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Facebook for Singers: Brand Consistency

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Social media is a fantastic tool for those in the music industry. But how do you attract and keep followers across all the platforms?  

Facebook for singers: brand consistency is important if you want to be taken seriously as an artist. This includes your page name, bios, images, logos, album covers and styling. It helps make you recognisable and popular as a brand. 

Read the rest of the article for Facebook advice for singers and all the best tips for using it as a solo musician or band – including how to change your name on Facebook.   

Facebook for Singers: brand consistency 

Facebook for Singers: brand consistency 

Learning how to use Facebook as a promotional tool is of utmost importance for singers and songwriters!. And a part of this is considering how the various elements of your brand match and work together. If you’ve read some of our other articles on social media, you’ll know we recommend using many different sites and platforms. For singers, in particular, Facebook is arguably the most important. This is because it enables you to do pretty much everything including: 

  • Posting videos and pictures 
  • Creating events and inviting your followers to them 
  • Publicising gigs and launches  
  • Using Facebook Live to provide real-time content 
  • Linking your tracks via streaming services  
  • Writing longer-form blogs, as well as punchy posts 
  • Using an ‘artist’, ‘band’ or ‘musician’ page to do all of this, separate to your private account, but linked to it for ease of access

What is brand consistency on social media? 

So we’ve established that while Facebook is important, you should also be using other social media services like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Bandcamp. 

Your followers and fans will want to see what you’re doing across many or all of these. You can make it easier for them to find you on the various platforms by being easily recognisable. That means using the same name (or at least handles as similar as possible), consistent formatting, possibly the same profile picture and the same logos. There should be a sense of cohesion across your sites – including a website if you have one and your profile on streaming sites like Spotify. This is brand consistency.  

Why consistency is important on social media 

Although people go on to social media in search of some new content, trends show that people prefer an element of familiarity in there. It also gives a vibe of laziness and that you’re not presenting a really professional image (subconsciously people may then think you’re less likely to be a professional sounding singer).  

You don’t necessarily need great graphic design or high-end photos either. It can be something as simple as choosing colour schemes and fonts that match across all of your platforms to create an instantly familiar landing page.  

Why is brand consistency important for singers on Facebook? 

This is a hugely competitive industry and so you need to do everything you can to present a great image and attract people to your music. Social media is now the top way to get your news out there, particularly for younger audiences, who are the greatest consumers of new music.  

 If someone influential hears you singing at a gig or show, the first thing they’ll do to make contact is to check out your social media pages. Imagine if these look scrappy and messy – it won’t give the best impression. And with so many tools at our fingertips these days, there’s no excuse not to get it right.  

Synchronising your social media artwork and URLs 

One of the first steps in using Facebook is to make sure your bio, picture and information are as clear and well presented as possible. Also, make sure your profile picture on Facebook is the same or as near as it can be as the main picture used on your website and other social media to create a working synergy across all of your platforms.  

It should be representative of who you are as an artist and be of a high resolution (almost every smartphone is now capable of taking high-resolution images – so again, no excuses!). 

The same applies to colour themes and logos – you want to make sure that your style and imagery is demonstrated clearly to increase brand awareness. This all follows onto physical marketing and promotion including your fliers, hard copy album covers, mail outs and posters.

Synchronise your social media 

Using Facebook as a singer 

Here are some more tips for creating brand consistency: 

  • Use the same display pictures, backgrounds and names!. Using the same imagery across all your social media sites strengthens your brand as an artist. 
  • Make it look professional and official. People won’t wonder if they are on the correct page if everything matches as opposed to having different themes and pictures on each account. 
  • Try and use the same URL address name for each social media site. This increases your searchability as an artist and makes you easier to find. If your name is already taken on one site, you can add a dash, or underscore, to at least keep your name as similar as possible.  
  • We’ve talked a lot about visuals, but what about tone? This is the vibe you have when writing. Are your posts jokey and light-hearted or serious and emo? 
  • Match your picture style to your tone too. If you’re going for fun your pictures should be too. Whereas a more emotional style suits sepia and black and white photography.    

Using Facebook as a singer 

These are the first things any singer should be thinking about when creating a social media platform for themselves Synchronising all social media sites with the same display pictures, backgrounds, tone and names will create an instantly recognisable brand. 

Using the same URL address name and sticking to it across all social media platforms increases your searchability as an artist, and makes it easier to find you on search engines such as Google – which is how many fans will find you. 

You’ll need to customise your Facebook URL address as normally you will be allocated a series of random letters and numbers initially and this will not bring you up on search engines. 

Here’s an example of the brand Open Mic UK’s social media platform URLs: 

  • Facebook: 
  • Twitter: 

As you can see, Open Mic UK uses the same URL ending for both accounts. The main pictures for both accounts are the same as are the backgrounds. It’s a clear synergy which leaves no room for confusion. 

It’s important as an artist that you follow this formula. There may however be times when it is impossible to have the same URL name, for example, if it’s already been taken by another artist. If that is the case, try and keep it as similar as possible and the same across your social media platforms, for example, openmicukmusic would be a good alternative. 

How to add genre to facebook 

It’s a good idea to add as much information as possible – so long as it’s relevant. One piece of information that can help potential fans find you, is the genre tag. To access this, click ‘edit info’ under your artist or band name. A selection of text boxes under different categories will appear. Information you can add to your profile via these includes your music genre and a biography. Don’t forget to click ‘save changes’ at the bottom of the page when you’re finished. 

Facebook groups for singers 

Facebook groups are a great resource for picking up tricks and tips from peers. To fully understand brand consistency, it’s worth checking out what other people are doing – the good and the bad – to get a feel for what does and doesn’t work. It’s also a brilliant way to find out about opportunities in your area and further afield. Join local and national groups for the fullest picture and to find musical collaborators. Here are some groups you might like to join. Or you could start your own, a great way to make a name for yourself.  

How to change your name on Facebook for singers 

How to change your name on Facebook for singers

If you decide to convert your personal page to match your artist name, or have decided to rebrand including a new name, how do you go about it? 

Changing your Facebook name doesn’t have to be difficult and it is something that a lot of artists go through. There are conditions that can make it tricky to rename your page so make sure you know the rules and process behind it. 

Renaming your Facebook page is easily done through editing your ‘About’ section, However, there can be complications when you have over 200 likes. You also can’t change your name if you’ve changed it too much or if it doesn’t meet Facebook’s name standards. 

If your music is going in a new direction, you might be unsatisfied with your current name. You could just be looking for a fresh rebrand or stage name that suits you better. If you do change, you will need to know how to rename your Facebook page. 

Can you rename a page on Facebook? 

Yes, you can and this should be simple if your page has less than 200 likes. If you have more than 200 fans then things can become more difficult. This is because Facebook could end up reviewing your application to change your name. 

It usually takes 3-7 days for Facebook to review a name change. Usually, there won’t be a problem and, after a few days, your page name will change so that all your fans can see it. However, there are circumstances where a new name won’t be approved. 

Why can’t I change my name on Facebook? 

If you have already changed your name, Facebook won’t allow you to change your name for another 7 days. This means that if you make a mistake the first time around then you’ll have to wait a week before you change it. 

If you are changing your name frequently then you might find yourself unable to make further changes. There are Facebook pages that spam users with content and repeatedly change their name to avoid being reported. If you’re constantly making changes then you might be flagged up with these pages. 

You need to be sensible with your name on Facebook so don’t try to add any explicit or offensive words. This will likely be blocked by Facebook and you don’t want to run the risk of your whole page being blocked. Even if it is approved, it won’t go down well with your fans so just don’t do it. 

How to change your Facebook page name 

There are a number of things you must think about and then do. Here are our five steps to changing your name on Facebook… 

#1 Brainstorm new ideas

There is no harm in having a good brainstorming session to find the best artist name for you. You might think that you’ve found the perfect name but come up with more ideas just to make sure.

We suggest using to check availability across multiple platforms. It is important to have all your online platforms aligned under the same name.

Also, you could ask your friends for ideas, use song names for inspiration or use a random name generator.

#2 Pick one you are certain of

Once you have a good selection, pick the one that represents you the best. You should see how it looks written down as well as how it sounds when you say. What looks good on paper might not be easy for people to say or understand.

Go through the best candidates for your new name with your friends and get feedback. You could open it up to your audience to hear their thoughts or even let them have a vote.

#3 Make sure it’s unique

You want to make sure no one else has your name because this will make it difficult for people to find you. You want to be easily searchable so search your name on Facebook, Spotify and other platforms before you commit.

#4 Click ‘About’ on your Facebook page

how to change your name on facebook mobile phone app

When you go onto the Facebook home page, you’ll find pages on the left sidebar. This will be under ‘Explore’ or it may even be under ‘Shortcuts’. Go onto your page and on the left, you will find the About section.

#5 ‘Edit’ your page name

how to change your name on facebook mobile phone app

Once you’ve clicked this, the first thing that comes up should be the ‘General’ section, including your page category, page name and username. You will be able to click ‘Edit’ and change all of these. It is a good idea to match your page name and your username.

Click here for a handy article on learning how to change your Facebook URL from one that Facebook will initially give you. However, please bear in mind that you may need to have 25 fans before they allow you to do this. 

How do you maintain brand consistency in social media marketing? 

So now you’ve established your brand consistency, how do you maintain it? It’s not as easy as just doing it once and leaving it at that. The world of social media is ever-evolving and you’ll need to keep up.  

Facebook for musicians in 2020 

Look out for new buttons and widgets appearing in Facebook’s settings over the next months or years. Facebook is a brand too and they are expert as staying ahead of the game with their own branding. Anything that can increase your promotion possibilities is a big help. And as the creator of a page, the site will often send you tips and suggestions to optimise your experience. Don’t forget to share any news or changes on Facebook, as well as your website, streaming profiles and other social media channels. The number of artist and musician pages are constantly increasing – you want people to notice yours. 

If you want some examples of consistent and successful singer’s brands, check out these Facebook accounts. Shakira and Eminem may not be the biggest current artists, but their social media leads the way. They’ve both stood the test of time too, and their consistent branding that’s kept up with their changes has much to do with that. 

 As an artist, you’re likely to adapt and as you do, so must your branding. The world is content hungry, meaning you must put lots of videos, photos, posts and links on your platforms to stay in people’s feeds and minds.  

Related Questions 

  • How do I create a musician page on Facebook? 

Click on ‘create page’, then choose ‘artist, ‘band’ or ‘public figure’. Followed by ‘musician’ at the next step. Click on ‘create’ and enter your musician name. You can upload photos, videos, write a bio and ask people to like and follow you.  

  • How do I start a band page on Facebook? 

Follow the exact same instructions as above, but be sure to choose the ‘band’ option and enter your band’s name, rather than your own. By getting likes and followers, uploading music and cross-posting on other social media sites, you’ll increase your public profile.  

How do I add members to a band on Facebook? 

Once you’ve created your page, you can ‘edit your profile’. There’s a section here which allows you to add band members. It’s also a good idea to include photos and bios of each member elsewhere in the page – and add each member as an admin on the page, so you can all manage it.  

How do you manage your Facebook brand consistency as a singer? Have you created a page? Leave a link in the comments below.