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How to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud (For Free)

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Musicians have one priority on streaming platforms: to promote, promote, promote. It’s great to have your tracks on a huge platform like SoundCloud, but promotion is what will make the difference between remaining undiscovered and becoming a SoundCloud hit. 

SoundCloud is an invaluable tool for music promotion, especially for indie artistsThe streaming platform has an abundance of promotional opportunities open to all artists, including Repost by SoundCloud, SoundCloud Premier, and Viral SoundCloud Promotion. 

If you’ve got your music on SoundCloud, it’s time to start promoting. A good marketing campaign will boost your rankings and earn you extra money. You just need to find the SoundCloud strategy that suits you – and this article is here to help you do that. 

How to discover music on SoundCloud 

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Before you start putting together a promotional campaign for SoundCloud, it’s worth starting with the basics and understanding how the platform works.  

SoundCloud users typically discover music through the site’s universal search bar, the charts (which show the top 50 played tracks of the week), and through SoundCloud’s “recommended” section.  

Knowing how users find music on SoundCloud can help you tap into SoundCloud’s discovery algorithm and get your tracks topping the search results.  

SoundCloud music discovery  

SoundCloud also categorises its music into communities. These communities usually centre around a certain theme or genre of music and contain lots of recommended playlists connected to that type of music. Some of the biggest SoundCloud communities are: 

  • Chill  
  • Study 
  • Party 
  • Workout 
  • Relax 
  • Sleep 

Communities are really popular on SoundCloud. They help users find what they’re looking for based on their mood or music taste 

This makes them a great resource for artists trying to promote on SoundCloud – if you find your niche and have a clear, distinct genre as an artist, you’re more likely to fit into a community and have your tracks posted there. Fans can then stumble across your music on a trending playlist and head to your profile to hear more. 

How to promote your music on SoundCloud 

To get your music discovered on SoundCloud, be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into promotion. You can use paid promotion services (read on for more information) to promote on SoundCloud, or you can try out your own promotional techniques.  

Here are some ideas for how you can run your own, free SoundCloud promotion: 

  1. Run free give-away periods on your tracks to encourage downloads 
  2. Use the private sharing feature to share your tracks with select fans as part of an exclusive giveaway
  3. Send your SoundCloud tracks to bloggers, journalists, and press outlets and ask for them to write a review
  4. Use Buy-Links to direct fans to your online store 
  5. Share your music publicly and across all your social media profile

Does SoundCloud Pro promote your music?  

You can run your own independent promotional campaigns, or you can recruit the help of SoundCloud to help promote your musicArtists who are signed up for SoundCloud Pro Unlimited are offered lots of assistance with music promotion. 

Repost by SoundCloud, SoundCloud Premier, and Promote on SoundCloudare all promotional services available on the streaming platform to help artists promote their music. 

SoundCloud Repost 

Repost by SoundCloud is an exclusive marketing feature that helps you “get heard, get paid, and take your career to the next level.”  

By using Repost, you can get your music heard by audiences worldwide, as well as get your tracks on huge streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tik Tok. Your tracks will also automatically be considered for upstream opportunities – all of which is amazing exposure. 

Joining Repost is a clever move when it comes to promoting your music. You’ll be able to use premium services and pitch for playlists and pay collaborators among lots of other exclusive perksOne of the best ways to promote yourself in the music industry is by looking like a credible, professional artist. 


SoundCloud Premier  

SoundCloud Premier is essentially an upgraded version of a basic SoundCloud account. But it’s definitely worth upgrading your account and paying the subscription fee to go Premier, as it comes with exclusive access to tools to grow your music career. 

By signing up for SoundCloud Premier, you can monetise your tracks and get paid for your plays. You’ll also be able to access your stats and royalty reports, which can show you who’s listening to your music and where, so you can tailor your promotional efforts accordingly. 

When you’re a Premier user, you can also gain access to the renowned Promote on SoundCloud tool. This can boost your exposure and SoundCloud following endlessly.  

Promote on SoundCloud 

Promote on SoundCloud 

Promote on SoundCloud is a self-serve tool available to SoundCloud Pro Unlimited and SoundCloud Premier users. The promotional tool helps you deliver your music to SoundCloud’s huge userbase and communities, gaining you more exposure and increasing your engagement with listeners. 

Using Promote on SoundCloud will walk you through and simplify your promotional campaignby providing you with access to lots of promotional tools like: 

  • Boosted tracks that are highly visible at the top of the homepage 
  • Access to unlimited uploads 
  • Customised targeting options that let you choose what age, location, device, and genre you want to target 
  • Targeted marketing for your music in the areas you’re about to tour in 
  • Access to stats for how your music’s performing 

Who can use Promote on SoundCloud? 

If you want to use the Promote on SoundCloud self-serve tool, you have to be an artist who has tracks that are monetising on Soundcloud. All artists are eligible to monetise on the platform and can set up monetisation on their tracks quickly and easily. But there are a few eligibility rules that are worth checking out before you get started. 

You can only promote your own tracks and monetising content on SoundCloud. Or, if you have a label, they can use Promote on SoundCloud on your behalf.  

How to promote using Promote on SoundCloud  

If you’re eligible to use Promote on SoundCloud, you’re ready to set up a SoundCloud promotion and get your content seen by thousands! 

To set up a promotion using the Promote on SoundCloud tool, you’ll need to follow these steps: 

  1. Step 1

    Go to Promote on SoundCloud and select “Promote a track. (You’ll then be asked to sign in to your SoundCloud account if you haven’t already.) 

  2. Step 2

    Choose a name for your promotion and then select one of your current monetising public tracks. 

  3. Step 3

    Now, you’ll have to option to choose between “Simple” or “Advanced” targeting. You’ll also have to set a budget for how much you’d like to spend to run your promotion.  

  4. Step 4

    Select what you’d like the start and end date of your promotion to be and choose what audience you want your promotion to reach. 

  5. Step 5

    You’ll then be able to check the availability of your chosen promotional campaign and proceed to checkout to pay for it. SoundCloud will then do the rest and get your promotion up and running.  

Viral SoundCloud promotion 

Viral SoundCloud promotion  

Promote on SoundCloud is just one option for promoting your music on SoundCloud. If you’re happy to pay to promote your tracks, Viral SoundCloud Promotion is another paid promotional package you could use.  

The Viral SoundCloud Promotion service can be purchased through Artist Sounds and allows artists to choose the promotional goals they want to be met in a set time period (including how many plays you would like on SoundCloud by the end of the contract.) 

The typical Viral SoundCloud package includes: 

  • A 90-day guarantee to meet all goals 
  • Guaranteed plays from real people (all based in the US) 
  • Your songs featured on Juss Russ Radio 
  • Your song ratings shared on social media 
  • 24/7 campaign support 
  • Your songs featured on the Artist Sounds music blog 
  • A progress report and final report 

How much does Viral SoundCloud Promotion cost? 

Prices for Viral SoundCloud Promotion services start at $249.99, for a goal of 10,000 SoundCloud plays on your track. The more plays you want on your track, the more expensive the packages become.  

How do you make a song go viral on SoundCloud? 

Every musician dreams of going viral – but the thought of having to pay to go viral might tarnish the idea a bit. You don’t have to buy a viral promotion package to make your tracks go viral on SoundCloud; lots of artists find overnight success using their own hacks. 

Try your luck at going viral on SoundCloud using these five tips: 

  1. Post your best work –your track won’t get anywhere if it’s not high-quality and your best piece of work. The main trick to going viral is to create a catchy and memorable song. 
  2. Keep an eye on trends – look at what SoundCloud’s most-played tracks are recently. This will give you an idea of what genres of music are trending right now, and will help you tailor your song to be more popular. 
  3. Optimise the length of your songs – a hit song is usually around 3 minutes long. If you keep your tracks to this length, you won’t lose your listener’s attention.  
  4. Use popular trending tags– in your track description, tag your song with as many relevant, popular tags as possible. This will amplify the reach of your music.  
  5. Team up with popular musicians – collaborating with artists who have a bigger fanbase than you is a sure-fire way to boost your listeners and exposure. 


How do you get more following on SoundCloud? 

There’s no better way to boost your chances of going viral than having a big following on streaming platforms. A huge following will increase your shares, exposure, and sales. This is all great promotion for an artist.  

If you’re looking to increase your SoundCloud following, give these tricks a go: 

  1. Use the Spotlight feature to list your five best tracks at the top of your profile
  2. Post links to your website and social media accounts in your SoundCloud bio
  3. Find channels on SoundCloud that can repost your music
  4. Like, repost, and comment on other SoundCloud musician’s content
  5. Tag your music and make it easily searchable


SoundCloud Groups 

It’s one of the platform’s lesser-known features (and was disabled for a while in 2016), but SoundCloud Groups is something every artist can take advantage of to boost their following and promotion on SoundCloud.  

SoundCloud Groups allow anyone to post their tracks to a ready-and-waiting audience who share similar music tastes and who are interested in your genre. 

You can increase your exposure using the Groups feature and be part of a community that can help share and uplift your promotional campaigns.  

SoundCloud marketing 

can you make money on soundcloud 

To successfully promote on SoundCloud, you’ll need to have a marketing strategy. You can join Repost, SoundCloud Premier, and sign up for as many viral promotion services as you like…but without a strong marketing plan, your promotional content will only hit a limited, niche audience.   

SoundCloud has 175 million monthly users, which is a huge potential audience. But it doesn’t compare to the size of the user base of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube 

If you want the best marketing strategy possible, you should cross-promote your SoundCloud account across all your social media profiles to create one big marketing vehicle that draws fans back to your SoundCloud music. 

Promote SoundCloud on Twitter 

SoundCloud integrates perfectly with Twitter. Links from your SoundCloud account will embed directly into Twitter cards and your songs will start playing automatically when the card is clicked on. Your album artwork even carries across on all your Twitter uploads. 

You can share your SoundCloud tracks to Twitter by using the “Share” button that appears underneath your track’s waveform, then selecting the Twitter icon.  

Twitter’s one of the best platforms for fan engagement and is a brilliant place to promote your music on SoundCloud and allow fans to connect with you on a personal level.  


Promote SoundCloud on Instagram 

Instagram is your secret weapon when you’re promoting your music on SoundCloud. By connecting your Instagram profile up to your SoundCloud account, you can transfer your best pictures from Insta to SoundCloud and use them on your tracks, profile, and playlists.  

Nothing will make your SoundCloud profile more promotable and attractive to potential fans than having eye-catching, high-quality pictures on your account.  

Promote SoundCloud on Facebook 

SoundCloud has the functionality to connect to all social media platforms, including Facebook. This means you can use the “Share” button to directly share your songs or playlists to your Facebook page. 

Facebook’s a great platform to promote the content on your SoundCloud account. When you share your music on Facebook, your friends and followers can click on the link and they will then be taken directly to your SoundCloud profile to listen to your music. 

Pairing your account with your Facebook profile will drive traffic to your SoundCloud account, drawing in a wider audience and creating extra exposure for your music. 


Promote SoundCloud on YouTube 

YouTube is considered a staple in every musician’s toolkit. If you already have a YouTube account dedicated to your music uploads, why not use it to promote your SoundCloud page? 

SoundCloud doesn’t integrate quite as well with Youtube as it does with the other social media platforms as there is no direct “Share to Youtube” button on the site. You’ll, therefore, have to use some links to direct fans from your YouTube channel to your SoundCloud page.  

You could embed links to your SoundCloud page into a video or paste the link in the video description when you upload your work to YouTube.  

SoundCloud promotion 

Whether you run your own independent promotional campaigns, use SoundCloud’s self-promotion tools, or pay for a viral promotion service; promoting your music on SoundCloud in any and every way you can is will incredibly worthwhile.  

SoundCloud promotion leads to SoundCloud discovery, which will potentially lead to SoundCloud fame and a name for yourself in the music industry.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • How can I make my SoundCloud profile more promotable? 

If you make your SoundCloud profile look really professional, it can essentially promote itself. To do this, make sure you pick an original and memorable username and URL for your SoundCloud page. Then add a high-quality avatar that is relevant to your page (eg. you could use a picture of you, or your album artwork.)  

Using really eye-catching profile header and a bio that’s simple but engaging will make your SoundCloud page more attractive too. 

  • How can I boost my SoundCloud for free? 

While most do, not every SoundCloud promotion service charges a fee. SoundGrail offers a free SoundCloud Promotion package. Music Promotion Corp also offers a free SoundCloud promotional deal where, if you subscribe to their page on SoundCloud, you will get 500 free SoundCloud plays in return.