How to Perform Visually as a Singer

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Tips on how to give a visual performance on-stage!

How to perform visually: Performing visually not just vocally is often the difference between a singer and a recording artist. Being able to perform and as well as sing is something all acts need to work on and develop.

Style and Image

You may feel that your style and image doesn’t affect your performance, but in fact it does.

The audience can sense whether you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing and it’s easy to see whether your outfit is appropriate and reflective of the song you’re performing. So make your style suit your performance and feel happy with what you’re wearing on stage.

Body Language

The body language you have as an act is the most important thing about you performing on stage. If you’re singing an upbeat pop song and you’re slumped over a microphone, it’s not going to be received well.

You’ve got to make your body language reflect how you feel about the song and what it means to you. So if you’re singing an emotional ballad use your arms to show the emotion in the song, if you’re singing a pop song then dance around the stage.

Making use of the stage

Making use of the stage helps performance to go from just vocal to visual as well, watching a musician stand static throughout their entire performance can be somewhat boring.

So by moving around the stage, you can enhance the performance and it will show the audience that you’re enjoying what you’re singing for them.

Study some of your favourite artists and see how they make use of the stage during their performances, steal a few pointers if you like what they do!

Remember performance focuses on expression

When you’re singing you focus on emotion but when you’re performing you need to focuses on the expression of that emotion.

You have to ask yourself if someone sang this song to you how do you expect them to feel, that’s how you want the audience to feel.

Make the expression come across in your performance.