plan layout and a balcony, it is definitely a younger audience than other open mic nights!  Michael Dodds hosts this unique open mic night and he is a brilliant local musician who loves helping other musicians gain confidence performing live.

As it’s a music venue, everything is provided, all you need to do is plug in and play! This could possibly be one of Edinburgh’s most varied open mic nights, everyone is welcome and any genre of music goes. The night is always incredibly busy so make sure you get there for the 9pm sign up.

With a complimentary drink for all performers and the chance to perform at such a unique and awesome venue, you really can’t go wrong with this open mic night…

Venue location:     Underground Live – Teviot Row House Student Union, 13 Bristo Pl, Edinburgh, EH8 9AJ
Phone number:   0131 650 4199
Open Mic Night:   Last Thursday of every month 9-11:30pm
Want to perform?   Turn up for the 9pm sign up


Bonus Open Mic Nights in Edinburgh

St Andrews Brewing Co: Live at the Loft

Open Mics in Edinburgh

This unique open mic night is located in the loft of the outhouse bar run by the St Andrews Brewing Co. Cameron Phair, a talented musician, hosts this very different night that offers a new and exciting vibe thanks to the loft location!

A PA system and guitars are provided so all you need to worry about is your singing voice. You can perform your own songs or covers, the choice really is up to you and all genres are more than welcome. The audience is incredibly attentive and is literally there to hear your music. A community of songwriters regularly attend, allowing you to network and get your music heard!

Venue location:     St Andrews Brewing Co. The Outhouse – 12A Broughton St Ln, Edinburgh, EH1 3LY
Phone number:   0131 557 6668
Open Mic Night:   Fortnightly Wednesdays from 9pm to 2am
Want to perform?   Simply turn up for the 8pm sign up


The Doghouse: The Underdog Jam

The Underdog Jam at The Doghouse is a funky jam session that takes place every Tuesday. If you are looking for a slightly different open mic night, then this really is the one for you. All musicians of all abilities are welcome, it’s a great way to meet new friends whilst practising jamming.

The night could consist of anything from improvised jams to covers or the occasional exciting new band. Every performer gets a free beer too so get yourself down there!

Venue location:     The Dog House – 18-24 Clerk St, Edinburgh, EH8 9HX
Phone number:   0131 629 0275
Open Mic Night:   Every Tuesday from 9:30pm to 12:30am
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night


What should performers expect from a jam night?

Bannerman’s Open Mic

Edinburgh Open Mics

Bannermans is an awesome bar and live music venue located in the heart of Edinburgh. They have live music six days of the week so if you are a musician, this really is the place to be! Their open mic night runs every single Sunday and is one of the longest running out there.

As it is a music venue, a full PA system and guitars etc are provided, meaning that you can just plug in and play. The night is always incredibly busy and covers and original songs are all welcome.

Venue location:     Bannermans Bar – 212 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1NQ
Phone number:   0131 556 3254
Open Mic Night:   Every Sunday 3pm-8pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night


Bar Brig: Manic Monday

Open Mic Finder Edinburgh

Bar Brig is a brilliant established bar and music venue that hosts a brilliant weekly open mic night. The open mic night has been running for years with different featured artists every single week who headline the night.

A full PA system is provided so if you need an instrument, you are welcome to bring your own. The open mic night is open to absolutely everyone who loves music, no matter what your genre or ability! The environment is incredibly relaxed with lovely friendly folk and a variety of ages, music tastes and abilities.

The performers offer anything from originals to classics and from folk to reggae to rock, anything goes! They also offer delicious food for you to fuel up before your performance slot.

Venue location:     Bar Brig – 96-98 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 5HB
Phone number:   0131 281 1090
Open Mic Night:   Every Monday 8:30pm-12am
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night


Leith Depot: The Wanted Session

Leith Depot is an established pub that comes to life with live music with their open mic nights on Tuesdays. Lins McRobie and Laura Silverstone host this brilliant night, starting the music off with their own performances and getting you warmed up for the night.

A PA system is provided but you are expected to bring your own guitar, banjo, fiddle or whatever it is you may need to perform your music! The performances vary hugely from one night to the next so there are no set guidelines to what you can and cannot do.

Venue location:     Leith Depot – 140 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 5DT
Phone number:   0131 555 4738
Open Mic Night:   Every Tuesday 9pm-12am
Want to perform?   Let them know on the night


Banshee Labyrinth: Take the Stage

Open Mics Near Me Edinburgh

The Banshee Labyrinth is an alternative bar in Edinburgh that is reportedly haunted by many spirits. Hopefully, that doesn’t put you off your performance though! Every Wednesday they host a brilliant open mic night with full backline provide, you just need to bring your guitar.

The music tends to be on the heavier, rock side of things, however, all genres are more than welcome. Original songs are encouraged, The night can get very loud and busy so its definitely worth performing if you can hold your own.

Venue location:     The Banshee Labyrinth – 29-35 Niddry Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LG
Phone number:   0131 558 8209
Open Mic Night:   Every Wednesday 9pm until late
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night


Woodland Creatures: Out of the Bedroom

Woodland Creatures is a pub that values the most important things in life, craft beer, nature and live music! Their Out of the Bedroom open mic night is run by acoustic music lovers, meaning that it’s only acoustic singer-songwriters and your songs must be original.

Don’t try and do any covers here, they won’t have any of it! Each performer gets 3 song-long slots so pick your best. This open mic actually won the title of “Best Acoustic Club” from 2003-2008 so you might want to get down there to see what the fuss is all about!

Venue location:     Woodland Creatures – 260-262 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 5EL
Phone number:   0131 629 5509
Open Mic Night:   Fortnightly Thursday 8-11pm
Want to perform?   Sign up from 7:30pm on the night


Kilderkin: Uke Hoot

If you are looking for an open mic jam night with a difference, then Uke Hoot at the Kilderkin is the night for you! Essentially, it’s a ukulele jam and singalong with all abilities welcome. If you don’t have your own ukulele, they can provide you with one if you want to give it a go.

This is a chilled out, low-pressure night that is perfect for beginners who are looking for more of a jam session. You will improve your confidence performing in front of others and might even come away with some new friends!

Venue location:     Kilderkin – 67 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8BT
Phone number:   0131 556 2101
Open Mic Night:   Every Wednesday from 7:30pm
Want to perform?   Simply turn up on the night


Boteco: Open Mic Wednesdays

Open Mic Tuesday Edinburgh

Boteco Do Brasil is an amazing Brazilian restaurant in Edinburgh that loves putting on live music. The open mic night is hosted by Aníbal and Andrea, local musicians who are infectiously passionate about discovering new talent!

A full PA system and house band are provided and the whole idea of the night is to have fun. If you want to improve your skills, you are more than welcome to perform. If you are advanced and want to show off, go ahead!

It’s a busy, loud and fun night full of music, it might not be the most serious open mic around but it’s probably the most fun…

Venue location:     Boteco Do Brasil – 47 Lothian St, Edinburgh, EH1 1HB
Phone number:   07494 077565
Open Mic Night:   Every Wednesday 9pm-12am
Want to perform?   Check out the Facebook page for update


Now you have seen all of the best open mic nights Edinburgh has to offer, what are you waiting for? Get on out there and start performing!

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