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How to Promote Your Music on Spotify Using Facebook 

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Spotify and Facebook go hand-in-hand for music promotion. While Spotify racks up an impressive 286 million users a month, Facebook has a whopping 2 billion. This makes Facebook a great platform to promote your music and get extra exposure for your Spotify tracks. 

Spotify and Facebook integrate really well, making them the perfect pair to promote your music. You can use Facebook ads to promote your Spotify profile, Facebook stories to share your tracks, and you can even embed Spotify buttons on your Facebook artist page.  

When you’re trying to get your music discovered, it’s always good to have a marketing strategy. This article gives a comprehensive guide on how to combine your Spotify and Facebook profiles to create an unbeatable promotional campaign.   

Spotify promotion  

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Spotify offers lots of in-house tools you can use to promote your music on the platform. You can use Spotify promotional services like Spotify ads and Spotify for Artists to get your tracks discovered on the platform and to build your following. 

To really increase your engagement, you’ll want to step up your marketing campaign and take your promotion beyond Spotify’s siteSocial media is a great vehicle for conducting external promotion for your tracks. 

One of the best ways to promote your Spotify music is actuallto use sites other than Spotify – like your Facebook page – to reach an even bigger audience.  

How do you get your music promoted on Spotify?  

If you’re going to connect your Spotify profile to your social media accounts, you’ll want to make sure your Spotify page is looking it’s best and is optimised for promotion.  

Your promotional campaigns will only be as strong as your Spotify profile is, so here are some tips to kickstart your promotion on Spotify: 

  • Sign up to Spotify for Artists so you can promote across platforms 
  • Pin your tracks and Artist’s Pick to the top of your profile 
  • Pitch a song to the Spotify playlist editors 
  • Sign up to music distribution 4 weeks before your track’s release date so you have plenty of time to promote 
  • Create tailored Spotify ads to promote your tracks 
  • Embed Spotify onto your social media pages and website 

Spotify for Artists 

Joining Spotify for Artists is perhaps the most important thing you can do when it comes to promotion.  

By submitting a request to join the community, you’ll gain access to a whole host of promotional options – like being able to add embeddable Spotify players on your social media and sharing Spotify widgets on your other social media pages.  

By registering for Spotify for Artists, you’ll make your profile even easier to integrate on your Facebook page. Joining the community means you’ll also become a verified artist on Spotify, which will make your marketing campaigns all the more credible.  


How to promote your music on Facebook 

Spotify integrates perfectly with Facebook, especially when you’re signed up to Spotify for Artists. The social media platform allows you to post and share your Spotify tracks directly onto your profile, page, or stories. This is a great way to cross-promote your music across sites. 

You can share your music on your Facebook story by using the “Share” menu on the Spotify app and selecting “Facebook.” You can then customise your story and publish it to your profile or page, where the post will appear with a 15-second song preview.  

Your song’s preview will play instantly whenever anyone presses on it and will give viewers the option to “Play on Spotify.” Sharing your tracks on a Facebook story will give fans a taste of your sound and will direct traffic to your Spotify page, too.  

Facebook marketing for musicians 

Facebook ads for musicians

Promoting your Spotify tracks on Facebook won’t be effective if you don’t have a strong marketing strategyTo optimise your Facebook crosspromotion, try these tips whenever you use the platform to promote your Spotify: 

  1. Find the balance between Spotify content and Facebook content – don’t flood your Facebook page with links to Spotify; your viewers are here to look at Facebook, after all.   
  2. Make exciting, noteworthy posts about your Spotify activity – use Facebook to announce your new release on Spotify, or to tease a collaboration you’ve got lined up; anything that’s worth reading about and worth people leaving Facebook to visit your profile. 
  3. Use SmartURL or when posting links to your Spotify profile – these sites create shortened links to external websites that look better and can be tracked to see how often they’re clicked on.  
  4. Use Facebook embedded videos – video content is one of the most popular mediums on Facebook right now, so links to your Spotify music videos will go down really well with your followers.


How do you embed Spotify on Facebook? 

Embedding your Spotify videos or links on Facebook sounds complicated and technical – but it’s not.  

“Embedding” simply means making a status or post on Facebook that contains a link to your Spotify profile. It’s a great way to promote your music, as your Facebook page can increase your music’s reach and your fan engagement. 

To embed Spotify on Facebook, you can share Spotify videos in your Facebook stories, share a link to your Spotify profile in your page bio, or you can embed a Spotify Play button on your Facebook page. 

How do you get a Spotify Play Button on your Facebook page? 

The Spotify Play Button acts like a mini player that streams your Spotify albums, tracks, and podcasts anywhere online. It’s another brilliant Spotify promotional feature that integrates really well with Facebook.  

To add a Spotify Play Button to your Facebook page, follow these steps: 

  1. Step 1

    Open the Spotify app and right-click on the Spotify content you want to share. Click on “Copy Link” or “Copy Spotify URI” from the drop-down options depending on which you want to do.  

  2. Step 2

    Next, open up Spotify’s play button generator. Paste the link you just copied into the field as directed on the site.  

  3. Step 3

    The generator will create a code for you, which you can copy and paste onto your website, blog, or social media platforms to create a Spotify Play button. 

  4. Step 4

    Once you post the code on your Facebook page, your followers will be able to stream your Spotify tracks directly on their Facebook feed. (If your Facebook followers aren’t signed into their Spotify account when they play your track, they’ll be able to watch a 30second audio preview before they’re asked to login or sign up to Spotify.)  

Bands using Facebook ads 

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Facebook ads are another invaluable tool for musicians looking to promote their Spotify music.  

Singers who have a Facebook artist page can pay to create an ad on the site, which they can tailor to their target audience/fanbase by choosing the location, demographic, and type of profile they want their advertisement to reach.  

If your music’s published on Spotify, you’ll want to optimise your ads to be seen by existing Spotify users. But don’t forget what demographic your current fanbase is, too. You should try to get your Facebook ads seen by your target fanbase as well as potential new Spotify fans to cover all bases. 

How to promote your Spotify using Facebook ads 

You can use Facebook ads to promote your Spotify profile and encourage fans to visit it. Just enter “drive traffic” under the campaign title when Facebook asks you what you want your advertisement to do and paste a URL link to one of your Spotify videos. 

Facebook is super compatible with Spotify, and it’ll even give you the option to add Spotify into the “detailed targeting” section while you’re creating your ad. A lot of Spotify users sign up to the streaming platform using their Facebook account, so Facebook can identify which of its users have a Spotify account and show your ad to them.  

If you’re not sure how to set up a Facebook ad and link it to your Spotify, watch this helpful video for a full step-by-step-guide.  

How to target Spotify users with Facebook ads 

If you’re creating a Facebook ad to promote your Spotiftracks, you’ll want your advertisement to reach the largest amount of people possible. But you might want to target existing Spotify users in particular, as they’ll be the ones who will follow your Spotify profile. 

To target Spotify users with your music promotion on Facebook, make sure you: 

  1. Choose the target location for your Facebook ads based on what countries Spotify is available and most popular in. 
  2. Bear in mind that the average age of Spotify users is between 18 – 34and choose your ad’s demographic accordingly. 
  3. Enter “Spotify” into the “Detailed Targeting” field when you create your ad.
  4. Schedule yourFacebook ad to run at the same times as a new release on your Spotify page. 
  5. Reply or like anyone’s comments or shares of your Spotify music on Facebook to build a relationship with your fans on both platforms.

Facebook ads for musicians  

Facebook ads are a great way for musicians to expand their audience and reach out to new fans. You can create ads that take viewers to any tab on Facebook, or an external website like Spotify. You can also choose to show an ad to your existing followers or a wider demographic. 

You can use Facebook ads to take viewers directly to your Spotify profile via an embedded link. This will drive more traffic to your Spotify page, but comes with one clause: some Facebook users don’t like pressing on links that direct them to external sites.  

Some people will instantly hit the back button and won’t fully load your Spotify profile if they’re redirected. To overcome this, you might need to take a trial and error approach to your ads – start by only showing ads that contain external links to your established loyal followers and if this fares well, try reaching out to a wider demographic of Facebook users. 

Facebook Ads Manager 

Advertising on Facebook can seem a little confusing, so try using Facebook Ads Manager to help run your music promotions. The all-in-one tool helps you create, manage, and track the performance of your ads. 

Facebook Ads Manager will let you see how many people have seen your ad and clicked on it – so you know how many people have been directed to your Spotify, and whether your promotion’s been successful or needs tweaking.  

Spotify Ads 

If you want to take your music promotion up a notch, you can run ads on Spotify too. The Spotify Ad Studio lets you create an audio or video ad that’s tailored to your chosen audience and budget.   

Can you pay Spotify to promote your music?  

You can’t pay Spotify to handle your music promotion independently, but you can pay for Spotify self-promotion tools like Spotify Ads to boost your marketing. 

The Spotify Ad Studio is a self-serve tool and the minimum budget to run a Spotify Ad using the service is 250.00 in your local currency. The minimum daily budget for a Facebook ad, in comparison, starts from $1 a day.  

You can also pay external promotion services to promote your music on Spotify. Companies like Music Promotion Corp offer various Spotify promotion packages that get your music onto playlists and get your music heard by more Spotify users worldwide. 

How do you promote your music?  

Whatever platform you promote your music on, the same rule always applies: promotion requires patience, professionalism, and a good marketing strategy.  

To promote your music on Spotify, don’t overlook Spotify’s own promotional tools like Spotify Ads and Spotify for Artists. But don’t be afraid to extend your promotion even further and connect your profile up to your Facebook and all your other social media pages – the more people your promotion reaches, the more music you’ll sell.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is a Spotify widget, and can I get one on my Facebook page? 

The Spotify widget is a mini player that lets users embed songs, albums, and playlists on websites and social media platforms by pasting a HTML code. Facebook doesn’t explicitly support the Spotify widget, so it’s recommended you just share a Spotify link in your status box instead.  

  • What does connecting Spotify to Facebook do? 

When you connect your Spotify account to your Facebook profile/page, you can share your music on the social media platform, see what your friends and followers are listening to, and even collaborate on playlists.