How Many Calories Does Singing Burn?  

Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn whilst singing, or perhaps you want to calculate it yourself? Hitting the high notes requires a tremendous effort; you’ll likely feel exhausted after a performance.  Singing exerts a lot of energy and it’s hard to sing on pitch if you’re physically unfit, as you need to be able to power your muscles. Here’s how many calories singing burns, followed by a quick calculator equation:

Singing burns around 136 calories per hour, depending on your size and amount of energy you use. Whilst singing you use the abdominal muscles for exhalation and the diaphragm for inhalationengaging muscles to boost your metabolic rate and burn calories.  

Singing calories calculator

We don’t have a singing calories calculator as such, but it’s quite a simple equation. Just make sure you have a calculator at hand if your mental arithmetic skills aren’t quite up to scratch. What you need to do is the following calculation:

Hours of singing x 136 = amount of calories burned singing

If you’d like to know even more information about how many calories singing burns, we’ve provided detailed (and fun!) ideas and facts below.

To sing effectively, you need a lot of stamina and technique. With each note you hit, your body uses numerous muscles to aid breathing and produce a tone. Curious about how long you’d have to sing to burn off a slice of pizza? Read on to find out!

You can burn calories singing, here’s how: 

Every person is a different size and puts in a different level of effort when singing, so everyone will burn a different number of calories. Someone who weighs 150 pounds (10.7 stone or 68kg) will burn around 100 calories per hour, sitting down. But, they can increase this total to 180 calories should they move around on stage, whilst entertaining the audience.  

A person who weighs 200 pounds(14.3 stone or 90kg) can burn around 140 calories per hour. Studies have found that the tempo of a song affects our speed and movement. Therefore, if you sing a quicker song, you’re likely to move around more (and faster), so will burn off even more calories during a performance.    

What effects the number of calories you burn singing   

Now that we’ve answered the number of calories singing burns, you might be wondering ifs this qualifies singing as exercise? Firstly, don’t quit your gym for singing lessons, as it’s not physical exercise. Getting out of breath lifting weights is because your heart is working hard. Getting out of breath when singing is usually due to poor technique such as excess pushing. However, singing properly improves your cardiovascular health as breath is the engine.    

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Here’s how long some typical foods take to burn off by singing  

calories in pizza

And just for fun, here’s how long it’d take a person weighing 150 pounds (10.7 stone or 68kg) to burn off these delicious snacks:  

  • Kit Kat Chunky: 2 hours, 3 minutes   
  • Monster Much: 1 hour, 19 minutes  
  • One slice of Domino’s pizza: 1 hour, 39 minutes   
  • Your Mum’s Roast Dinner: 4 hours  

What foods and drinks are best for singers?

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Does singing burn face fat?

If you want to use singing as part of a weight loss strategy, it’s not going to get you the type of quick results you would achieve from dieting and full cardio exercises.

However, there are some exercises you can do which could help to tone the muscles in your face, leading to a firmer and slimmer looking appearance.

Starting off with regular exercise is your best bet if you want burn face fat. By that we mean 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, or 75 minutes of very vigorous exercise weekly. Activities such as running and jogging are great fat burners.

Once the weight starts to drop off your body, you will also see the benefits up top as well as it starts to come off your face.

But we did also mention some exercises you can do that will burn face fat, so what are they?

Yoga is said to be a great way to tone the muscles in your face and can tighten up loose skin. You could also try facial exercises like smiling. Smiling will help to tone your facial muscles. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make the biggest smile you possibly can and hold the smile for half a minute.
  2. Puff your cheeks out and hold it there for half a minute.
  3. Tilt back your head and make repeat a kissing motion 10 times. Repeat the 10 kisses 3 times.

What you might notice about those types of facial exercise is that they are very similar to the activity you might expect to make with a really energetic singing performance. So, it might be that singing can burn face fat. Try it out!

How many calories does opera singing burn? 

Opera singing requires a lot of breath and stamina, so opera singers will typically shed more calories than a contemporary artistIf you really want to up your calorie game, invest in Musical Theatre, as you’ll undertake cardiovascular exercise at the same time as singing. This is also a great way to increase your lung capacity. Plus, who doesn’t love a good musical?  

Singing high notes is more difficult than low notes because it requires using your abdominal muscles more for breath. You have to use your body more when hitting high notes to gear yourself up for the challenge.  

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Calories burned singing and playing guitar

Consider burning more calories by holding an instrument. Switch from playing the piano to holding a guitar to shed more calories. This movement burns more calories than standing in the same spot quietly humming in your lower register.  

According to research, a person can burn as much as 204 calories an hour playing the guitar.

Your weight, effort, position and movement effect how many calories you can burn. If you like to move around the stage, you’ll naturally burn more calories than sitting down, because you’re engaging more muscles. If you sit down during a performanceyour heart won’t have to work as hard to pump blood around your body. This means that your metabolic rate isn’t as high as it could be if you were standing.   

How many calories do you burn singing each day? Use this equation to calculate: 150 pounds (10.7 stone or 68kg) = 100 calories per hour. Let us know!


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i scream hardcore punk does that still count as singing and if yes the how many calories does it burn?

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