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How Do Singers Make Money From Events?

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It can be hard for singers to make money and keep their dream going when they’re starting out. But there are plenty of different ways that singers make money from events.

From singing at weddings to performing on cruise ships to releasing a live album, there are so many events you can be a part of to bring some extra money in. It means you can continue to do what you love while knowing you’ve got that money in the bank. 

Singing for your career is almost like a dream, and events are typically the best way to get started. To make it happen, you need to learn the best ways singers can make some extra money from events. 

How do singers make money?

  • Ticket sales
  • Royalties from songs
  • Festivals
  • Private events
  • Merchandise
  • House concerts
  • Singing competitions
  • Perform on cruise ships
  • Cover gigs

These are just a few of the ways singers make money. We’ve got more information and ways to make money below!

How do singers make money from YouTube?

Events aren’t the only way to make money as a singer. Some singers find their place online and make money through platforms like YouTube. You can monetise your videos and collect advertising revenues if you get enough views on your videos. You can also monetise your fan base through platforms like Patreon.

How do singers make money from Spotify?

Spotify is another massive digital platform that can supply singers with income. Royalty rates per stream aren’t much but they do add up over time, especially if you build up a large fan base. Spotify also helps you sell merchandise and tickets for your live show and helps the best artists make a massive amount of money.

How much of a concert ticket goes to the artist? 

Concert ticket sales

It can be frustrating for fans when they buy a concert ticket only to find that it’s higher than they anticipated due to all the added costs such as service fees, show costs and taxes. 

However, it may surprise you to know that on average around 74% of the ticket price goes to the artist. 

It can differ depending on the artist and the promoter as well, as they may have already agreed on a fixed percentage. 

How do singers make money from events?

#1 Ticket sales  

This is the most obvious way to keep that revenue stream going and to build up extra money. You will have those fans who want to keep coming back to see you perform live and it’s likely that this is where a lot of your income will come from whether it’s from advance ticket sales or sales on the door. 

#2 Royalties from songs

Public performance royalties are paid by PRS to songwriters. Every time a song is performed at an event or venue, a royalty is generated and grows with the size of the venue and audience. For example, you’ll get a royalty for playing in a pub and also on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury. Obviously, one is going to be much bigger than the other.  

Songs will also generate royalties when they are recorded. In fact, you actually get separate royalties for both the song and the recording, meaning you get twice as much. Of course, this is under the condition of you owning your publishing and master rights. If you don’t then you will likely earn a cut of these royalties but you may have a record deal, which means you would be making more than owning the full rights.

How do music artists make money? 

There are plenty of ways that artists make money in the music industry. Musicians make money through things such as playing live concerts, royalties, advances, merchandise, and licensing fees for their music. Although it might sound like a lot of different ways to bring cash in, they will often find that they have to share their music with producers, managers, promoters, record labels and agents. 

For this reason, it’s extremely important that artists draw up a contract. Make sure everything is set in stone and there aren’t any legal battles later down the line about who deserves to take home the money.  

#3 Festivals 

Music festival

Big or small, there are so many different festivals taking place across the country and all over the world. Any festival will give you the chance to perform on stage to a new crowd and help you to get gain more fans 

Even if it’s only to a small audience, that performance will help you to grow as an artist and is one of the best ways to find new fans who otherwise might not have known about you.  

Festivals cannot be underestimated. Even the bigger festivals have a lot of different stages and a big effort is being made to support up-and-coming artists in their career.  

#4 Private events 

Performing at a wedding, a birthday party or a corporate event are all ways to bring in the extra money. It’s great for you as it gives you the chance to perform to an audience, make new fans and build a rapport with them and of course, bring in that muchneeded money.  

#5 Merchandise 

Merch is becoming a significant revenue stream for so many artists. Think of every venue you play in as a popup store for your merchandise. It will require a bit of up-front investment to begin with but if you can build up an audience then it will be worth it.  

#5 House concerts  

It might sound like an unusual way to perform, but singing at someone’s house is a really good way to build those relationships with your fans – and create new ones. Anyone hosting events at their home could be looking for musicians to perform. This could be a perfect way for you to build on your live performances in a more intimate environment.  

How can singers and musicians make money? 

Enter a music competition open mic uk

#7Enter singing competitions  

If you enter a singing contest, you are opening yourself up to more and more exposure to some of the top names in the music industry. They will begin to know who you are and will recognise your musical ability. And of course, if you make it far in the competition, it’s another good way to bring in some money.  

#8 Perform on cruise ships  

Singing on cruise ships is a fantastic way to bring in that extra cash because it also gives you the chance to travel to new places all over the world. You’ll be regularly performing and you can also take in brand new experiences. What’s not to like? 

#9 Work as a session singer  

Providing lead or background vocals for demos, adverts or backing tracks gives you the chance to continue singing and bring in a little extra money. Session work can be a great way to meet new artists and producers so you never know where the work might lead you.  

#10 Cover gigs 

Performing songs by other artists is a fantastic way to begin to make your name in the music business. It’s obviously not the same as performing your own original music but they are a really good way to subsidise your other shows. So in the long run, they are helping you to move forward in your career. 

#11Bars and Pubs

Make money at events singing in a bar

This is a no-brainer. Make the effort and be willing to travel to different bars to perform. It’s another way to find new fans and a whole new audience. If you’re starting out, request to perform on a Monday or a Tuesday night which are often quieter and easier to find spaces.  

Once you’ve proven yourself as a performer, you could be asked to come back and sing on one of the busier, more popular evenings, which will help you to become a more recognised and successful artist in the long run. 

Many bars and pubs run open mic nights, which aren’t paid. However, they are great ways to play your own songs. This will help you generate royalties for your music and doing multiple open mics every week for a year will add up.  


It sounds obvious, but busking is a good way not just to make some extra money, but to become known better in your local community. Some people don’t like this approach but as an artist, you should make the most of any opportunity you can get to perform.  

Take a guitar and head down to your local high street on a nice sunny day when there are likely to be lots of people out and about. It will provide nice entertainment for shoppers and it gives you a chance to perform. You could even try busking before one of your shows which will make a bit of extra money and will help to promote your gig. 

Be aware that some locations will require a license for you to busk. You don’t want to show up somewhere and get into trouble so always check online before you busk.  

How concert promoters make money 

You may often wonder what the role of a concert promoter is. Their job is to provide the PR for an upcoming concert and promote it to a wider audience – not just an artist’s hardcore superfans, but the wider music community. They are also in charge of putting on the show and work with agents, artists and venues to organise it. 

Generally, concert promoters make their money based on the success of a concert, from the proceeds of a show. They often make a deal with the artist or the agent. But obviously, if ticket sales aren’t as good as initially expected, concert promoters can end up making a loss. 

Contracts are essential so that both parties are clear on the division of money and the organisation of the event in general such as how long the set will be, who will provide accommodation and organising a soundcheck. These are all important considerations that need to be taken into account when organising an event. 

#13 DJ Events 

how do singers make money

DJing at bars, clubs and private parties is another good way to get your name out there. It’s how DJ’s make their name and build their brand. They become familiar and recognisable. Many of the world’s biggest and best DJ’s started their careers in this way.  

Also, depending on the type of venue you are at, you might get the chance to play some of your own songs too. This will help generate even more royalties from your music. 

#14Be a karaoke host  

This might sound like an unusual option but if you host a karaoke event, you will get the opportunity to practice and display your abilities as a singer, and you’ll get paid for it. Karaoke nights often attract large crowds, especially if it’s a regular event. So you could see more and more people starting to recognise you as a singer. 

#15Perform at a record store 

If you’re releasing a new record, why not see if a record store can help you launch it. Offer to put on a show and sing a few songs from the album. Your fans will love the chance to see you up close and personal and it’s a way for you to make some extra cash.  

It could also help the record store make some money. The people who run record stores are often active in the local music scene and might even be putting on shows of their own. 

How to make money with music online 

Making money from music events

Online concerts are a great way to make money using the power of the internet. Creating an easy to access stream is a fantastic incentive for your fans and a great way to connect with your audience in a concert setting, without having to leave your home. 

#16Live streaming concerts  

Performing concerts to a live audience over the internet are becoming more and more popular. Fans love low-key, intimate concerts that they are a unique part of. It will really help to build that rapport and create strong bonds with your fans.  

YouTube and Facebook shows are also a good way to connect with your fans and earn some money. You can use live streams to promote your music, merch or even a show and sell tickets to bring in that revenue. 

Do record companies make money from concerts? 

Record labels make their money in a variety of different ways. From selling records and then from airplay, record companies get a slice of the profits just the same as the artist and the songwriter do.   

If the record company then goes on to organise a tour, they will also take a share of the profits. They can also make their money from the percentage of merchandise sold on a tour. 

#17Live albums 

A good money maker, releasing a live album is often very popular with fans. A few months after your last album was released, have a think about a live release from one of your recent gigs. Add in a few exclusive new tracks as a way to entice your fans and convince them to buy it. 

Making an investment 

If you can afford to splash some cash, it could see you reaping the benefits later in your career. Spending more money on your merchandise and spending money on memberships to different groups are both ways to help your career take off. Put a little bit of extra money into everything that you do and it will look better for you as a serious artist in the music industry. 

Ready to take the next steps in your career? 

By now, you should have a whole host of ideas of different ways to not only boost your music career but to make some extra money. 

What do you think are the best ways to make money from events? We would love to hear your comments and suggestions below.