Facebook for Singers: Brand Consistency

Synchronising your social media artwork and URLs

Facebook advice for singers: Here at Open Mic UK we’ll be assisting you with all the best tips for using Facebook. Learning how to use Facebook as a promotional tool is of upmost importance for singers and songwriters!

One of the first steps in using Facebook is to make sure your bio, picture and information are as clear as possible. Also, make sure your profile picture on Facebook is the same or as near as it can be as the main picture used on your website and other social media to create a working synergy across all of your platforms.

The same applies to colour themes and logos – you want to make sure that your style and imagery is demonstrated clearly to increase brand awareness. This all follows onto physical marketing and promotion which we will come on to in coming weeks.

Synchronize your social media!

  • Use the same display pictures, backgrounds and names! Using the same imagery across all your social media sites strengthens your brand as an artist.
  • It looks more professional and official. People won’t wonder if they are on the correct page if everything matches as opposed to having different themes and pictures on each account.
  • Try and use the same URL address for each social media site. This increases your searchability as an artist and makes you easier to find. You will need to customise your Facebook URL as you are given a random series of characters to start off with, which doesn’t appear on search engines.

Using Facebook as a singer

The first thing any singer should be thinking about when creating a social media platform for themselves is synchronising all their social media sites with the same display pictures, backgrounds, and names.

Using the same URL address name and sticking to it across all social media platforms increases your searchability as an artist, and makes it easier to find you on search engines such as Google.

You’ll need to customise your Facebook URL address as normally you will be allocated a series of random letters and numbers initially and this will not bring you up on search engines.

Here’s an example of the brand Open Mic UK’s social media platform URLs:

Facebook: Facebook.com/openmicuk

Twitter: Twitter.com/openmicuk

As you can see, Open Mic UK uses the same URL for both accounts. The main pictures for both accounts are the same as are the backgrounds. It’s a clear synergy which leaves no room for confusion.

It’s important as an artist that you follow this formula. There may however be cases whereby it is impossible to have the same URL, for example if it’s already taken by another artist. If that is the case, try and keep it as similar as possible and the same across your social media platforms, for example openmicukmusic would be a good alternative.

Click here for a handy article on learning how to change your Facebook URL from one that Facebook will initially give you. However, please bear in mind that you may need to have 25 fans before they allow you to do this.



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