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How to Sing Beautifully, Fast – 8 Simple Tips

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We often focus on producing a powerful, loud sound or being able to hit really high notes. But what about enhancing the quality of your vocals?

It’s easy to lose sight of your technique, especially if you need to prepare a song in a hurry. Learn how to sing beautifully – and fast – by developing a sweet sound, great tone, along with rock-solid control of your vocals. All in a short space of time. 

In the modern world, we want everything quickly. This article provides 8 simple pointers and achievable exercises to effectively transform your voice in a minimal period of time. 

How to sing beautifully fast 

When learning anything, we tend to do it slowly, before being able to do it at speed. This is why the saying ‘don’t run before you can walk’ came about. And in general, it’s better to build up technique gradually, with an ongoing commitment to personal development. But what if you’re on a clock? Perhaps you have a festival slot coming up. Or there’s a recording deadline. Or you’re been offered a fantastic last-minute gig. You’ll need a quick fix, whether it’s your first time, or you need to up your game. Learn how to sing beautifully fast with a few simple tips, and you might just your vocals from average – to amazing. 

Even if you’re not in a hurry to get a beautiful voice, much of the advice we’ll be sharing can be continually practised and so help you improve over a longer period of time too. Plus we’ll be guiding you on what – and how – to sing at an audition or show. 

How to Sing Perfectly

How to sing perfectly

Perhaps you want to learn how to sing perfectly. This is likely to take more time and effort. But a positive first step you can take toward singing a song perfectly is to select one that’ll give you a great head start. 

Tip 1: Make a smart song choice. Make it easy on yourself, choose a song that suits you. Here are some of the factors to consider. 

  • Your song should be in your range, that is not too high or too low for you to comfortably reach all the notes. Reaching and straining is a quick way to ruin beautiful singing, so remove any chance of that happening. A good pianist can transpose a song into a key that works for you. And for tracks, there are apps and software to do it. 
  • Some people suit upbeat songs more than slow ones and vice versa. Identify which works better for your vocals and base your choice on that, rather than the kinds of songs you like listening to.

Sing better instantly

You won’t become a great singer in just a few minutes if you’re not a decent one to start with. But you can see a level of instant improvement with a few quick tricks. Be sure to maintain these too. They may achieve quick results, but long term they’ll help you become even better. 

Tip 2:  Stand straight. This is an instant win. All you need to do is elongate your spine, put your shoulders back and keep your knees ever so slightly bent so they don’t tense. Zip up your core (the area around your middle – front, sides and back). This strong yet relaxed stance not only helps improve the flow of your vocal tone, but it also helps you ooze confidence (even if you’re feeling nervous). 

How can I improve my singing voice in a week?

If you have slightly more time to make improvements there are some more tips that will have you sounding great in less time than the average package holiday. 

Tip 3: Eat and drink well. Think about what you’re putting into your body, as well as what you’re doing with it. Some products can have a detrimental effect on your singing voice. Cutting these out even for a few hours before singing will make a big difference. But give it a week of good nutrition and plenty of hydration and you’ll sound – and feel super. Taking care of your overall health will improve your voice too, so throw in some workouts if you can. This is particularly true if you catch a cold. Dairy, in particular, will increase the mucus production and give you a nasal or dull vocal quality. Whereas certain teas and herbal infusions can help clear the airways. 

How can I improve the quality of my singing voice?

Let’s take a look at the next steps in achieving a high-quality sound.

Tip 4: Control your breath. 

This is the most energetic one of our tips. Practising breath control exercises, even just for a week, will boost your tone no end. Try these two quick and easy exercises each day for a week, and see how your tune improves.

  1. Take a big breath, deep into the pit of your stomach. Feel your lungs and stomach expand up, out and down. Hold the breath for a count of five. Then release it very gradually for a count of 10 on a ‘shhh’. Your stomach should gradually flatten in as you do this and it should be a sustained, even release. If 10 is easy for you, try taking it up to 20. Be sure not to go too far as to feel lightheaded or gasping for breath.
  2. Repeat the first part of the exercise as above, but on the out-breath, instead of one long sustained exhale, you’re going to say ‘ha’ loudly 10 times. On each ‘ha’ your diaphragm should pulse in and out with energy. 

Tip 5: Focus on your pitch. 

Nothing ruins a beautiful voice like out of tune singing. Your tone can be divine, but if your tuneless you’re going to bomb. If you struggle with trickier keys, avoid songs in major and minor keys. If you’re going to be recording, autotune will be your friend. Otherwise (and even if you’re preparing to record), try an app like SingTrue. This will check out your personal pitching exercises and present you with some exercises to overcome any issues.

While this isn’t a ten-minute fix, if you have a week you can cover a lot of ground. Then return to your song, get the sheet music and check you’re matching your pitch with the correct notes. Singing along with the original track may be useful too. Although not every artist has perfect pitch and often they’ll use artistic licence, which can cause you to adopt any of their bad habits. So be careful who you copy. 

How to Sing Well Fast

How to sing – beautiful voice tips

So far we’ve looked at song choice, posture, diet, breath control and pitch. But how else can you prepare to wow an audience in s short space of time? 

Tip 6: Play to your strengths. This has links to tip 1, except tip 6 refers to the style of singing rather than the song itself. The same number can be performed in any number of ways that differ from the original (check out Radio 1’s Live Lounge for endless examples of quirky covers). Take the song and make it your own. Do you sound pretty and ethereal when singing softly and gently? Play on that natural strength. Do you struggle to sustain long notes or lack vocal power? Don’t try to hang on to them. Does your song have a note that’s too high? Drop that note an octave.

Not only will this fast track you to better performance, but it’ll also add in unique elements and put your own stamp on the song. If you’re unsure what kind of vibe you have as a singer, read this article on finding your authentic sound. 

How can I sing more beautifully?

You’ll already have noticed major improvements, but there are a couple more tips to go, that’ll polish up your act. 

Tip 7: Prepare. Just like a scout, you need to be ready vocally and practically. Warm-up before you sing. Make sure you know your words and notes. If your focus is on what comes next or staying on the note, your tone will likely suffer. If necessary, pick something very lyrically and melodically simple, or a song you know really well. That way you’re free to concentrate on your tone, rather than worrying about forgetting your words. This preparation doesn’t need to take ages. A five-minute warm-up is enough and will help your voice sound much nicer than if you’d sung ‘cold’. And you can memorise song lyrics in a couple of days, even if you’re not accustomed to doing it.

How can I make my voice pretty?

Not everyone will want to make their voice ‘pretty’, but for many, it’s a desirable quality. Artists such as Ellie Goulding and Birdy know how to use a pretty and beautiful tone to maximum effect. The next tip we’ll give you will help make your voice pretty, but it will also brighten your tone, which is useful for every style of singing. 

Tip 8: Smile (with your whole face). 

Yes, that’s right, your whole face. If you thought smiling just happened around your mouth, you’d be wrong. Try this:

  • Begin smiling with only your lips and mount muscles. Keep the rest of your face still. 
  • Now smile with your eyes, cheeks and even forehead active. You’ll feel instantly brighter, happier and more awake. 

The good news is that doing this has the same effect on your voice. If you’re singing a sad or serious song you won’t want to exaggerate or overdo this. You can add the quality of the smile and engage the muscles used to smile, without a big cheesy grin on your face. However, if you’re singing a happy or upbeat song, a smile is a winner. Add in a little of this lift to your face  – and watch how it changes the quality of your tone.

How to Make Your Voice Pretty

These 8 tips will help you to sing beautifully, fast. And they’ll vastly improve the quality of your tone. To develop your overall performance, beyond your vocal tone, it’s beneficial to also work on projection and your diction. While clear lyrics won’t make you sound any sweeter, they will enhance the listener’s experience. 

Even if you’re not preparing for a specific singing engagement, why not set yourself a target in terms of time? A week, fortnight or a month are ideal options. Then work through these exercises each day and see where you are at the end of it. Record a before and after of you singing and then compare the two. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how much more beautifully you can sing in a short space of time. And if you want to take it further afterwards, you can sign up for some vocal coaching, or begin learning some more advanced singing techniques. 

Related Questions

Can you learn to sing if you have a bad voice?

Yes. An element of vocal talent and musicality comes down to genetics, physiology and exposure to songs, but anyone can learn to sing proficiently. First, drop the self-styled label of ‘bad singer’, then have a read of this article on learning to sing in tune at any age

How can I make my singing voice stronger?

You use a number of muscles and organs to produce sound. And the more you work and use these muscles, the stronger they become. So keep doing it. The caveat to this, much like exercising any part of your body, is you must do so correctly. We recommend following a YouTube vocal coach for guidance. 

How do I know if I am good at singing?

Join a choir or singing group and see how you stack up against the other members. Try karaoke with friends, or record a video of you singing and post it on social media. If you get lots of likes and glowing comments it’s a good sign. You can also enter a competition for feedback from industry professionals.

Have you developed the ability to sing beautifully fast? Do you have an important gig or audition coming up soon and need to shape up your vocals quickly? Comment below to let us know.