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How to Build a Mailing List for Singers | 5 Email Marketing Tips for Musicians

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As a singer or musician, building a mailing list is an invaluable resource that is a brilliant way to get the attention of your fans and push your work to centre stage. Email marketing can be even more effective than social media, which is why it’s so important to build a mailing list. Here we take you through the best ways to grow your own mailing list. 

Building mailing list will allow you to quickly and easily keep fans updated on new music and showsYou can set up a mailing list and implement these great email marketing tips.  

Your mailing list gives you direct access to your fans, without fighting for their attention on social media. There are a wide variety of ways to gather email addresses and start sending out emails, it’s just about knowing where to start. 

Setting up a mailing list 

emailing list for singers

Before you dive in and immediately start gathering your fan’s email addresses, first think about how you are going to store these safely and securely in one place. Once you start using your mailing list, you also need to think about how you are going to send out bulk emails to your audience.  

To do these things you will need an effective email marketing platform.


There is an abundance of these platforms out there, however, the most popular and one you’ve likely already heard of is MailChimp 

MailChimp is a great website for setting up your mailing list because its incredibly easy to use and, more importantly, it’s free! The service is free, if you have 2,000 or fewer email addresses and don’t send out more than 12,000 emails a month. So, you could send out 6 a month to 2,000 fans. 

Once you go over 2,000 fans, it’s worth investing in a paid plan with MailChimp as they have some affordable deals.  

If you are looking for a musician mailing list template, they offer an easy drag and drop system. This allows you to build stunning emails with no complicated Matrix coding required. 

How to create a musician email address  

It’s important to have consistent branding as a musician, from your name to your website and even down to your email!  

In order to look professional, it’s worth paying for a custom email that looks like [email protected] rather than using a free provider like Gmail. You could end up with an email like [email protected] which looks unprofessional.

You can create an email through the company you have used to build your musician website such as WordPress or Wix. Once you’ve bought the custom domain name for your website, you can use the same name for your email address, keeping everything consistent and professional. 

How to gather emails for your mailing list  

So, now you’ve managed to sort out where your mailing list will be stored and set up your own shiny new custom email address. What’s next? You can’t start sending emails when you don’t have any addresses! Building a loyal fanbase is the best way to grow your career as a musician. 

A quick way to collect emails is through your website. If you are serious about making your talents as a musician into a career, it’s important to invest in your own professional website. To collect emails from your website, you will need to set up a sign-up form that visitors can fill out to gain access to your emails.  

You can easily do this through MailChimp. Simply log onto your MailChimp dashboard, select create a form and then embed it onto your lovely website. You can take a look at a step by step video below: 

Why should your fans sign up?

It’s important to have some text on your website next to the email sign up form. Why should your fans sign up? What benefits will they receive? You can list a few including, exclusive offers on merch, first access to tour dates and similar benefits. It’s also beneficial to have a pop up as soon as users click on your website, prompting them to sign up to your emails right away.  

Another way you can gather emails is the good old-fashioned manual way, during shows! You can have a sign-up sheet for fans to write down their email addresses. It can be something as simple as pen and paper or even on a tablet if you’re fancy.  

You can have this list stationed at your merch stand, asking them to sign-up when they make a purchase. Or even offer a free badge if they do! You can then add this list to your MailChimp database.  

How to increase your mailing list 

How to gather emails for your mailing list  

Once you’ve got the basics for your mailing list sorted, you might want to think about growing it. This is an ongoing process and whilst having a sign-up form on your website and at shows works, you need to consistently work on gathering more email addresses. 

Why not try asking your followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to sign-up to your mailing list? Remember, it’s important to offer an incentive. Remind them of what they will receive and how they will be the first to know about tour dates etc. if they are on your mailing list. You can get as creative as you like and even run merch giveaways for mailing list members only.  

If you are friends with other musicians, why not ask them to prompt their fans to sign-up to your mailing list? You can do the same in return. This will help get your music out there to wider audience that you might not otherwise have access to.  

A mailing list is a fantastic marketing strategy to get new ears listening to your music. 

Email marketing tips for musicians 

Now that you’ve got a large mailing list, what do you do with it? Sometimes it seems you’ve worked so hard to get those emails that you’ve completely forgotten why you were doing it in the first place!  

Remember, this is your direct point of contact with your fans. You aren’t competing with other posts on social media, you aren’t paying to promote posts online. You can say exactly what you want to say, and the fans are guaranteed to see it.  

So, how do you make sure that you benefit from it?  

#1 Use a good subject line  

The subject line is the very first thing your fans will see when they receive the email. A good subject line could be the difference between them opening your email or not. Make sure your subject line is attention-grabbing. Let the reader know what the email is about. Pose a question or use a funny hook that makes it impossible not to be clicked on.  

As a musician building your personal brand, make sure that you get your personality across.  

#2 Create calls to action 

Do you want your fans to buy your merch? Listen to your new song? Buy tickets to a show? Make sure it’s clear what you want them to do and create a call to action. This could be as simple as “click here”.  

However, if it’s a video, for instance, you want to keep them watching the whole thing, so it’s worth saying something like, “Click here to watch the video. Let us know if you noticed that cat that ran past and distracted us. 

#3 Write in your own voice  

Your fans want to hear from YOU, not from some emotionless machine! Don’t be afraid to inject some personality and humour into your emails. This will make your fans see you as a relatable musician who is actually a human. Work on crafting an email tone of voice that best reflects you. Your fans love you as well as your amazing music, don’t forget that!  

#4 Be professional  

Whilst you are writing your emails like you are talking to friends, you need to make sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. This is still your career ,so make sure that you come across as a professional and, most importantly, that you know what you are talking about. Apps like Grammarly are quite literally lifesavers when it comes to this.  

#5 Know your fans 

It is super important to get to know your fans so that you can craft the content in your emails to suit them. You can do this by engaging with them on social media and even creating surveys within your emails. Survey Monkey is great for this.  

#6 Make being on your mailing list worth it  

No one wants to be on a mailing list that just spams them every day with pointless emails that don’t benefit them in any way. You don’t want to end up in the junk folder! Make sure that you are offering them unique benefits that they won’t get elsewhere. These incentives could be anything from competitions to merch discounts or even early bird gig tickets.  

Related Questions 

  • Can I have a mailing list without a website? 

You can build your own mailing list without a website. However, if you really want to build your fanbase, it is a good idea to create your own website where fans can do anything from reading your blog to buying tickets for your shows.  

  • How do you find people to sign-up for your mailing list? 

If you have tried via your website, at shows and using social media and are still struggling, that’s not a problem. It’s important to be consistent and it may just mean you need to build your social media presence and work hard on your website to draw more people into signing up for your list.  

  • How do I avoid people unsubscribing? 

Often when you use a free incentive, such as a free download of your song, you can get loads of people signing up to your list then unsubscribing. In order to avoid this, make sure that you offer consistent incentives like news about tour dates before anyone else etc. Also, don’t spam your fans with emails every day, this will seriously cut down the number of unsubscribes.  

  • Can other musicians help with my mailing list? 

You can definitely build your mailing list by getting friendly with other musicians who could help give you a shout out. A super effective way is to get featured on music blogs. In your bio write the call to action for people to sign up to your mailing list! 

Mailing lists are one of the most important marketing strategies you can implement as a singer.

Now it’s your turn, why not try setting up your own mailing list today? Let us know how it goes!