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How Not to Use Twitter

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Ways to avoid losing Twitter followers and damage your reputation.

How not to use Twitter: Below are some things to avoid so that you don’t lose your followers and fanbase on Twitter and keep people interested in who you are as an act!

Don’t try to sell constantly

  • As a singer it’s obvious that you want to sell your EP or your demos but trying to sell them through your Twitter so often it’s all your followers see from you has negative impact.
  • No one wants to see someone constantly trying to sell them something. Of course you should use Twitter to sell, but not to the point where it’s becomes irritating.

Don’t be too formal

  • It’s your Twitter account, it has to reflect you. So be real with your followers, don’t be too formal, your followers didn’t follow you because they wanted to see the business person side of you.
  • If you find something funny or you have a funny picture, post it. Followers are more likely to interact with more informal posts as you become more approachable.

Don’t retweet too often

  • As a singer you understand other singers who want to make it big like you, and as a show of support you can retweet the link to their EP for example.
  • However, if you retweet too often you run the risk of people forgetting who you are and why they follow you. The main reason you got Twitter as a singer was to promote you, so don’t promote everyone else instead.

Don’t tweet all the time

  • You know what it’s like when you’ve got that one person you follow that tweets every 5 minutes about things no one’s too bothered about. You’ve got to avoid being that person.
  • It’s irritating as a follower to see someone post constantly as they lose interest after the first few and you’re clogging up their news feed. To maintain your following, tweet regularly but not to the expense of your fans.

#Don’t #Overuse #Hash #Tags

  • One of Twitter’s unique selling points was their hashtag (#) idea. It’s a good way to keep track of trends and to promote things online.
  • However using hashtags in every tweet, more than once, is something that annoys many people on Twitter. The idea of a hashtag is to pinpoint one specific area, using more than one doesn’t give a clear example of what you’re aiming for.