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How Best to Find Trending Instagram Hashtags as a Musician  

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Do you find want to harness the immense power of social media, build a dedicated fanbase and connect with other musicians online? Finding the best trending Instagram hashtags is a great way to make sure your posts are seen by the right people.

Discover how best to find trending Instagram hashtags as a musician. This will help you to promote your posts, attract potential new fans, showcase your work and stay in the loop, as well as keeping ahead of the emerging trends in the industry.  

Looking to get the most out of Instagram? Read our step by step guide for singers and artists to use Instagram hashtags. 

How to find trending music Instagram hashtags

music Instagram hashtags

Hashtags were developed 13 years ago with the purpose of helping users access relevant content, messages and posts. They’ve since become ubiquitous and are found all across modern life – not just on social media. Whatever business you’re in, getting to grips with hashtags is important. It’s often how people find you, your work or your service.

They’re also a lot of fun and great for whimsical comments and as a way of describing how you’re feeling or thinking. There are a few reasons you may need to find the trending hashtags:  

  • To add them to your own posts and so increase their reach 
  • So you can keep track of what’s popular and identify patterns in the business so as to inform your own creative process 
  • To identify the best peak periods for new releases and launches 
  • To identify what kinds of phrases trend, so you can attempt to create a trending hashtag 
  • So you can find other musicians for collabs 
  • To discover what musical related events are happening 
  • To add new music to your playlist 
  • Because you’re curious or generally interested in music as it relates to media

Trending hashtags – what does it mean?   

Hashtags are a word or phrase with no spaces that come after the # (hashtag) symbol. It’s almost like the digital version of ‘word of mouth’. If one is trending, it means that it is among the most popular hashtags of that day. There isn’t a set figure for what constitutes a trending phrase, as it depends on the amount of use going on at any given time.

Certain hashtags will trend more at particular times. As a basic example, a hashtag about the BRITs will be unlikely to trend unless a major piece of news about the awards has just been released, or it’s the few days before or just after the ceremony.  

Here’s some more generalised advice on finding trending hashtags. But the key is to hone in on those relevant to the music industry. 


What hashtags are trending right now? 

Here are some of the currently trending hashtags: 

#music #love #hiphop #rap #musician #art #dj #singer #musica #artist #dance #rock #party #like #instagood #follow #guitar #livemusic #instagram #song #live #concert #photography #s #newmusic #producer #band #instamusic #musicvideo #bhfyp 

Best music hashtags on Instagram  

Instagram is a visually based medium and much less wordy than Facebook or Twitter. This is great for musicians and artists, as it’s a snappy way to promote album covers and performance or rehearsal snaps. But even better is the option to post video content, meaning you can use to showcase your music videos, as well as clips of you performing. It’s important you have an account and keep it active to engage your followers.  

First up, have a look at some of these hashtags to get an idea of what works well. 

The top music hashtags 2019 

At the top of some hashtags, you’ll see a section called Top. Top posts appear on trending hashtags. 

So what ended up being the biggest music trends of last year? These were the most used hashtags: 

  • #music | +272,000,000 Instagram posts 
  • #musica | +27,000,000 Instagram posts 
  • #musician | +22,000,000 Instagram posts 
  • #livemusic | +21,000,000 Instagram posts 
  • #musically |  +20,000,000 Instagram posts 
  • #instamusic | +18,000,000 Instagram posts 
  • #newmusic | +16,000,000 Instagram posts 
  • #musicvideo | +12,000,000 Instagram posts 
  • #musical | +10,000,000 Instagram posts 
  • #musicians | +7,000,000 Instagram posts 

As you can see, the ones that trend tend to be short and sweet. This teaches us that if you want to create a long term hashtag that’s likely to trend, you should keep it simple. They are also universal. But as per our example about the BRIT awards, if you want to create a short term trending hashtag, make it relevant to a major event or occurrence (but still short). And when searching for trending hashtags, look for those that fit these criteria.  


Trending music hashtags  

best music hashtags instagram 2019

Instagram makes it very easy to find out which hashtags are performing well.  

Step 1

All you have to do is start typing the # followed by some letters and it’ll start giving you suggestions of popular ones (you’ll know how popular they are because it’ll give you the approximate figure of how often they’ve been used besides the suggestion).

The suggestions it makes will be geared toward your interests. How does Instagram know your interests? By who you follow, the hashtags you use, the searches you make and your posts. So if all this is musically connected, you’ll see more relevant hashtags – and if it’s usually specific to one genre, then the results will be even more bespoke for you. If you haven’t already, follow and like the bands and artists who are relevant to you.   

Step 2

Look at the tags other musicians are using – particularly those with enormous followings. They’ll have big, expensive marketing campaigns and people paid just to check out the best hashtags to use. Look for singers and instrumentalists who have a similar style to you. This act as a shortcut and give you great clues as to what you should choose to use.  

Here are some great tips on how to create winning content.  

Free Instagram hashtag analytics 

Of course, this can be a bit fiddly and laborious. So you also have the option of using software, apps and programmes to do the hard work for you. Some of these will analyse your own posts too and help you understand which of your posts perform best and why, as well as acting as a dashboard to post and schedule content. (Facebook business pages offers this as part of the standard account features and often prompts with suggestions for improvement – although this can be used by them as a vehicle to sell you advertising bundles). 

Step 3

If you do want to get into the nitty-gritty of tends and stats, here are some programmes you can check out. Many of these compile lists of the trending hashtags by category.  

  1. Brand 24 
  2. Sprout Social 
  3. Command for Instagram (Apple iOS only) 
  4. Icono Square 
  5. Best Hashtags (just lists top hashtags) 

Find out more about data and analytics here. 


The best trending Instagram hashtags for music producers 

Perhaps you’re a producer or mixer and looking for hot talent by seeing who’s trending. Or maybe you want to work out where new music is headed and stay ahead of the trends, so you can produce tracks that will be popular.  

Here are some of the music producer related hashtags that are trending. As you can see there are some patterns that emerge: 

#producers #music #hiphop #producer #beats #rap #musicproducer #djs #flstudio #artist #newmusic #beatmaker #dj #producerlife #rappers #trap #soundcloud #musicproduction #beatmakers #rapper #studio #musicproducers #instrumentals #trapbeats #beat #trapmusic #beatmaking #beatsforsale #musicians #bhfyp 

Beats feature heavily. This means they are in demand and of interest to those in the industry.  

Hashtags for music lovers

best music hashtags 2020

If you want to find out what’s trending, so you can be among the first to listen to new work, focus on the styles of music you like best.  

Step 4

Type your music genre name into Instagram’s search bar and check out where the biggest hits are coming. You can also set up alerts, so your feed focusses on those in particular.  

Remember that if a hashtag is trending, it’s because loads of people are using it and searching on it. That’s a big pool. Sometimes well-selected niche hashtags are good because there’s less competition for that screen time and you’ll attract those who will make the effort to seek out that topic. This should be considered along with your overall Insta marketing strategy.   

Related Questions 

  • How do you get your music noticed on Instagram?

Finding great hashtags and using plenty of them will help. But you must also have unique and interesting content. Remember the visuals are very important here. Think like a designer and create eye-catching material. Be sure to have your IG handle visible with a link on your website and other accounts. 

  • What are the best hashtags for musicians on Instagram? 

This depends on the artist’s genre, goals and on what’s trending at the time. If you check out our list of most popular hashtags of 2019 (further up the article) that’ll give you an idea of where to start.  

  • Why is the music option not on my Instagram?

Many people have found that the music sticker that used to be there, no longer appears. It’s only available in some countries, but this includes the UK. Try logging out and back in – that might reset it. If that doesn’t work, reinstall it, or run an update. You can also try borrowing the sticker from someone else’s story. 

How do you find the best trending Instagram hashtags as a musician? Do these trends help you stay ahead of the game? Which has been the most useful? Let us know in the comments.