How to Become a Professional Singer

Tips on how to act as a professional in the music industry

How to become a professional singer: Manners matter in the music industry just as much as they do in everyday life and knowing how to become a professional singer can set you apart from other acts at performances.

It can leave a lasting impression and make people feel more compelled to help you out. Read on below for some tips on how to become a professional singer.

How to become a professional singer

how to be a professional singer

Be on time, every time

Rule number one in how to become a professional singer is to be on time, if not early, for the event. If you have to sound check at 9.30am, get there with plenty of time to spare. There can be a lot of obstacles on a way to a performance including:

  • Traffic
  • Parking
  • Public transport delays

You can always grab a drink and chill if early, so get in good habits and allow extra time when leaving. Music performances often run on a time schedule, so if you’re late it can be difficult for them to cater for you tardiness.

Being late is something that people remember and isn’t going to help you when learning how to become a professional singer.

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Be respectful

Everyone is in the same boat when it comes to performing so be respectful to each act, regardless of their attitude. During sound check, applaud them when they leave the stage and when they are performing live, stay quiet backstage and be friendly before and after their songs.

It can be a confidence booster to be around friendly musicians.

How to become a professional singer

Make people aware

A wise thing to note when learning how to become a professional singer, is to make the venue and organisation staff aware of anything out of the ordinary. This could be any guests attending who need special seating to the unusual instrumentation you want to carry on stage before you play.

Organisation is so important before, during and after a performance. This also means that if you are unhappy with your sound check, let the engineer know and you can tweak your sound before the real thing.

How to become a professional singer – Stay professional 

Professionalism is something that sets apart acts during performances. If you are waiting backstage, try and refrain from cursing or entertaining other bad habits and stay where you are asked to. Let your attitude show on stage, not elsewhere.

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Please and thank you

It should go without saying that in the how to become a professional singer rule book that general manners such as saying please and thank you are very well regarded. Venue and organisational staff are working and taking time out of their day to help put on this performance so shake hands at the end of the day.

It is possible to form working relationships with industry contacts this way and they will remember you for your manners next time around.


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