How to Change Your Instagram Username

Instagram is the favoured social media platform for a lot of artists so keeping your Insta up to date should be a priority when you change your artist name. Fortunately, it is quite simple for you to change your Instagram username whether you’re on iOS, Android or desktop.

Your Instagram name and username can be changed as much as you like by editing your profile. Don’t worry, you won’t lose followers for it. Your username needs to be unique, otherwise, it will be unavailable but Instagram names can be the same across accounts. 

You need to change your username on Instagram if you’ve decided to make a change and also to keep your image synchronised across all of your social platforms. Instagram makes it quite easy to change your name but you could still run into problems. 

How to change your Instagram username

  • Go to your Instagram profile 
  • Edit profile (next to your Instagram picture)
  • Change your Instagram name and username 
  • Adapt your Instagram bio 
  • Change your hashtags 

Changing your Instagram name

#1 Go to your Instagram profile 

Change your Instagram Username

You will find a little person icon on the bottom right-hand corner of your phone when you open the Instagram app. When you click on this then it will take you to your profile. 

If you are changing your username on a desktop then you will find Instagram is structured slightly differently. The icon is now on the top right on a panel with the logo, search bar and notifications and explore icons. 

#2 Edit profile (next to your Instagram picture)

Change your Instagram Username

When you land on your profile you should see all of you lovely photos that you’ve uploaded.  Above that, you’ll see the edit profile bar, which is also underneath your profile photo and follower number.  

On a desktop, this might be a bit harder to find. Instead of a big bar across the screen, it is a small button. You will find edit profile next to your username and above you follower numbers. 

#3 Change your Instagram name and username 

Change your Instagram Username

This is the same for both mobile and desktop and all you have to do is put in your new name. Make sure your username is available and try and keep your names consistent across all of your social media channels. 

Make sure you’ve brainstormed and come up with plenty of ideas before choosing your name. Unlike Facebook, there isn’t a limit on changing your name but you should still commit to your choice. 

#4 Adapt your Instagram bio 

Change your Instagram Bio

You should read through your bio once you’ve changed your username. Your bio on Instagram is very visible on your profile and it won’t look very good if you’ve still got your old name there.  

You can easily change your bio while you change your name. You might not have an in-depth one to cover your new name but it doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple sentence or two should do the trick. 

#5 Change your hashtags 

Change your Instagram Hashtags

You want people to see your posts when people search for you. If all of your posts have a hashtag with your previous name then this won’t happen. It is a good idea to go through some of your old posts and edit the hashtag to include your new name.  

This way, if someone does find it hard to find your profile, they could still find your posts and then your profile from there. If someone looks through your old posts then your previous name could be confusing so get as much as you can up to date. 

Why can’t I change my username on Instagram?

Usually, changing your username isn’t much hassle. However, you might put in your new username, only to find that it won’t change. This is often because the username is not available, meaning that it has been taken by someone else. 

There isn’t anything you can really do about this and you’ll have to find a new username. You will be able to call your profile name whatever you want but you ideally want to keep them the same.  

You might find a username is unavailable but there is has no user. This is likely to be because the previous user of that name has been banned. When Instagram bans or blocks someone’s account, the username becomes permanently inactive. 

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Will I lose followers? 

You shouldn’t lose followers for changing your name. It doesn’t create a new profile so all of your previous followers and people you follow will stay the same. 

If you choose a name that is offensive or explicit then you might find yourself losing followers. You could also find yourself getting reported and blocked so even if you’re doing it for a joke, it really isn’t worth it. 

Have you ever changed your Instagram username and did you remember to update your hashtags and bio?


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