How to Change Your Name on Facebook For Singers

Changing your Facebook name doesn’t have to be difficult and it is something that a lot of artists go through. There are conditions that can make it tricky to rename your page so make sure you know the rules and process behind it.

Renaming your Facebook page is easily done through editing your ‘About’ section, However, there can be complications when you have over 200 likes. You also can’t change your name if you’ve changed it too much or if it doesn’t meet Facebook’s name standards.

If your music is going in a new direction, you might be unsatisfied with your current name. You could just be looking for a fresh rebrand or stage name that suits you better. If you do change, you will need to know how to rename your Facebook page.

Can you rename a page on Facebook?

why can't i change my facebook page name

Yes, you can and this should be simple if your page has less than 200 likes. If you have more than 200 fans then things can become more difficult. This is because Facebook could end up reviewing your application to change your name.

It usually takes 3-7 days for Facebook to review a name change. Usually, there won’t be a problem and, after a few days, your page name will change so that all your fans can see it. However, there are circumstances where a new name won’t be approved.

Why can’t I change my name on Facebook?

If you have already changed your name, Facebook won’t allow you to change your name for another 7 days. This means that if you make a mistake the first time around then you’ll have to wait a week before you change it.

If you are changing your name frequently then you might find yourself unable to make further changes. There are Facebook pages that spam users with content and repeatedly change their name to avoid being reported. If you’re constantly making changes then you might be flagged up with these pages.

You need to be sensible with your name on Facebook so don’t try to add any explicit or offensive words. This will likely be blocked by Facebook and you don’t want to run the risk of your whole page being blocked. Even if it is approved, it won’t go down well with your fans so just don’t do it.

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How to change your Facebook page name

#1 Brainstorm new ideas

There is no harm in having a good brainstorming session to find the best artist name for you. You might think that you’ve found the perfect name but come up with more ideas just to make sure.

We suggest using to check availability across multiple platforms. It is important to have all your online platforms aligned under the same name.

Also, you could ask your friends for ideas, use song names for inspiration or use a random name generator.

#2 Pick one you are certain of

Once you have a good selection, pick the one that represents you the best. You should see how it looks written down as well as how it sounds when you say. What looks good on paper might not be easy for people to say or understand.

Go through the best candidates for your new name with your friends and get feedback. You could open it up to your audience to hear their thoughts or even let them have a vote.

#3 Make sure it’s unique

You want to make sure no one else has your name because this will make it difficult for people to find you. You want to be easily searchable so search your name on Facebook, Spotify and other platforms before you commit.

#4 Click ‘About’ on your Facebook page

how to change your name on facebook mobile phone app

When you go onto the Facebook home page, you’ll find pages on the left sidebar. This will be under ‘Explore’ or it may even be under ‘Shortcuts’. Go onto your page and on the left, you will find the About section.

#5 ‘Edit’ your page name

how to change your name on facebook mobile phone app

Once you’ve clicked this, the first thing that comes up should be the ‘General’ section, including your page category, page name and username. You will be able to click ‘Edit’ and change all of these. It is a good idea to match your page name and your username.

If you’ve changed your name, share your page below in the comments and tell us what it was before.


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