How to Change Your Name on Twitter for Singers

To keep your name consistent across social media, you’ll have to update it on Twitter, which is a bit trickier than other platforms. Changing your artist name doesn’t have to be a lot of work so have a look through all our guides across different platforms.

On Twitter, changing your name and username (@name) are two separate processes. Your name is changed through your profile but you will find that you are unable to edit your username. To do this, you need to go onto your account through settings and privacy. 

It can be easy to leave out your username on Twitter because it is less convenient to change. However, you need to make sure you’re thorough and change your name and username to keep your image synchronised across all of your social platforms.

How to change your username and display name 

#1 Go onto your profile  

can i change my @name on twitter

Let’s start with your display name. You will be able to see your profile photo when you open twitter, whether that’s on an app or on a desktop. If you click on your profile image, you will see a list of options appear. 

One of these will be ‘Profile’ so give this a click and it will take you to the next step. 

#2 Edit profile 

how to change your real name on twitter

You will be taken to your Twitter profile, where you can see all of your tweets and follow numbers. There is a button labelled ‘Edit Profile’ where you can change your name, as well as your bio, location and website. 

How to change your name on Facebook for singers

How to Change Your Name on Facebook For Singers

Changing your Facebook name doesn’t have to be difficult and it is something that a lot of artists go through. There are conditions that can make it tricky to rename your page so make sure you know the rules and process behind it. Renaming your Facebook page is easily done through editing your ‘About’ section,... Read more »

#3 Enter your new name 

how to change twitter username on android

Now you can enter your new name. Like Instagram, your display name can be anything and there is no limit to how many times you can change it. Also, think about updating your bio if it includes your previous name. 

#4 Settings and privacy 

how to change twitter username on iphone

So that’s your display name sorted, on to your username. Exit the edit profile window and click on your profile photo again. Make sure it isn’t the one on actually on your profile, but the same one that you clicked on before. 

 Now, the same list will appear but you’re going to have to look further down. You’ll see the ‘Settings and Privacy’ section towards the bottom and this is what you have to click on next. 

#5 Account 

how do you change your name on twitter not username

It should take you here directly but if it hasn’t already, make sure you are on the account section. You will be able to edit your username along with your phone number, email and password. 

Click on username and you’ll be able to change it. Again, like Instagram, your username needs to be unique and original so if it’s taken, you might want to look for a different name. Whatever you choose, it must be 15 characters or less and we can’t stress enough about getting it consistent across all of your channels. 

Have you managed to get your name and username the same across all of your social media accounts? Tell us what it is below.


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