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How to Create a Musician’s Email Address

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You should create a professional email address with your own custom domain to give yourself a bit more authority when contacting people by email. Having an email address ending with @hotmail, @yahoo or @gmail doesn’t give you a very professional appearance compared to [email protected] 

When creating an [email protected] musician email address, it is probably best to use Google and Gmail to create your own custom domain. You can link this to YouTube and then start your email marketing plan with mail lists, newsletters and updates on your activities. 

Setting up a custom musician or band email address doesn’t have to be complicated and having a large mailing list could even help you get a record deal. Here are the steps you should take to create your own musician email address and then use with mailing lists for email marketing.  

#1 Create an [email protected] email address 

Start with deciding on what to call your domain. Using [email protected] is one of the most common ways to create your custom email address. This is simple and looks professional so it’s best to not try and complicate things by trying hard to make it stand out. 

The domain you choose is going to be what identifies you and your brand so make sure that you are certain about what it is going to be. You are going to have to pay to get it as well, so you don’t want to be wasting your money. 

This will often be the first thing people will see when you contact them. Therefore, thinking about the way you brand yourself is essential. Treat yourself as more than a singer or musician and as a professional or business.  

#2 Purchase a musician email address and domain 

You can register your own domain and email address through website builders and web service sites but, seeing that many artists will set up Gmail accounts for YouTube, G Suite is probably your easiest option.  

It is very simple to get it sorted, you just need to make sure your domain is available. You will be asked if your business has a domain and if you haven’t already purchased one through another site, then get your domain now. 

Once you’ve found your domain, decide how long you want to have it for, it is usually at a cheaper rate the longer you purchase it for. You should also be able to buy your email alongside your domain and if you’re doing this with Google, you will be purchasing G Suite. 

If your domain isn’t available, don’t put @yourdomain123 or anything along these lines because you’ll just be spending money to look unprofessional. Try to be creative and find an alternative such as yourdomainmusic or yourdomainuk 

#3 Create a music email account [Gmail] 

Now that you’ve purchased your domain and email service, you can register it to your email account. If you haven’t used G Suite, it is still a good idea to use Gmail for this because you can then use your custom domain for your YouTube channel.  

You will be able to get access to your custom Gmail account much more quickly than if you had done it through another web service. This is why it is probably better to get your domain from Google or a website builder connected with G Suite in the first place.  

#4 Make an email marketing plan 

If you are going to be sending emails to a significant amount of people, you will want your own domain to make it look professional. You will also want to make sure you’re using the best service for managing and contacting your mailing list. 

Building strong relationships with your superfans is essential for launching your career. You could do this through social media, but it is a very crowded place and it can be hard to know if your posts and messages are going directly to your fans.  

This is where an email marketing plan can be a huge advantage. You should plan to get your custom domain and then get the most important news straight to your fans inbox through a mailing list database. This will allow you to directly send your fans updates with a newsletter and build a more engaged following. 

#5 Use a free music email list 

One of the most popular services for creating a mailing list is MailChimp. MailChimp is free to start out with and has music specific templates that you can use as a singer or musician. It’s simple and easy to use so you also won’t have to worry about any technical programming for storing the contacts in a database. 

You only have to start paying for MailChimp when you have over 2000 fans and are sending out over 12,000 emails a month. This means that you have plenty of opportunities to build a core following through MailChimp for free! 

#6 Decide your email marketing frequency 

You don’t want to constantly be sending mass emails to your mailing list for everything little development that happens. Before thinking about what to include in your newsletter, consider often you will be updating your fans. 

Sending too often can cause fans to simply ignore your emails as they come through. However, sending too little can cause fans to lose interest. It is a hard balance to find but try and be consistent with whatever you decide to do.

#7 Get fan feedback 

It is a good idea to ask your mailing list how often they would want to be contacted and what they want to see. It can really depend on how much you are doing and the amount of worthy news you feel you can share. This could be once or twice a month or even weekly.  

This way, you can get a better understanding of how often your fans want updates and you could always send extra emails for bigger news such as tickets or merch going on sale. 

Have you got your own custom domain? Tell us how you did it and if you’ve started a mailing list.