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How To Find Band Members: Everything You Need To Know

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You’ve decided it’s time to form a band! This is an exciting step in your musical career and you’re ready to let your collaborative creative talent bloom. But wait, you don’t have any band members yet and a one-man band isn’t going to go down in history. To help you get started on your journey, we wanted to share some tips with you on how to find band members. 

Getting a band together can be a long process. You have a vision in your mind and you know you have the talent to make it happen, but you need to find others who share that talent first. We’re here to help! 

You not only need to find talented musicians but people who also share your vision. To make your band a success you all need to be driven and commit equally. To aid you in your search, we will now share with you some tips on how to find good band members! 

What Makes A Good Band Member?

Finding the right band members is imperative for your success. You have a lot banking on each other, so need to make sure they’re the right fit and someone you can work with for hopefully years to come. 

The first thing you’re going to look for is someone with musical talent. However, this is obvious and not the limiting factor you need to look out for. They need to be as motivated to make your band a success as you and communicate well with your whole team. You need to be a working unit and have each other’s backs at every gig, without some sort of bond between you, your talents won’t combine into a collaborative masterpiece. 

Despite your band’s ethos, you will still need some level of professionalism between you all also. Getting your band’s name out there is going to be hard work, everyone needs to be committed to the marketing and commercial side of it also. Finally, they need to have patience and respect. Without these two things, no team could work successfully together. 

Remember, forming a band isn’t finding extras to support you on your journey to success. You are all in this together, so need to contribute equally. 

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How To Find Band Members 

Now we’ve briefly discussed what makes a good band member, let’s get stuck into how to find band members!

Advertise Locally

If you’re thinking of forming a band, we should hope you have a deep interest in music. Thus, you should be very familiar with all your local music venues, shops, hangouts, any centre of music in your area. These are the perfect places to find local band members who might make the cut!

Design and print a few cool flyers that advertise your desire to find new band members. Go to all these local places and ask if you could advertise your flyers on their premises. Involved in music themselves, they are likely to encourage you to do so. 

Any local musical talent will also be visiting these places and have the chance of noticing your flyer. Make sure to leave some contact details and hopefully, you’ll get some interested people dropping you a message in no time. The perfect way to grab peoples attention who are also trying to find how to find a band

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Friends & Family 

Now, you might already know non of your family or close friends have much musical talent so aren’t going to consider approaching them. Still, if they do, this will be the easiest way to find new members. Working with family and friends can be perfect as you already have a relationship of some sort and have a good chance of working well together. Many famous bands have taken this route. The Jackson 5, The Beach Boys, Migos are all family bands to name a few. 

If you’re wondering how to find band members in high school, your friends are definitely the first place to start. If you’re into music, it’s likely a few of your friends are too. Ask around and see if any of them are interested. If not, approach people you know who play instruments in school and even ask your school’s music teacher if they think they know of anyone who is looking to find a band to join. 

Even if your friends and family have no interest in music at all, it’s worth asking to see if they know anyone who might be interested. Even ask them to ask around with the chance one of them might find the perfect new member!

Contact Industry Professionals 

Who better to ask than people within the industry? We don’t mean trying to contact anyone famous, just people viable to you who work within music. 

Contact any studios, rehearsal spaces, any place where musicians gather and ask them if they know of anyone. Rehearsal studios can especially be good places to scout people out. Often, they have advertisement boards that may have flyers about people looking to join a band. That flyer for the local areas we spoke about before, post them here too! 

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Post Online 

We now have a powerful tool that bands 20 years ago never had access to; the internet! Moreover, not just the internet, but social media! This presents an opportunity like no other. Without any legwork, you can advertise to thousands of people that you’re searching for new band members. Find the right places to post about and pages to share to, and you’ll be sure to hear from some interested people.

Find any local music groups on all the social media platforms and you’ll have immediate access to multiple musicians in your area. Visit any relevant musical sites that have been created for this purpose, there’s more than you would expect! 

Open Mic Nights 

Open Mic Nights are the perfect way to see the talent of potential members first-hand before getting too involved. Firstly, it’s a great place to meet musical people even if you don’t play yourself. Socialise and you’re bound to meet someone at least interested in helping you on your search. Even better, if you hear someone play and know their talent is what you’re looking for, simply approach them and ask! Don’t worry about being turned away, they’ll appreciate you asking anyways. 

Playing at an open mic might see you playing with one of your future band members before you know it. That’s one of the main purposes if open mic nights. To jam with people you didn’t realise you share a musical connection with yet. You never know, one of them might be looking to find a band to join. 

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Create A Website 

Create a website for your band idea and advertise that you are interested in finding band members. This lets interested people get some info on your vision before having to contact you. Having some knowledge of your band means they will only contact you if they share a similar style and genre of music with what you want your band to be. 

This can also serve as more than a website for finding band members. Once you’re established, you can use this as your official band site. Here you can share your releases, upcoming gigs, sell merch, etc.


We all know forums can be a deep dark place, but search through the drool and you might find something useful! 

There are many people who use forums, especially within creative industries. But questions and advice aren’t the limit of them either. Equally, use forums to see if people are looking to joining a band and post yourself that you are trying to find bandmates. With forums being for a broader community, this might not be the best to find people local. Still, it can’t hurt and still has the potential to find you a new member!

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That Was Our Guide On How To Find Band Members 

That was our article on how to find band members! 

If you’ve had the urge to form a band, what’s stopping you? Finding members might seem tasking at first if you don’t know anyone in your immediate circle, but don’t let that put you off. There are countless people out there who would jump at the chance of joining a band, you just need to find them. Following these tips we’ve presented should help speed up your search and hopefully, you’ll have a list of candidates to pick from soon enough. Now you just need to make sure you pick the perfect members for your band to thrive. 

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