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How to Have a Successful Music Career

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Advice on how to have a successful music career in the music industry.

How to have a successful music career: Having a successful music career is not an easy thing to achieve; there can be many obstacles that stand in your way.

The most essential thing to any successful career is having good material, the personality to engage on stage, a fan base and a shed load of energy to create opportunities.  So with that in mind the need to do and improve the following will assist you on your journey to success.


Starting with the basics, you’re going to need a platform for fans to be able to find you on. So make sure you’ve uploaded your singing material on the likes of YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, etc.

These are the places fans will come to find you. Of course ensure the material is the best it can be and is professionally recorded.

If you can get your own website also that is very beneficial as you can have all your social media pages redirecting to your website, which is one main platform for fans to find all the information they need about you.


Make sure your fans know you appreciate them! After all they are a large part of your success in the music industry.

You can do this simply by responding back positively to comments on your social media sites, accepting friend requests on Facebook or following them back on Twitter.

At events spend time talking and engaging with them, after all they have just spent time to watch and listen to you.


It’s vital that you can sing well to have a successful music career, but it won’t be enough by itself. You need to be able to perform, whilst you sing. Being able to perform will be one of the main factors that takes you from an unsigned artist to a recording artist.

Most important is conveying personality in your performance. Acts like Robbie Williams would be the first to admit that they aren’t the best singers but what he lacks in the strength of his vocals he more than makes up for in personality and charisma on and off stage.

To perform effectively, there are a few tricks to remember:

  • Make use of the stage.
  • Strong microphone technique.
  • Putting emotion into your performance.


You’re not always going to have an easy job becoming successful; you’re likely to face rejection on a number of occasions. It’s in these moments that you’ll have to accept you’re not for them and move on. Don’t give up, keep going.

Remember, the Beatles were turned down plenty of times before someone gave them a break. A good tip for acts is to ask for feedback and evaluate what feedback you get; take it on board if you agree with it.


Without the ability to network, you won’t have the chance to build contacts. Networking is an important aspect for singers to work on, as it can be invaluable. With events being held specifically for networking, the concept has never been so important.