Gloucester Open Mics – The Top 10 Best Nights Near Me

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The city of Gloucester boasts many open mic nights that feature a variety of music styles and venues. Open mic nights in Gloucester are most commonly found in live music pubs. So, whether you’re looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy the local talent with your favourite drink, or perhaps to fill the stage yourself, Gloucester open mic nights will provide the ideal experience for all tastes.

The Best Open Mic Nights in Gloucester

Looking for an open mic night in Gloucester? In no particular order, these venues attract the best of the city’s breakthrough musical talent.

#1 The Cavern: Open Mic

Gloucester open mic nights

The first night on our list is the open mic held every week at The Cavern, Gloucester.

Happening from 6pm to 10pm, this open mic takes place in the friendly surroundings of Gloucester’s city centre.

Hosted by Callum Marsh, the open mic events held here are thoroughly inclusive. The welcoming atmosphere means that getting onstage should be easy, even if you aren’t used to performing live. An enthusiastic audience and a lively evening can be guaranteed for those who do.

P.a provided, simply bring your instrument or voice and ‘wow’ the audience with your musical talent.

Venue location:  The Cavern – 56 Westgate St, Gloucester, GL1 2NE
Phone number:  01452 307201
Open Mic Night:  Mondays from 6pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#2 Tiger’s Eye: Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night Near Me

Free entry for performers and audience, the next open mic on our list welcomes musicians of all shapes and sizes.

Solos, duos, whole bands – anything goes here. This venue boasts a quirky charm, with a fantastic menu that you can take a look a look at between performance sets.

The stage opens at 8:30pm. Artists of all genres are welcome to showcase their talent, always producing a musical spectacle for the audience to enjoy.

One of Gloucester’s most popular open mic venues, you can be sure that anyone keen to take part in this open mic can be guaranteed a receptive crowd and a lively atmosphere.

Venue location:  Tiger’s Eye Restaurant – 9A Southgate St, Gloucester, GL1 1TG
Phone number:  01452 332993
Open Mic Night:  Thursdays from 9pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#3 Gala Club: Crossed uKeys

Open Mic Finder

This energetic club is a worthy mention to any music enthusiast. It frequently plays host to a variety of events, including the Crossed uKeys open jam, open to all.

A central place for all things crossed uKeys, here you can enjoy all things involving ukulele and singing. They meet most Tuesdays at 8pm.

It’s a popular location for all crowds seeking a fun way to enjoy a social atmosphere and quality music over a few drinks.

P.a isn’t a necessity at this one, just bring your voice, uke (or borrow one there), and have a jam. Keep up to date through their Facebook page.

Venue location:  Gala Club – Fairmile Gardens, Longford, Gloucester, GL2 9EB
Phone number:  01452 524447
Open Mic Night:  Tuesdays from 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


Thinking of attending your first open mic night? Here’s what to expect:

Open Mics near me

#4 Churchdown Club: Folk at the Club – Singers’ Night

Open Mics Gloucester

‘Folk at the Club’ is a singers’ night held on the first and third Mondays of the month at 8pm at Churchdown Club.

Although primarily a singer’s night, other music and poetry are both welcome. The atmosphere is very relaxed; it is an ideal place to try a new song or even sing in public for the first time.

Its popularity with Gloucester’s folk scene ensures that the night at Churchdown Club can always deliver a lively atmosphere.

Anyone who takes to the stage can be certain of an animated crowd to carry them along. Sign up at the beginning of the night to secure your performance slot.

Venue location:  Churchdown Club – Church Road, Churchdown, Gloucester, GL3 2ER
Phone number: 01452 713122
Open Mic Night:  First and third Mondays of the month from 8pm
Want to perform?  Sign up at the beginning of the night


#5 Churchdown Library: Churchdown Community Choir Open Music Nights

Open Mic Nights Gloucester

Every other week, head down to the Churchdown Library to get involved with the Churchdown Community Choir’s open music nights.

If you’re a singer this is an opportunity not to miss. Held from 7:30pm until 9.30pm, this group welcomes all singers and musicians to join in with the music-making.

No need to read music to join this one; hone your vocal skills within a fantastic choir setting and notice how quickly your vocal skills develop.

Venue location:  Churchdown Library – Parton Rd, Churchdown, Gloucester, GL3 2AF
Phone number:  01452 712504
Open Mic Night:  Second and fourth Monday of the month, 7:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#6 The Orepool Inn: Forest Folk Club

Open Mics Gloucester

This brilliant night of live music held just outside Gloucester (in the Forest of Dean) is another open music evening that you don’t want to miss.

The folk night held at 7:30pm on the first and third Sunday of every month is a friendly jam night for those musicians who enjoy folk singing.

The Forest Folk Club has been promoting folk and acoustic music in the area for over of 35 years. They’re proud of the legacy of keeping music live and accessible to everyone in this area and beyond.

Their legendary ‘Singers’ Nights’ welcome musicians and performers of all types of acoustic music to come along and showcase their talents. They always extend a warm and encouraging welcome.

Follow the folk night’s Facebook group here.

Venue location:  The Orepool Inn – Chepstow Rd, Coleford, GL16 8LH
Phone number:  01594 833883
Open Mic Night:  First and third Sundays of the month from 7:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#7 The England’s Glory: Folk Music Session

Open Mics Gloucester

The England’s Glory is home to a fantastic open mic event which is always held on the second Tuesday of every month. This open mic draws experienced artists and fresh talent alike.

This venue is well-known for its fantastic atmosphere and interior. Its traditional pub feel is bound to impress those who enjoy a classic English night out.

You can sign-up for a slot on the night from 8:15pm, then the music begins at 8:30pm. There’s even an in-house p.a available that you can use if you want to plug-in or use a backing track.

Venue location:  The England’s Glory – 66-68 London Rd, Gloucester, GL1 3PB
Phone number:  01452 913381
Open Mic Night:  Second Tuesday of the month from 8:30pm
Want to perform?  Sign up at 8:15pm


Ever considered hosting your own open mic night?

#8 Gloucester Guildhall: Musiclab Open Mic Night

Gloucester Open Mic

Musiclab’s open mic night offers a great stage for any local unsigned acts to build recognition and following. The added appeal of a fantastic audience every time ensures that this monthly open mic is one of the most popular nights of live music in town.

Gloucester Guildhall is one of the largest open mic venues in the city. Getting onstage might seem scary at first, but the enthusiastic audience will always be encouraging and supportive.

Every genre you can think of is welcome here. Each month, acts of all musical backgrounds come together and produce a spectacle that is a massive part of the city’s music scene.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic monthly open mic. Follow the group’s Facebook page here.

Venue location:  Gloucester Guildhall – 23 Eastgate St, Gloucester, GL1 1NS
Phone number:  01452 503050
Open Mic Night:  Fourth Thursday of the month from 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#9 The Fountain Inn: English Folk Music

Gloucester Open Mic

Hosted by Bill Taylor, the open mic held at The Fountain Inn isn’t one to miss. This traditional pub venue is a fantastic celebration of British culture.

Entry to this open mic event is free, and a p.a is provided for all those who like to use a backing track, electric instruments, or a backing band.

All folk genres are welcome here. Everything from indie-folk to folk-rock to folk-rap can be found here. Bring your voice and a guitar, and celebrate Gloucester’s fantastic folk music scene.

Venue location:  The Fountain Inn – 53 Westgate St, Gloucester, GL1 2NW
Phone number:  01452 522562
Open Mic Night:  First Tuesday of the month from 8:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


#10 Dick Whittington’s: Open Mic & Jam Night

Gloucester Open Mics

The open mic and jam night at Dick Whittington’s is another fantastic open mic night on our list. With frequent guest hosts including Ladybellegate, this is not one to miss.

Come along to listen to some tunes or play some yourself. Dick Whittington’s welcomes trying out new sounds and music live, so don’t be afraid to live dangerously.

Entry is free and anyone is welcome to sign up and perform. A full p.a is provided, so just bring your instrument or voice and play your heart out.

Venue location:  Dick Whittington’s – 100 Westgate St, Gloucester, GL1 2PE
Phone number:  07931 614215
Open Mic Night:  Last Sunday of the month from 6pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


Bonus Open Mics near Gloucester

Parkend Working Men’s Club: Open Mic

Gloucester Open Mic Nights Near Me

Parkend Working Men’s Club is a lively bar just a short drive from the centre of Gloucester that hosts a variety of live music events including jam nights. The hosts love hearing new talent and are happy to play a backing track for you if you’re a solo artist.

The equipment provided on this open mic night is professional, with a full p.a system, mics, and backline. If you like playing with your equipment, you are more than welcome to bring that along too.

Each performer gets a short slot to perform whatever songs they would prefer, you are welcome to sing covers or originals. If you make a good impression, the venue might even want to book you in for another gig, so make sure that you are singing your heart out.

Venue location:  Parkend Working Men’s Club – Lion Row, Parkend, Lydney GL15 4JZ
Phone number:  01594 562566
Open Mic Night:  Last Saturday of the month from 7:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


Under the Edge Arts: Jazz Jam

Jazz Jam Gloucester

This welcoming venue offers live music events throughout the month, with the Friday Night Jazz Jam being a regular highlight in the calendar.

They love live music here, and they want to give as many local musicians the chance to perform live.

There’s everything you need to perform, including a p.a system, mics, and amps. Typically, Jazz is the primary genre here, so if you love the music that been a huge influence on pop and rock music in the 20th century, this is the night for you.

The night can often get quite popular, so make sure to turn up early.

Venue location:  Under the Edge Arts – Wotton-under-Edge, GL12 7AF
Phone number:  07791 323869
Open Mic Night:  Second Friday of the month from 8pm
Want to perform?  Turn up early to have a guaranteed slot


What should performers expect from a jam night?

The Ship Inn: Acoustic Club

Gloucester Open Mic

The Ship Inn is a fantastic bar with a lively atmosphere, no matter what day of the week it is.

They host a popular acoustic night every month that brings all of the local singer-songwriters together every month.

Described as a ‘Friendly Acoustic Club,’ this open mic is hosted by Barry Watkins. Starting at 7:30pm every third Monday of the month, this is a live music night to consider if you’re looking to be involved with some live music.

A p.a system is provided here, so all you need to do is show up and sing your tunes.

Venue location:  The Ship Inn – Brimscombe, Stroud, GL5 2QN
Phone number:  01453 884388
Open Mic Night:  Third Monday of the month from 7:30pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


The Globe Inn: Jazz Night

Gloucester Open Mic

The Globe Inn is a charming local pub that runs an open jazz night every last Thursday of the month.

This open night of live jazz is held at 8pm in the friendly surroundings of The Globe Inn, Alvington. All types of jazz are welcome at this one. Bring your best vocals or instrumental skills and have a jam.

A full p.a system with mics and backline are provided, but you can bring your own if you’d prefer. The audience is always very supportive of every performer, no matter your ability or genre.

Venue location:  The Globe Inn – Clanna Rd, Lydney, GL15 6BA
Phone number:  01594 528300
Open Mic Night:  Last Thursday of the month from 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up and play


The Kilcot Inn: Open Mic

Gloucester Open Mic

The Kilcot Inn is an awesome bar full of friendly faces and good vibes. Their monthly open mic nights attract a brilliantly passionate music-loving audience.

The open mic night held at 8pm on the last Thursday of the month is hosted by the Tall Stories Band & Friends, with David Sass.

All genres are permitted at this one; pop, rock, rap, indie, folk, country, and even classical are all welcome here. A full p.a system and backline are provided. At the Kilcot Inn, you’ll be met with nothing but encouragement.

The night can often get quite busy though, so make sure that you get down there early.

Venue location:  The Kilcot Inn – Ross Rd, Newent, GL18 1NA
Phone number:  01989 720707
Open Mic Night:  Last Thursday of the month from 8pm
Want to perform?  Just turn up early and play


So now you know where to perform in Gloucester there are no excuses for not getting out there and get performing!

Open mic nights near me in Gloucester

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