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Find a musician to perform with

Find a musician: As a singer your only instrument is your vocals, which you will want to accentuate as much as possible. That is why it is really important that when you are performing or recording music that you find a musician who is going to accompany your vocal; at least at the same level and highlight your voice to its best potential.

Find a Musician – Collaboration

You must always remember that you are only as good as your musician

Performing with a musician who plays out of tune or who is inconsistent with timing is only going to reflect on you and in most cases put you out of tune or mess up your timing.

Further you could collaborate with a musician that is the best in the world, but they also need to be as committed as you. So they need to be always on time, motivated to practise and willing to do gigs and performances at the drop of a hat, otherwise you will always be chasing them and it will become draining and tiresome.

You must have synergy 

This is important on a number of levels. Firstly, find a musician that can be part of your act on stage, it is important that there is a synergy of image i.e. they look part of your act.

Secondly there should be a synergy in the performance, that they do perform and they feel part of the act. On stage it is important visually to have an engagement and understanding between singer and musician.

The above will all come together if you practise hard, communicate well and have the ability when you find a musician that is right for you.

How to Find a Musician

Show a connection on stage 

There is nothing worse than seeing two or more performers not connecting: it just feels like you are watching solo performances and that one or more of them doesn’t want to be there.

This falls back to the same disciplines we keep mentioning; keep practising, analysing and practise some more! This needs to be kept forefront when you find a musician.

What makes a good musician? 

A “good” musician doesn’t just mean that they are technically advanced or experienced on their instrument; obviously that is important, but it also refers to your compatibility with them.

As a singer you need to find a musician or band to work around you. If you make a mistake a good musician should be able to improvise around it making the mistake appear intentional.

Communication between singers and other musicians is also really important. Singers need to be able to indicate when the musicians need to slow down, speed up or stop the music, often through signals that can be integrated into their performance so that the audience are unaware of their directions. This is key when you find a musician.

Building relationships can often take a long time, but working with good musicians is essential to giving the best performance you can.