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How Long Does It Take to Learn to Sing? 

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Are you considering learning to sing? If so, you may be wondering what you can expect in terms of a timescale for getting good.   

How long does it take to learn to sing? Well, it really depends on what level and what kind of music you want to sing. It’s a lifelong process of crafting the skill. You never stop learning, but the basics actually can be picked up very quickly.   

In this article, we delve into what’s involved in learning to sing, how long it might take to go pro as a singer and how to go about it. 

How long does it take to learn to sing? 

So you want to learn to sing? That’s great. Singing is good for your physical and mental health and you’ll be able to pick up the basics straight away. In fact, you can probably already sing to a degree. In that sense, it’s much easier than learning an instrument – and cheaper as there’s no initial outlay on equipment.  

There isn’t a precise answer to the question of how long it takes to sing. But after a few weeks of learning technique and practising, you’ll start to see a marked improvement in your voice. 

How long does it take to become a professional singer?  

Learn to sing fast

Becoming a professional singer isn’t just a matter of learning how to sing, or even beginning to sing well. You have to market yourself, source gigs, spread the word and record demos to send to record companies, venues or potential employers. 


How long does it take to sing professionally?  

Singing to a professional standard and doing it as your profession takes years – unless you get a very lucky, swift, break, have amazing contacts or win a high profile competition. Developing your style and sound as an artist also takes a good deal of time. How long? Well, how long is a piece of string? It’s impossible to say.   

The general rule though is that the more you work at it and invest in your voice and branding, the faster you’ll be able to turn pro.  

How long does it take to develop a strong singing voice?  

Some people have naturally strong voices due to their lung capacity. And if you play a brass or woodwind instrument, or deep-sea dive, you’ll instantly have a stronger voice, as you’ll be used to breathing very deeply and sustaining its release. Otherwise, your voice will strengthen over time. Practice correct exercises every day and in a few months, it’ll be much stronger.  

You can speed up the strengthening of your voice by doing extra activities like swimming and yoga, which require and build deep breathing techniques.  

How much time does it take to learn classical singing? 

This is arguably the most difficult genre of singing to learn. So it usually takes the longest too. Classical music has very specific requirements and doesn’t come as naturally as other forms. Expect to spend many years working with a classical voice coach followed by at least three years at a conservatoire doing intensive training, if you wish to be a professional classical singer.  

Even if you only want to sing classically as a hobby, you’ll need several years of lessons and some music theory lessons incorporated, before you’re good.  


How to learn to sing  

Taking singing lessons    

If you’ve decided you want to take it up, then the next step is to learn good technique. For genres of music that are potentially less vocally demanding like folk, or pop, you can self teach using online tools and resources. However, if you intend to use techniques like falsetto, a vocal fry, or whistling, face to face lessons are much better to ensure you don’t damage your voice. They also achieve faster results than going it alone. 

If you do self teach, then still book in an occasional session with a vocal coach, so they can check your technique and provide professional feedback.  

Taking singing lessons   

Take singing lessons to receive feedback, guidance and direction on your vocals. If you’re wanting to sing professional musical theatre or classical music, then a singing teacher is an absolute must. But it’s immensely beneficial for everyone and will help speed up the learning process.  


How long does it take to train your voice?  

Having a trained voice means that you’ve been taught to sing using correct – and sometimes a specific – technique. You may want to take learning to sing a step further by achieving a qualification. Many people take graded exams from one of the three boards: ABRSM, Trinity College and the London College of Music.  

It is possible to skip grades, and it takes an average of around 5 years to get to the top grade. Some schools offer this as part of the curriculum, so it may be worth checking if this option is open to you. Otherwise, you can work through them with a private vocal coach.  

If you’re unsure what difference it makes, this video describes how trained and natural singing voices differ.  

If you’re working with a singing teacher without exams – and they’re not necessary to work as a singer – it’ll still take several years of weekly lessons before your voice is considered ‘trained’.  


How long does it take to learn to sing – Reddit users 

Reddit enables people with the same interests to discuss things online. If you want to get an idea of how long on average people estimate it takes them, you can read their comments here 

It’s never too early or late to start learning how to sing. And the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get really good at it. Speed up the process with daily exercises, song practice and plenty of performance opportunities – begin with the small and low key gigs when you’re starting out and building your confidence. And enjoy it! The more fun you have, the more you’ll want to keep doing it and will be encouraged to progress and improve your singing ability.  


Related Questions  

  • How long did it take you to learn to sing?  

We are all different and many of us would say that we picked things up very early on. Most of us learn at anything between a few weeks and a few years – and it depends how good you’re talking when it comes to learning to sing! 

  • Can you learn to sing in 6 months?  

It will depend on how much work you do on it and whether you have any prior experience, but you can certainly learn to sing in under 6 months. Then keep going as you can keep getting better and developing your vocal technique. 

How long does it take to learn to sing? Did you learn quickly or slowly? Tell us how you found it in the comments below.