How to Change Your YouTube URL 2020

Changing a YouTube URL to a custom URL is a great way to use your own artist name to improve the branding of your channel. However, not everyone with a YouTube account can get their own custom channel.

Once you meet YouTube’s eligibility requirements, you can change your YouTube URL. Sign in to YouTube and go to your advanced settings to get it changed. Note that changing your custom YouTube URL is different from changing your channel name.

You should be absolutely certain when you change your YouTube URL to something new. Find out more about changing your YouTube URL by following our steps below.

How do I get a Custom YouTube URL?

YouTube will only let you change your URL if you meet the following criteria. To create a custom YouTube URL for your channel, your account needs to:

  • Have 100 or more subscribers
  • Be at least 30 days old
  • Have an uploaded photo as channel icon
  • Have uploaded channel art (check out these guidelines for YouTube channel art!)

Change YouTube URL 2020

You can change your YouTube URL in 9 easy steps (detailed below). Unlike some other social platforms, there are limits on the number of times you can change your URL. Therefore, it is important that you are sure about your decision before updating!

How to change your YouTube URL

Here is our guide to changing your YouTube URL.

  • Sign in to your YouTube account.
  • Check if you are eligible for your own custom YouTube URL.
  • Go to your advanced account settings by clicking your icon in the top right-hand corner > Settings
  • Then click ‘Advanced’ under your YouTube account name.
  • Under ‘Channel settings’, select the link next to ‘You’re eligible for a custom URL’.
    Note: You will only see this link if your channel is eligible.
  • In the ‘Get a custom URL’ box, you will see the custom URL(s) for which you’ve been approved. You can’t change the part in the grey box, but you may need to add a few letters or numbers to make the URL unique to you.
  • Read the ‘Custom URL Terms of Use’
  • Tick the box to agree to them
  • Click Change URL

I have changed my channel name, what can I do?

It is natural to want to change your YouTube or channel name.  Your taste and mindset change over the years so a name you previously liked may not seem as attractive as it first did. If you can’t change your YouTube URL then don’t worry because there are other names you can change.

Can I change my YouTube channel name?

Your YouTube name is also known as your YouTube username or channel name. Unlike your YouTube URL, there is no subscriber threshold to change your name. When you change your name, it will change the name that appears on your channel, as well as in comments.

How many times can I change my YouTube channel name?

You can only change your YouTube name three times every 90 days. You do this by editing your name on Google.

Can you change your YouTube name without changing your Google name?

You can change your YouTube name without changing your Google name. However, this is only possible if you turn your YouTube account into a brand account. This simply means that you will have a different name on your YouTube channel to your Google account.

How to change your YouTube name

Once signed in, it only takes 3 steps to change your YouTube channel name:

  • Click your account icon > settings.
  • In the “Overview” section, click Edit on Google next to your channel name.
  • Update the channel name and click OK.

Once you have decided on a new YouTube channel name, you may want to change your custom URL. Again, once signed in this can be achieved in a few simple steps.

You can remove a custom URL from your channel up to 3 times per year. This deactivates the URL so that it no longer directs viewers to your channel.

Changing a custom YouTube URL:

1. Sign in to YouTube and go to your ‘About me‘ page.

2. Select the account with your YouTube channel in the top-right corner. (You may have to click All of your Brand Accounts if your account is not in the list)

3. Find your current custom URL under ‘Sites’ and click edit.

4. Next to the URL that you want to remove, click X.

5. Click OK.

It may take a couple of days before the previous custom URL stops directing to your channel. Then to set a new custom YouTube URL, follow the steps detailed at the start of this article!

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Why it is important to have custom URLs?

Changing your YouTube URL is important for branding. When creating a brand as an artist it is really important to have consistency across all of your social media platforms. This enables your fans to easily access your music and stay up to date with gigs etc.

What is my YouTube URL

URL stands for uniform resource locator and is an address used to identify a webpage. Each YouTube channel will have its own distinct URL that will initially be assigned by YouTube. However, you will be able to choose what this URL is when you have enough subscribers.

How to get a custom URL without 100 subs

Unfortunately, the only way to get your custom URL is to have 100 subscribers. It is better to focus on building your channel, making great content and interacting with your audience before getting a custom URL.

How do I change my YouTube channel ID?

You can see your channel and user ID if you go to your account settings and click on advanced on your overview. Your standard URL is based on your channel ID but whilst you can change your URL, you can’t change your channel ID.

Have you changed your YouTube URL? Show us your customised YouTube channels in the comments below!

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2 years ago

This is really useful, thanks.

Chris Grayston
Chris Grayston
2 years ago
Reply to  Helen

Thanks, Helen!

2 years ago
Reply to  Helen

Helen please can you write me on my email to ask you for something ? [email protected]

Alison Incausti
Alison Incausti
2 years ago

Very helpful advice. Need to get these articles out there so that everyone can see them. Thanks a lot .

2 years ago

Thanks for your discussion, I really want to sharing this useful message to others to know too.

Jamie Doyle
Jamie Doyle
1 year ago

I did my one yesterday it’s showing This channel does not exist.
is somethink wrong or do i have to wait for the domain to setin like when seting up a website domain

1 year ago
Reply to  Jamie Doyle

Hi Jamie, did you manage to sort it out? 🙂


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1 year ago

How i change my channel name become my website name? Such as .


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1 year ago

Hi, I tried the process but Youtube is showing me only two options. One is the old url and the other is to extend the old url. I don’t want to do anything with the old url. I want to type my own. But it is not showing any such option. What to do? Is it because I tried to add the new URL immediately after removing the old one? Should I wait to change it until it is disabled? I really need this. Otherwise it’ll be very difficult for my NGO.

1 year ago

I have changed my yt channel custom link is it possible to change it again?

4 months ago

Do I have to have the 100 subscribers for 30 days? or the account for 30 days?

4 months ago
Reply to  Terry

Hey Terry, yes to both. You also have to have a profile picture and a banner image. 🙂

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